More Holiday Greetings

What can I say?  The dogs are very excited about the season ;-)

Disco Christmas Dogs

(BTW, you should turn on your sound for this.  And you should also keep in mind that my Mom created it!  This is what happens to women who don’t get grandkids!)


  1. Bwahahahaha! That was awesome!

  2. ROFLOL. I think I would like your Mom. ;)

  3. disturbing in the best way possible

  4. No matter how many times you see these videos they still crack me up!

  5. Too Funny……that was great!

  6. Great co-ordination …….. super style ……. fantastic timing ……. all those years doing agility have finally paid off! Absolutely cracking!

    Merry Christmas to you all from Scotland.

  7. Your mom does a better job training your dogs than you do! I am impressed. Did she make them diet first?

  8. Clearly, she *has* grandchildren. They are just four-legged and furry.

  9. HAHA!

    Tweed = effin brilliant!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It is shocking how natural Tweed looks with an afro and white vinyl platforms on! He should have been born in the disco era :)

  11. SweetCeana says:

    I agree with the others, who knew Tweed could rock an afro that well?

  12. I couldn’t turn on the music because… I was a teenager during disco fever. Aaaack! I’m only now recovering from the trauma. It would set me back years in therapy…

  13. That took forever to load out here in the boondocks, but it was worth it. It totally changed my image of Twooie. I’ve never seen him look happier than he does in this video. Tell your mom that we all think she rocks.

  14. Dogs in clothing and disco music. I’m scared. Very scared.

    I hope your mom had lots of fun playing with her “grand dogs.”

  15. Brilliant! I’ll share this at work for sure.

    Sparkie has settled in and is a joy.

  16. Mmm-hmm. Tweed looked right at home. I don’t think it’s just the 1970s color scheme of his fur– I think it’s the fact that when he’s really happy, he looks a little stoned.

  17. That would have been awesome with MadTeeth.

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