All Your Goats Are Belong To Me


My neighbours got a baby goat, and his name is Jack.  Jill arrives tomorrow apparently.  Right now the goats are living in their backyard, but they’re going to fence in the pasture directly behind my house and then the WooTWoo will have something brand new to obsess over day and night.  When they asked the landlords if they could have goats, the landlord said “Make sure it’s okay with The Food Lady first.”  I think it’s just peachy, but I did warn them that a fence alone would not be enough to deter the goat killing WooTWoo, so they agreed to also turn on the electric fence.  I am hoping these two things together will be enough to keep the dastardly duo out of the goat revenues.

Cuz Jack is seriously all kinds of cute.

I was thinking I might get some sheep to keep the goats company, and possibly to work my dogs on.  I just didn’t want to pay for fencing :)  I love it when everything works out for ME.

Dexter thinks sheep sound like a super awesome idea!

But that’s only because he has no idea what “sheep” mean.

It’s been an exciting week of acquisitions!  In addition to cute baby goats, we also received Dexter’s NTI Global tunnel prize.  Because I’m me, I chose a pink tunnel.  After all, I don’t know anyone else with a pink agility tunnel!

Here it is looking like a giant intestine with dramatic lighting.

She says “giant intestine,” but if it were, I could eat it.

(Much like he ate the intestine of the bunny carcass we found by the barn the other day.  I have to say that 3 of my 5 dogs scarfed down bunny bits as fast as they could.  Piper delicately scooped up the odd morsel, and Tweed looked just horrified at the whole scenario, even though he was the one who found the bunny chunks in the first place.  This leads me to believe that when I close my eyes at night, Tweed is the only one of my dogs who poses no danger to me.)

I can haz more bunny bits plz?

Apparently the mole AND the rat he killed yesterday were not enough.

Anyway, here’s Dexter giving the giant intestine an inaugural spin:

Tweed’s very pleased with all the agility equipment I am collecting.  More agility for him!

But lacking as I do tunnel bags, I need to find a way to stake the thing down, because while it’s very funny to watch Dexter tumbling away across the lawn inside the intestinal tract, I don’t want him to inhibit his rapid tunnel for fear of it moving.  I’m thinking 2 litre milk jugs filled with water and bungied across the top will do the trick. AKA Ghetto Agility.

Dexter is really coming along in agility, and is now jumping full height.  I don’t think 26″ is going to be a problem for him at all.

I would not be altogether surprised if his legs retracted into his body and wings sprouted from his shoulders.  He clears 26″ with room to spare!

This series of lessons consists of Gamble and distance work.  Dexter is much better at distance than Piper, who continues to hop up and down on my feet asked if we can do agility like a 3-legged sack race.

It’s not my fault.  I have short little legs, so I can’t run away from you.

In other news, poor Henry remains the last of the puppies to be picked.  People either want a merle, a girl, or they went and got themselves another puppy.  Poor Henry, he’s such a nice dog too.

If you want to apply for Henry, please visit our website for more information!


  1. Awww! Henry’s a cutie! Maybe I should have said “Oh Henry!”
    If I lived closer to you, or you lived closer to me, I’d come get him! (I’m in Texas.)

  2. Oh Henry! Wow, it’s a good thing I live about 4,000 km away. Are people nuts? Henry looks awesome.

    Hope you’re not going to be all lonely with Joe gone for the next couple of weeks. ;)

  3. Who couldn’t want Henry?!

  4. I too have ghetto agility tunnel bags. I used gallon milk jugs with water in them but eventually they start to leak. So I now use gravel (or you could use sand or dirt) instead of the water. Works great!

  5. The pics of Dexter jumping are amazing!

  6. My Ghetto Tunnel Bags are reusable fabric grocery bags with bags of sand, law fertilizer, or whatever in them.

  7. Pat Anderson says:

    Bungies stretch and still allow movement. Lori in Bonney Lake used those cement blocks with holes sometimes used for walls. She used a rope tied to one side and a dog collar around the side of one on the other side so she could adjust it. It kept it perfectly still. Another way would be to use those pound in plastic stakes used for gardening. They are round, come in several lengths and thicknesses and could easily be moved if you wanted to change the shape..
    I love goats.

  8. Oh-oh. I’m worried for the goatling(s)….

  9. GOATS!!!!!! ***squee!!!!*** This actually works in MY favour as you can now take many photos of goats. :)

  10. perhaps one of the goats will butt WooTwoo reeeeeeally hard… or when you get your sheepies you could select a reeeeeeally pissy ram who could/would knock their collective prey-drive down a few pegs. Was Woo always like this or has Twoo’s arrival exacerbated his desire to kill and eat? I can understand the small/rat/mole/bunny stuff, but a goat?

  11. A rat! Not Snackies!!!!!!!!

    Isn’t Tweed adorable in that tunnel?

    Where’s Joe going?

  12. Holy caprine, that’s a cute baby goat!

    Unfortunately goats and sheep don’t mix great, unless you have separate minerals set up (and a way to keep the sheep away from that goat’s minerals). Copper is essential for a goat to thrive, but alas it is toxic to sheep!

  13. How’s Tweed foot/feet? Does he still lack feeling in them?

    Dex is such a photogenic bastard. :-)

    As far as Henry is concerned all I can say is “Idiots”. Probably good I live down in Minnesota, I’d be over to your place right pronto. He is screaming gorgeous. Is he really as calm as he looks?

  14. I use the fabric grocery bags with sand. I found the gallon jugs split with the cold. You need three sets (and put lots of sand in, nice and heavy) with big, fast dogs, otherwise it still moves like crazy.

  15. You can use actual sand bags too – I found them at a hardware/builders supply type place. Another idea that works quite well is to take an old pair of pants, sew the cuffs closed, and then put a bag of sand down each leg.

  16. Good doG…you are not kidding, it does resemble a giant intestine! LMAO! I am excited for you about the possibility of sheep, but like the person above said you need a way to keep the minerals separate – goats like to climb, so you can always put their minerals UP on something the sheep cannot access. Even as excited as I am about the sheep I still had to scroll back up and look at your giant intestine a few times and giggle. Seriously…that is f*cking FUNNY!

  17. It just hit me…it looks like that giant worm thing on DUNE! Ahhhhhhh Dexter is being eaten by the giant WORM!

  18. OH MY GAWD! Look at this!

    Sheeena and the GIANT SANDWORM!

  19. I know a dog trainer who also does agility with her goats. They love the A frame. ;-)

  20. nickelsmum says:

    Henry is gorgeous, and is a very unusual color that will be eye-catching. MUCH more interesting than dime-a-dozen merle! Alas, there is no puppy in my near future.

    As for the goats… please do be careful. I ended up fostering an Aussie because one morning he killed not one but THREE goats at his former foster’s farm. He was nine years old, and recovering from pneumonia and lengthy hospitalization, at the time. (He was great with people and was placed in a wonderful dog-, cat- and livestock-free home.)

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