Dexter is so much awesome

and so are all of you.  Thanks so much for all your votes!!
dex wins


  1. Congratulations!! Great news!

  2. YEAH! Good job Dex (and FL).
    Now if we can just get SAINTS that $25 grand, we’re laughing….
    The power of 3Woofs and a Woo fans — next, we’ll be taking over the world … Bwah ha ha ..

  3. Evie Douglas says:

    Congratulations Dexter! I see you are getting your very own tunnel. You will be a good brother & share it with you family members, right?

  4. Whoo Hoo! I couldn’t vote because I am not on facebook but I was rooting for you and Dexter!

  5. Way to go Dexter and Food Lady!

  6. Way to go Dexter!! Congrats!

  7. Good for both of you! Beautiful dog and great photo!

  8. This makes me smile… almost as much as the cuteness overload of the last few posts <3 . I can haz Mars?

  9. Wooohooo!! Yay Dexter and the Food Lady! Congrats guys! Have fun with that new tunnel =)

  10. CharlieDog says:


  11. Congrats. West says he wants to be famous and have a tunnel too! ;)

  12. Woo Hoo for Dexter, he looks like a wonderful dog.
    Also, I’ve never commented here but I’ve been reading for about two months and this is my new favorite blog. You are a fabulously funny writer and an awesome photographer.

    Oh, a quick introduction to us… if you care to know for when we comment again.
    Maggie – Another food lady
    and the kids:
    Marley – Nutty 11 year old Norwich terrier who has competed in juniors (years ago) and rally. He has also gave me heart attacks in the obedience ring until we just stopped.
    Dante – 9 year old Australian shepherd conformation champion working on his TDI certification for his retirement years. He has reached enlightenment and in his next life he will be coming back as the Dalai Lama so he can meet lots of people for hugs.
    Ollie – 1 year old Australian shepherd, medical alert service dog, intense stalker of human beings, and rally and obedience competitor. Agility coming soon so I can stem the flow of craziness.
    All in Minneapolis, MN.

  13. Yay! I knew he’d win. He looks so drive-y and ON in that photo. It’s excellent. Dexter is definitely the face of dog sports.

    Congratulations on your big win!

  14. Congratulations! That’s great.

  15. Yay! My chest is so swollen with pride for my “little” nephew Dexter that I think I might need to buy a larger bra size… You’re a very, very talented photographer FL, and you and Dex deserve this win! CONGRATULATIONS :-)

  16. Great news! I voted a lot! I love your blogs and live for them! Thank you. Miriam

  17. Huzzah for Dex and the FL! Many happy returns, and we, your loyal readers, will of course expect to see your menagerie trying out the new tunnel!

  18. Andrea/Schnitzie says:

    Dexter is so full of WIN! A victory for rescue dogs everywhere!

  19. Congratulations!

    Not bad for the puppy no one applied to adopt. ;-P

    (I STILL can’t believe that!)

  20. Woow, congratulations Dexter and FL!! I couldn’t vote (I belong to a rare species that doesn’t do FB ;)), but I had all my thumbs up. Of course Dex was the only one that really could win. :)

  21. Cathy, Che and Jeepers says:

    Congratulations. Dex was a heads-and-shoulders-above -the-rest-no-contest winner.

  22. Yay for Dexter and the Food Lady! You guys deserve the fame. Give him a hug from all of us devoted readers! We are so proud.

    P.S. You are totally right. Dexter has certainly grown to be handsome with those pointy ears and bright eyes. :)

  23. Congratulations! I voted for Dexter so I’m glad to see he won!!!!!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  24. Paddyquack says:

    Yay Dexter! We knew he was a paw in with FL’s amazing eye for the perfect shot. When is the Peanuts’ reunion? We want to see this amazing tunnel in action.

  25. Hooray for Dex! I’m pleased, but not surprised. I hope you all enjoy the tunnel.

  26. I think Dog Sport magazine needs to run a 3WAAW2 column. You know, something like one of your blog entries, but monthly. It could have referenced in your byline.

  27. Hi Courtenay – how is West doing?
    Of all the FL rescues that break my heart I think he broke mine the mostest and I hope you are both well.

  28. Yay Dex! 3WAAW was *on it*. Was there any doubt who would win? lol

    Hey Maggie! How have we not met?? You have two Aussies and live in Minneapolis. I am one of the few non-Aussies that run in the UMASC agility trials. I live in Minneapolis. Where do you train?

  29. Yahooooooo! Go Dexter! That’s just so awesome!

  30. Congrats!!!!

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