Vampire Puppy

missed Halloween by two weeks.

Oh I went and visited some sweet sweet Candy Puppies today, oh yes I did!  It was a week ago today that I dropped them off and 6 days since I saw them last, so a visit was long overdue.

But first.


Cuz he ate one of my cats.

Just kidding.  It’s always a bad idea to give an animal away for free.

I’m also kidding about the cat.  Carl is just fine, and bossily demanding a cookie.

I was tossing them into the restless crowds to get funny shots, and also to fix whatever setting I screwed up on the flash while playing with puppies.

But mostly because it’s fun to photograph.  hahahahaha!

tee hee hee!

And say, have you ever looked *really* closely a cat tongue?  It’s creepy!

Anyway, I managed to fix the settings on my flash, and the settings I did have it on explains why it was so difficult to get decent photographs of the puppies in action.  I know puppies are fast, but it’s not like they’re border collies!

Clearly, they are German Shepherds.

They have grown SO FREAKIN’ MUCH since I saw them last!!  Holy crow.  And they are busy little things too, pouncing, barking, wrestling … way more active than they were.  Much of this can be attributed to the massive worm load they were carrying :(  On the Monday after I dropped them off, the foster home emailed in a bit of a panic saying that the smallest girl, Pixie, was pooping blood.  I drove over like a bat out of hell repeating “No parvo, no parvo, no parvo, no parvo” the whole way.  Upon arrival, Pixie greeted me with another load of bloody poop … and 4 or 5 wriggling roundworms.  GROOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

I dewormed everyone on the spot and then left poor Hilary to deal with the aftermath.  Nearly two straight days of a mass exodus of roundworm evacuating puppy innards. It seems that immediately afterward, the pups doubled in size, upped their activity level, and drained poor Ruth dry as a well.

Food Lady … save me.  Please.

The pups sure are changing every day.  I hope I managed to get all of them.

Here’s Mars.  We call him the “Spike” of the bunch (aka Dexter) as he is big, bold and bossy.  Loads of personality.

Smartie, with his little Hitler mustache, was tough to photograph because he spent virtually the entire visit sitting in my lap.  Super people oriented, and really attentive to my every move.  “He sure loves you!” Hilary kept saying.  “I’m not taking him home, so shut up” I kept replying.

Snickers is a lovely in between, middle of the road puppy.  He’s friendly, but not pushy, and happy to play with whomever.  Maybe a little bit on the shyer side – but by no means shy.  This is a super outgoing, people oriented litter.

Twix looks like a monkey from Planet of the Apes.  Maybe that’s not a very nice thing to say, but it’s totally true.  And she’s the only one who can speak … she kept saying “AnnaMommy.”  (mwa ha ha ha.  Hi Anna!) She is a super nice little pup, independent, but not anti-social.

The four “black” puppies surprised me the most.  Because they are no longer black, except for Aero.  Here’s Aero with Tootsie and Pixie, or possibly with Henry and Tootsie, or maybe Henry and Pixie.  I dunno.   I just know that’s Aero in the middle there being black and white, while his siblings change to sable / brown around him. He was asleep most of the time I was there so we didn’t hang too much.


And here’s Henry, who is a very confident little bossy boots.  He barked at me when I ignored him, and tried to pants me.  He’s smart as a whip already, and I quite like him!  He looks really super shepherdy.

This is sister Tootsie, aka the vampire puppy, who is really not a vampire at all.  She’s actually very sweet, and quite cuddly.

And last, but my no means least, my very favourite puppy, Pixie.  She is the smallest pup in the litter, and just a total dreamboat.  She likes nothing better than to fall asleep in the crook of my arm, where she moans and groans and sighs.  *melty*


I think it’s pretty clear that at least one daddy in the bunch was a German Shepherd, or something mixed with GSD, don’t you?  We have had a whole lot of applications for the puppies, and I really hope nobody drops out because the pups may be mixed with something a bit larger.  They are really the sweetest puppies I have had the pleasure of fostering, ever.  They are sweeter even than Dexter’s litter, who from the time they opened their eyes were on a mission to seek and destroy everything that moved.  These guys are much more about people.

EATING people, that is!

Just kidding.  They aren’t even as chompy/bitey – both these little guys were trying to nurse my fingers.

I *heart* them!!  I don’t think Ruth does though.

I could barely tear myself away, because their antics were so cute!  They’re dragging each other around by the hair, and trying to sneak up on each other, and shaking stuffy toys to death.  I only wish I’d had the correct settings on the flash so that I could show you some of those antics.  I guess I’ll just have to go back for another visit this week!

Please don’t leave us, Food Lady!

Please don’t come back again unless you are going to pay some attention to us senior dogs, kthx.  My name is Cracker, and I am sad.

Doesn’t it just make your heart go SQUEEEE?

Anyhoo … the dingo is now at SAINTS.  And judging from Carol’s blog, I do believe I’m glad she has it instead of me ;-)


  1. Well now don’t scare me like that! I know the Twoo is on thin ice right now and you had me all panicky that he really did it this time!!!
    Great pictures and ohmygosh how cute is Smartie?? You’re giving me puppy lust and I really DON’T want a puppy lol.

