Pupdates- baby, look at them now!

I asked all the owners of the Halloween Candy pups for photos, as the pups are now getting quite large and I’m curious to see how they’re turning out!  My oh my, was I ever surprised …. they don’t look anything like they did when I knew them!  Check it out.

Aero then:

Aero (who kept his name) now:


Twix then:

Twix now!

Twix Now

Snickers then:

Now Jasper (with his big sister!)

Henry then:

Now Roshi:


Mars then:

Now Sitka:


Pixie then:

Now Truly:


Tootsie then:

Now Joesy:


We’re just missing “Smartie” whose owners didn’t respond to my request for photos, but when they do, I’ll be sure to upload it!

ETA – and here’s Louis (formerly Smartie)


Those merle kids sure turned out different, didn’t they?  A lot of their merle seems to have … vanished.  Who knew?  And those little “black” puppies are getting more shepherd-y looking by the nanosecond.  I can’t wait to see them all grown up!!


  1. wow…Henry is stunning! And to think…he was the last to go (reminds me of a leggy beast we see more frequently!).

    Twix really lightened up…she’s stunning too…

    they just aren’t babies anymore…sigh…why can’t puppies stay puppies? ;-)

  2. It’ll be really interesting to see if the merling comes back after they blow the rest of their puppy coat. Even so, they’re going to be such striking dogs!

  3. Most of them looks so different…but Pixie just looks bigger. Even her little puppy ears look the same. And they all still have HUGE paws!

  4. Oh my! Shepherd somewheres in the mix, definitely.

    Thanks for the photos, so gorgeous!

  5. GORGEOUS! Oh my…they make my heart go squee! Thanks for the update.

  6. I love pup to older pup pictures! There is so much change and it’s fun to see what they grow up to be. Sage lost all her funky fur and ended up with Border Collie hair. Not what we expected!

  7. Gosh they’re stunning. Thanks for the pupdates.

  8. When they reach this age, my daughter started calling the dogettes. The name stuck.

  9. They’re all so pretty/handsome!

    Any new pics of their mother on the way? :-)

  10. Haha! Pixie looks exactly the same, just bigger! :-D

  11. Darling! How wonderful to see them adjusted to their new homes.

  12. The first thing I thought when I looked at those photos was Shepherd.

    Thanks for the update.

  13. They are beautiful.
    My BSD did that too,he was practically black at the breeders,then he went completly blond,then as he lost his puppy coat,and his long guard hairs came through,he’s back to being almost black.
    He’s 4 and a half and still doesn’t quite have all the colour back.
    We need to see those pups at about 3 years old :)
    They all look in lovely condition too.:)

  14. They look hale and hearty, FL–and even though they’re cute when they’re pups, I like them at the stage they’re at now, right before they get leggy. They’ve all got those gorgeous ears that make me go smooshy. Makes me want to ruffle my own dog’s head. Sigh….

    everyone’s a sucker for a (litter of) pup(s)!

  15. They’ve changed so much! They grow too fast!

  16. Oh, Twix was my favorite. And he’s so pretty now! :)

  17. They are all so interesting and varied. Some really unique and pretty patterns to their coats. Good looking dogs!

  18. Stephanie says:

    OMG they’re all so cute!

  19. Look at the size of all those paws!

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