I said good bye to West this afternoon – I lifted him into the crate in Courtenay’s car, shut the hatch and wished him well.  I didn’t go back to say goodbye before they drove off, and I hope he forgives me.  It’s time for him to Happy Dance for someone else :(

Does your heart bleed for me?  It would if you were Woo.  Or, at least, your ears would bleed for me.

Especially if you were hunting in the pokies.

In West’s place stands Unique.  Correction – in West’s place runs Unique!  This is a girl on a mission.

That mission is to play with every toy and fetch every ball in existence!  She has oodles of toy drive, but she’s not over the top obsessive – if you throw it, she will run.  If you put it away, she will lie down and go to sleep.  A lovely balance of go-go-go-stop.

When she does go, she gives even Dexter “Speedy Gonzales” Morgan a run for his money because, much like him, she has zero concern for gravity, self preservation and inanimate objects in her pursuit of the Dumbball.  She is more coordinated than he is, but she still went ass over tea kettle more than once trying to grab it before he could.  The competition is very good for Dexter – he’s putting on his game face and going for the gold.  When the two of them going thundering past for the ball, Piper and Tweed just give up!

Please take her back to wherever she came from.  Kthx.

And miracles of miracles, she plum wore Dexter out!

Unique is the anti-West … she has a rock solid temperament, I can already see this.  She likes people just fine, thank you, and they are even more awesome if they have a tennis ball to share.  She likes other dogs just fine as well – not too interested in them, unless they are beating her to the ball.  She gave Dexter ugly teeth for getting flirty, went belly up for TWoo and mightily respects Piper’s  Queen Bitch status.

She sniffed noses politely with Carl and then ignored her.  As we played ball for an hour before I brought her inside, she is now snoozing quietly on a mat by the fridge, which is the default Foster Zone for some reason.  When you open the crate she hops right in, in the house or the car.  She comes when she’s called, she sits politely when asked and all in all, she’s eased right on in.

I took these photos

right before I brushed out all that loose undercoat you can see there at her back end.  Even when the brush snagged on a particularly tangly area, she stood and waited patiently because I asked her to.  I then, sadly, had to cut off all of her marvelous pantaloons.  Her ass end was so matted she looked like someone had glued a thick pile rug to her rear!  Poor girl – she’s looking a little choppy and naked back there now.

I tell you, if I had room in my car for a crate the size she needs (she is a fair sized girl, standing almost equal height to Dex) I’d just hold onto her.  If I were looking for another agility dog I’d hold onto her!  She’s a real nice dog – I predict an application war for this one.

We just won’t show applicants her read end until that hair grows back!


  1. Man my hearts breaking for West. I know it’s none of my business but still I’m just sitting here booin and hooin.

  2. Best wishes to West in his new foster home! I hope the meds and the behavior modification can help him through to trusting humans a wee bit more.

    Unique is awesome. Great ears, too!

  3. It always amazes me that dogs like Unique could end up in a shelter, and feel so bad for West….

  4. I sure hope West adjusts to his new home and new person. Can’t wait to hear his updates. Unique sounds like a great dog. Any dog that can wear Dexter out has got to be something else! How nice that you have a fairly easy foster this time. I’m sure you’re right and a forever home is in her near future.

  5. My heart bleeds for you :(

    I think your whole attitude to West’s rehabilitation is the best offer of hope anyone could have given him and I hope that in the future he’s able to dance somewhere called ‘home’.

    I would like to say that I have tremendous respect for the way you treat all your dogs, especially the fosters who take so much love and effort. You’re far braver than I ever could be.

    Unique looks lovely, here’s hoping she’s snapped up quickly and can then wear someone else out!

    Natalie (from across the pond)

  6. Oh man! Why oh why does the perfect dog for my household shows up when I’m not ready for her and she’s on the total opposite side of the country. *sigh* Unique will find an awesome home quickly, I have no doubt.

    And I so so so hope that West begins to happy dance for someone else. He has it in him, I know he does. I just keep thinking about Pamela Dennison and her dog Shadow. If she can do it for Shadow, someone can for West!

  7. She is absolutely lovely. My thoughts are with West and hope for a positive resolution. You are doing the right thing.

  8. Unique sounds like a sweetie. Someone must have put a lot of time and love into her. Makes me a little sad because obviously something must have changed..

  9. It’s a relief to see you with a foster that is a little less work for once, FL! You work so hard with all your hounds, and West sounds like he’s found a home that will give him the best potential for recovery–not that you are not a fabulous home for any dog, but I’ve been following the West saga, and he sounds like a critter that needs more than most people can give.

    Congrats on Unique! She looks very stocky through the body–or is that just her coat? You said she’s almost as tall as Dex, but what does she weigh? I’m just curious because the size of that noggin looks suspiciously similar to my male bc, Jake–and he’s a big boy. If someone’s already put time and effort into Uni, she’s going to be a shoe-in for adoption, and, as you predict, there’s probably going to be a squabble for the red beauty. I look forward to reading more posts.


  10. Go West go! You can do it!
    Hoping for the best and know that the FL gave him the best opportunity.

  11. Tweed says, “At last. Now, I have a twin, too.”

  12. Good vibes, wishes and prayers for West. Unique really is a cutie pie and although I covet many of your fosters. BC are too much for me! I will live vicariously through you and your blog FL. Is it wrong to feel just a little better about my dog parent skills knowing that as wonderful as you are, WooTWO still manage to outwit you and are not FULLY trained?

  13. Unique is gorgeous, and her temperament sounds amazing! How does a dog like that end up in a shelter?

    Best of luck to West. The poor guy had a rough start, but here’s hoping he can come around someday.

  14. Good luck to you West!! I hope you can beat your demons and become the awesome dog you know you are!

  15. your newest looks alittle aussie in the face, what a cute doggy!

  16. The Food Lady says:

    “She looks very stocky through the body–or is that just her coat?” She seems pretty proportionate to me. She is a good sized dog, for a female, but otherwise not particularly stocky.

    “Is it wrong to feel just a little better about my dog parent skills knowing that as wonderful as you are, WooTWO still manage to outwit you and are not FULLY trained?”

    Nobody could train The WooTWoo. They are frickin’ untrainable! They humble me every. single. day.

    “your newest looks alittle aussie in the face”

    Really? Not seeing that at all. She looks and acts all BC to me. And I know from Aussies, what with having 3 and all.

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