Vote for Dexter!

A little while ago Ginny’s mum suggested I enter a photo in the NTI Global contest running on the DogSport Magazine Facebook page.  They’re looking for a new face to advertise their products, and after some deliberation, I decided to enter this face:

I chose this photo because I figured they’d get a million sport-specific entries, and because this photo is high resolution, and it shows his keen intensity, but would be easy to manipulate in photo software to eliminate or change the background when necessary.

I entered it in the contest and then thought no more of it, until today when I learned that not only had Dexter’s photo made it into the top 100 submissions entered, but then into the top 10 photos chosen by NTI from all the submissions.  Go Dexter!

You can help Dexter win by voting on the Facebook page.  I think you’ll have to become a fan or “like” DogSport magazine on Facebook to cast your vote.  But wouldn’t it be cool if Dexter was the new canine face of NTI Global?  If you’re on Facebook, and you have a free moment, we’d appreciate your vote!  I win a tunnel from NTI if he wins, and that’s a nice bonus, but mostly I just want to see a rescue dog advertising their agility gear.

Go Dexter Go!


  1. As I voted on Face book (as I see many others have!) DEX ROCKS!

  2. Um, I think Dexter is winning! lol

  3. Voted :O)

  4. I’m not on facebook, but I’m rooting for Dex nonetheless.

  5. CharlieDog says:

    I voted for Dexter too!

  6. I think he is in top 3 now. :)

  7. done! go dex!!!!

  8. I’ll vote for him as long as you promise that any spokesdog bio is sure to mention his affinity for underpants. ;-)

    Go Dexter!

  9. Dexter is winning the peoples vote by a landslide!

  10. Awesome! I will vote for Dex!

  11. Melinda LOL LOL LOL

  12. Ok, I voted for Dexter!
    Go, Dexter, go!!!!
    Good luck…

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  13. I can’t figure out how to vote. Help, please!

  14. Hey – I am not on Facebook so can’t vote for Dexter there :( but I thought I’d look on the regular website to see if I could find a way to vote there (no such luck). HOWEVER – I did think that I saw Maeve’s picture go by on the cover of one of the magazines on the slide show when you open the webpage (the ad for referring a friend). Could it be? Could there be another dog with that wonderful heart on her face?

    Go Dexter!

  15. He’s got my vote!

  16. nti global is making lotsa money. if you win, and dexter becomes their rep, you should be getting a lot more than a tunnel!

  17. Done! Dexter seems to be winning (judging by the “likes” and comments on his photo!)

  18. Glad to add my vote to the landslide Dexter seems to be enjoying… and rightfully so!

  19. Andrea/Schnitzie says:

    Was there ever any doubt? Dexter Morgan is killing the competition! Baaaaahahahahaha! He’s way over a hundred votes. No one else is even close. GO DEXTER!!!

  20. Sheri,

    That isn’t Maeve. If you look at pictures of Maeve her markings are similar but still quite distinguishable from that dog.

  21. clairesmum says:

    OK, i’m on facebook but a real novice to it all. I found the page, but how do I VOTE? I don’t see a button that says VOTE or CHOOSE THIS ONE or even to make a comment on Dexter’s pic, tho I can see lots of other votes and comments……any help out there for a wanna be Dexter voter?

  22. Clairesmum, you have to go back to the main page ( and click “Like” near the top of the page. Then you can go to Dexter’s photo and vote. They haven’t said specifically how to vote, but I think just by clicking “like” under the photo and leaving a comment (which you can do once you’ve “liked” the main page), you are casting your vote.

  23. Why am I humming the theme tune from, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” every time I look at this photograph?

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