Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads


There were so many good potential titles for today’s post.  The “fish heads” song was one of a handful available to me!  But because the fish head caused the most strife, it won.

Something clearly plucked this REALLY UGLY fish out of my river and ate everything but the head.  So Dexter, being the honorable fella that he is, stepped up to finish the job.  Alas, while he may be honourable, he’s also easily distracted, so at one point he got tired of carrying the fish head around and put it down.  TWooie licked it.  ONCE.  In the Land Of TWoo, that makes it his property.  So when Dexter went to pick up the head again, TWooie beat 10 kinds of holy hell out of him. I didn’t photograph this, because I had to step in to stop it.  There’s no TWoo as angry as A TWoo with a fish head that is coveted by another.

Another potential title for today was “The Icebreaker” because that’s what Jenn spent the whole walk doing.

Auntie Robyn came by to give me her treadmill (hey, I gotta be able to keep up with Dexter on the agility course  – time to start running again!) now that she’s given up on modern civilization and moved into a fishing shack in the woods.  She brought Jenn and Luna for a walk, and one of Jenn’s favourite games is to jump up in the air and STOMP on the ice with her front feet to break it.  I have no idea why people think border collies are weird, incidentally.

This kind of effort requires what we call “Serious Tongue.”

Flying Paws of JennBenn!

Another title for this post could have been “Why Dogs Have Claws.”  Wootie demonstrates:

He made it safely across by digging in with his nails.

Dexter made it safely across by using a stick for balance, like a tightrope walker.

Tweed tried to clear the entire little frozen lake by leaping across it.  And failed.

Fantabulous ice breaker!  Jenn was jealous.

And TWoo was just plain old unimpressed, and tried to steal Robyn’s boots.

And that was the sum total of my day off.

But lest we forget … another shameless plug for Santa Photos in Maple Ridge this coming Sunday!

See you there!!  You can meet the infamous 3WaaW gang!

You totally want to meet me.  And bring me cookies.


  1. Delightful as always.

  2. I do so totally want to come and meet you guys… and bring cookies. But, alas, I live nowhere near you :( Have a great time with Santa!!

  3. *sigh* it makes me wish I were back in BC to come and have photos taken with my own hounds….instead I’m battling the elements and the thesis in St. John’s.
    As for icebreaking, my female, Emily, does this–even though she’s all grown up.

  4. I wish I could come! Dammit, too far away.

  5. Ha! Every year, during the salmon run, I have to squelch that song down. Deep, deep down where it won’t drive me insane every time I see fish bits along the water or smell dead fish on the dogs I groom because in the back of my mind, in that scary place where Dr. Demento reigns as the sober one, this song is on the play list every freaking day.

    Where was I going with this?

    Right. Fish heads are nasty popular around these here parts too.

  6. clairesmum says:

    Oh Tweed, I DO want to come and meet you and bring you cookies!! Alas, I live far far away – farther even than Dexter could run – so I must admire you from afar.
    The ice-breaking thing – I like to do it, too, and I am (purportedly) grownup.
    Stay warm.

  7. I think Jenn is part polar bear. Isn’t that how they break the ice to find seals?

  8. Careful with the fish heads, especially if they once belonged to salmon. They can carry a parasite that might make Fish Head Eaters (Twoo) very ill.

    Eating them: bad.
    Rolling on them: stinky bad, but not life threatening.

    On the other hand, fish parts make great fertilizer for next year’s garden.

  9. Love the photos…especially the one of Dexter carrying the stick. Looks like a fun (and maybe stinky) day ;)

  10. Ruth Hansell says:

    Be still my heart! I worked in a sea food restaurant many years ago, right around the time The Fish Head Song first made its debut. We’d call the radio station and ask them to play it for us – and they’d oblige. Then, the whole kitchen staff would yell, “Eat them up, YUM!” while waving their fish head of choice in the air. Management was not amused.

    Tweed, can I just mail you some cookies – you look like you need them, poor neglected boy.

    Thanks for the blast from the past.

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