P is for Puppies

who are cute enough to eat!

They’re 6 weeks old or so now, and living up to their candy names – they are sweet sweet sweet!

Tootsie, who is going to live in North Vancouver.

Mars, who is going to live on Saltspring Island.

Snickers, who is going to live in Coquitlam.

Smartie, who is going to live in Surrey.

Twix, who is going to live in Sooke.

Aero, who is going to live in Langley.

Pixie, who doesn’t have a home yet.

And Henry, who also doesn’t have a home yet.

One applicant decided to instead buy a puppy from a notice board pinned in a shop :(  And one applicant who is waffling on taking one at all, and another who is coming to meet them tonight and then Henry or Pixie will be spoken for.

And it looks like one of the puppy applicants decided instead to adopt Ruthie, if all goes well!  She was taking her out for a walk when I was visiting, so no new photos of Ruth.

They sure are cute!  Much cuter than THIS:

THAT rolled in something completely and utterly disgusting before work yesterday, so THAT got a pre-breakfast bath.

Then he came to work with me and got filthy dirty in the play pen, thus undoing all my hard work.

I didn’t roll in anything.  I don’t need a bath.  You can’t see me anyway.

I might have rolled in it … what’s a “bath?”

The TWoo is really testing my patience these days.  All that confidence building we have been doing has paid off , and I have created a self confident beast who don’t gotta listen to The Man, no how, no way.  If he were a parrot, the first words I’d teach him to say would be “up yours, lady” since that’s what he’s basically telling me every day anyway.  His new favourite game is to run out the front door and launch himself straight at the chickens just to make them freak out.  Then when I call him, he gets very tall, looks me in the eye, turns his back on me and walks away.

He also doesn’t want to get in the car anymore, since he doesn’t like coming to work and spending the whole day in the van.  He takes his sweet time actually arriving at the vehicle, and then he refuses to get in.  And when he does finally get in, he refuses to get in his crate, which requires me to wrestle with him every day (he’s surprisingly strong for a 25lb dog).  I don’t really blame him, but I also don’t want to leave him and the other dogs home alone for 11 hours.  I prefer to bring them, and take them to a local park for exercise after work, so we miss the rush hour commute home, and also so I can potty them and play a quick game of fetch for 20 minutes at lunch.

I used to bring them into the office with me by turns, but The WooTWoo spends the entire time tormenting the guinea pigs on the desk, or harassing Loopy Lou the cockatiel.  TWooie’s method of harassment is to BARKBARKBARK, and nobody wants to hear that, so he doesn’t get to come inside anymore.  And besides, I have a little buddy that hangs out with me up front these days, because I don’t want to leave him in his kennel all day.  I iz a softie, and although I’m not one for little smooshy faced dogs too much, I feel bad for Storm.

So I dress him in a little sweater, and try to convince everyone who comes into the shelter to adopt him.  He came in with another little-ish dog who has since been adopted, and now he’s all alone :(  Maybe you want him?  He’s pretty mellow – he just sits on my desk beside my computer and watches me type, like a hairy little gargoyle.  I’m very fond of him.

Is the sky falling?  Is she saying nice things about a shih tzu?

If you don’t want him, maybe you want Jasper, who is still looking for a home.  He photographs real nice!

And if you’re going to be selfish and not adopt any of the dogs I keep shoving in your face, the least you could do is come out and get your dog(s)’ photo taken with Santa, to raise funds for rescue.  Jen of Mambo Mutts Photography and myself are taking photos with Santa on Sunday, December 12th, at Triple Tree Nursery in Maple Ridge.  All the proceeds go to TDBCR and toward her foster dog Zara’s vet bills.  Zara is a very old, blind Malamute who will spend the rest of her life in foster care with Jen:

So come on out, support rescue, and get a great photo of your doggies with Santa!!


  1. Oh, I wish I could adopt Storm.

    He looks so much like my Arlo – who was supposed to be a Lhasa, but who came from a POS BYB and probably had a shih tzu or twu in the woodpile.

    Yes, I have working dogs. And I had a little smooshy-faced dog with a hairdo. Who worked at being a wonderful companion and succeeded admirably.

    Anyway. Whoever does adopt Storm will be blessed with a wonderful little dog. I just know these things. :-)

  2. FL, you must understand, I’m not a giggly girl. I’m a tomboy. I’m not a pink-wearing, high-pitched-noise-making, stuffed-animal-adoring kind of a person. Nor do I think there’s anything wrong with such people; the world needs them!
    To get to the point: when I saw that first image of that candy pup, I made a “squee” noise that caused my boyfriend to look at me, confused, with one raised eyebrow. He knows it must be border-collie/3W&AW-related and so sighed resignedly and went back to his book.
    So, once again, thanks for such delightful photos and the puppy update. I am back in BC for Christmas, and your blog always makes me long for my own hounds.