  2. Wait! It was Snickers that made me melt. (oh they ALL made me melt) but Snickers is the one that made me go awwwwoooohhhhhaawwwww.

  3. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    Squeeee! On looks alone, Snickers makes me melt. I sure was hoping for an Angry Donut sighting :(

  4. Twix looks a little like Gary Oldman.

  5. Aw Cracker. What’s his/her story? Such a soulful face. And I agree — don’t toy with us like that about TWooie’s appetite: speaking of which, where and how is Snackies?
    Do keep us updated with more photos of puppies – why is it that they always look so apologetic? And of course, great shots of the cookie tossing! Loved that one of Wootie with falling cat and scaredy Dexter — hahaha.

  6. Oh man, I feel so bad for Ruth! I’m nursing one human and that’s rough enough at times, I can’t imagine a whole litter of them. ;)

    Suuuuper cute puppies!!! Some of them do look very shepherdy, but it’s so hard to tell when they’re balls of fluff. I heart the merles, though. And Twix, too, for that matter…. but I love sables.

  7. Gah! I thought you were serious about TWooie. Don’t DO that Food Lady.

    I love the shot of Wootie going all bug-eyed after his treat. Your gang sure does get into their treat catching! All the competition I s’pose.

  8. OMG!!! I now have diabetes, thank you, after the MAJOR SUGAR LOAD of sweetness from these adorable puppies!! And LOVE vampire puppy! Bwaaa haa haa! I have an 8 month old border collie – cockapoo pup who keeps me on my toes. Can’t imagine having THREE BC’s but yours are beautiful (and look a bit “loco” too with their bug eyes) :-D

  9. SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Total puppy lust over here (from the lady who really doesn’t want a dog!) They are just too stinkin’ adorable. Glad you got to play with them for a bit. And zomg PUPPY BREATH! I’m jealous… Thanks for sharing Food Lady! =)

  10. I knew Mars was going to be my favorite – just like I knew with Dexter when he was still Spike.

  11. Yup. I’d say all of the previously ‘black’ pups are partly shepherd. We’re getting a new GSD puppy in a few weeks. We first saw them at 4 weeks and they were very similar to the darker pups in the litter. The spotted ones seem to have slightly rounder faces too. Regardless, they are all adorable!

  12. I too have a thing for Mars. Love his markings.

    What will happen to Ruth? Am I a skimmer and missed something?

    Congrats again to Dex!

  13. Cool, it looks like there’s two kinds of “sables” in this litter. Twix is a typical “collie” sable and the formerly black pups are what is called sable in German Shepherd Dogs . It’s also called agouti, wild type or “wolf” sable. Unless it’s a trick of the lighting, I think Aero and Mars are also showing signs of being agouti sables.

    Something about Ruth makes me think she has some collie in her – it could be the regular irish markings, it could be the merle. She seems too slab-sided and lanky to be a Aussie cross but I could well be wrong. She’s a saddle back black and tan which is more common in the terriers and hounds and not in the herding breeds except for the PWC (red-headed tris) and GSDs. I get a strong herding dog vibe from her so I don’t think she’s part terrier or hound. I’m not real clear on how tall Ruthie is or how much she weighs but my best guesstimate is she’s GSD x Collie x a little something else to muddy up the picture.

    Agouti sable is dominant over saddle-backed black and tan so the agouti sable pups had to have gotten it from their sire. I’m betting he was a GSD or GSDx, though hypothetically he could’ve been an Elkhound or something like that.

    BTW, what kind of lens do you use for your indoor shots? I’m really impressed with them and think the food-catching expressions are especially a riot. I have an Olympus dslr E500 which I adore for the most part but the lens I have just suck for indoor shots, especially if there’s any sort of action. In my case I want to photograph my collies when they are deeply involved in their bitey-face games. The girls (my Lucy and Hazel, a frequent visitor) will pull up their lips and grow extra teeth until they look like Psycho Lassies from Hell. My male, Fawkes, finds their “come-hither” snarls positively bewitching. Of course they play their best bitey-face games right at my feet so I’m thinking I need a very short focus lens. Anyway, I’d appreciate any thoughts or advice on lens.

  14. OMG, cat’s tongues are very creepy when viewed so close up. However your shot may explain why it used to feel so weird, when my sister’s cat licked my toes.

    Great snack tossing photographs. They reminded me of trying to take photographs of slightly inebriated friends catching peanuts, when we were all a lot younger and crazier. (Young Farmer/Junior Farmer Exchange to Ontario, many, many moons ago……!).

    The pups are all gorgeous. Smartie has such an intense gaze for the camera. I’m sure he was the same in a previous photograph and get the impression he’ll take everything in and wont miss much.

    Keep us (p)updated on the puppy progress.

  15. Had to come back and look yet AGAIN. Love your shots.
    PS – please give Cracker some attention. I’m sure he’s terribly unloved and neglected.
    ; )

  16. I LOVE your photos…those action shots with the treats are amazing! Kudos!

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