  3. Storm looks like a younger version of my Josh. And the chocolate lab is gorgeous! Keep on posting dogs needing homes, you are so tempting me and I am sure many others. Recently lost one of my dogs to cancer so pining for another dog and companion for my guy.

    I cannot believe how the puppies have grown and their colouring has changed! Sweeties for sure..

    Now off to google the shelter you work at :)

  4. Not having much luck! Email me if you don’t want to make it public? Man, searching SPCA site and there are SO MANY animals out there needing great forever homes :(

  5. Oh geez, those puppy pictures just about knocked me off my chair!

    Also, Zara is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. Janice in GA says:

    Adorable puppies! Wish I could have one.

    BTW, I dreamed I found Tweed running down the road. I recognized him immediately, caught him, and was making plans to bring him back to you when I woke up.

    I sure hope I’m not the only person who dreams about people & dogs I only know from blogs….

  7. Love love LOVE that photo of Zara.

  8. *dies from cute overload*

  9. Woo may have rolled in something, but look how HAPPY he looks!
    Man those puppies are the cutest things! Are Smartie’s eyes really grey? Just beautiful.
    Poor Twooie. I mean poor you, but poor Twooie. You can’t leave them in the car now that the weather is getting so cold can you? How cold is it there?

  10. Wish we could adopt, but we would have to move some dog out to do so….and I think that would defeat the purpose!! They are all super cute!
    Thanks for sharing all of the cutie pie pics!!

  11. Can’t believe people have turned down Henry, who is so cute. And Pixie, who is just adorable. Where are you, people, for these super-cute pups?

  12. If I did not live a 16-hour drive away from you, plus a trip through customs, in a building that does not allow pets, I would so be applying for Pixie and/or Henry. Sigh. They are all lovely.

  13. Amy, the shelter is : District of North Vancouver Animal Welfare Center. There is a link in the post previous to this one.

    I still lurv Jasper. No room at the inn, though…

  14. You have bunnies in your shelter! If you really want to drive TWoo crazy/practice your clicker training, bring home a bunny or two!

  15. ummmm the bunnies just say NO to TWoo.
    but thanks for thinking of them – most people don’t at all.

  16. Had to give Happy a bath last night cause she rolled in deer poop again. I can’t imagine having to do it as often as you do.

  17. Me too… love the Zara photo the most.

  18. Thank you for the puppy fix. So glad they all have or will have homes even though it means no more pictures of them. They are adorable.

    More and more Woo looks like a female to me – especially in his happy pictures. Maybe it is because more and more he reminds me of Gracie.

    It sounds like the Twoo sure needs to be brought down a peg or two. Maybe he should go back to puppy school and be leashed to you for a while. Teach the little bugger a bit of humility.

  19. Tootsie is such a great name for a puppy. Toots for short, love it! Gus needs a sibling!

  20. That Zara picture is suitable for framing – how lovely!

  21. If I wasn’t already taking Pip for her 2nd herding lesson/eval, I’d be driving up to Canada with the pack to have their photos taken by you and Jen. And thanks for posting pics of all the other orphaned pups around you. They all deserve a loving home.

  22. @Lori – do you remember the little dog in “Lassie Come Home”? His name was Toots. I loved that movie and Edmund Gwenn.

  23. the face on Twix supercedes all previous levels of cuteness.

  24. @Kim – I have 2 gorgeous house rabbits of my own, one being a rescue (the other bought when I was young, niave and innocent). I love them both dearly and can’t imagine not having them there to wake me up in the morning my sitting on my chest and demanding breakfast.

    They’re always the first thing I look at when I go to shelter pages. I know how often they get overlooked for the cute baby in the pet store.

  25. Hey I saw Storm on TV this morning on Channel 4..just as I was flipping by I thought I recognize him…too cute…

  26. Evie Douglas says:

    Please promise you will stalk these puppies so we can watch them grow up! They are just too cute!
    Zara is gorgeous!!!! Dog bless Jen! I don’t even want to think why the F she is in foster care!
    And finally, WTH is it with dogs rolling is shit &/or dead things this week?

  27. I have a friend who lives in Canada, who may interested in chocolate lab here on you blog! I sent you an email, back channel, from the “Contact” section from your blog.

  28. The Food Lady says:

    And the blog has the information for contacting the shelter about the Lab, so your friend can use that information to contact the shelter :) Canada is a big country, so she has to be local.

  29. Is Jasper the lab with TDBCR?
    My friend lives in: Maple Ridge, BC Zip: V2X 5K4

  30. Hi FoodLady – my husband and I are wondering is Oh Henry has been adopted yet. He is so darling…

  31. Please promise you will stalk these puppies so we can watch them grow up! They are just too cute! Zara is gorgeous!!!! Dog bless Jen! I don’t even want to think why the F she is in foster care! And finally, WTH is it with dogs rolling is shit &/or dead things this week?

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