The Star Of The Show

Hi ya’ll, I’m back!  Have you missed The Woofs and The WooTwoo?

Now that my free time is my free time once again, I can finally tell you all what we’ve been doing and why we’ve been MIA.  I know you’ve been holding your collective breath ;-)

One of my dogs is going to be a movie star!!

A movie star??  She must be talking about me!  After all, I have acting experience!

I pose beautifully for the camera.

Action … intrigue … I have it all baby!

So …how much are they paying me?

Sorry Woo, it’s not you.  You had your 15 seconds of fame when you did the Kohl’s commercial.  You’re all washed up now.

Well that sucks.


Sorry Tweed, it’s not you either.


Because they chose Piper, that’s why!

That’s right!  My little Faux Bulldog landed herself a small part in a movie called “Marley and Me: The Puppy Years.”  She does a short agility course and then some sproingy, tugging celebratory action after our “successful” run.

Even Tweed got a tiny role in the film – I don’t know much about movies, or camera angles, but as near as I can tell, they filmed quite a lot of his ass-end.  Which is a blessing, as the front end was barking it’s damn head off!

Does this movie make my ass look big?

I never saw the original “Marley and Me” because I read the book and didn’t ever understand why the owner found the dog so challenging in the first place – as near as I could tell, the real life Marley was a typical, log-brained Labrador, not a monster.  But I am familiar with the story, and I assume the movie begins with Marley as an 8 week old pup, so I’m really not sure how they are making a whole movie about his adventures during his first 60 days on earth – but hey, that’s the movie business for you!  I haven’t read the script … I was too busy eating the copious amounts of food they ply the cast and crew with so they don’t lose their minds and wander off.  For 90% of the folks working on a movie, near as I can tell, it’s not exactly *exciting* work.

I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of the set, or the dogs working, so I can’t show you anything interesting … I guess you’ll just have to rent it when it comes out (it’s going straight to DVD, as I understand) next year.  But first you must promise not to make fun of me, because I am ALSO in the movie.  I handle Piper on the “agility course,” and I do “dock diving” with another border collie and then, to my surprise and real, tangible horror, I had to be in another scene WITHOUT my dogs … and I had to ACT.  Ack!  Well, I had to REact, actually, to a short scene at what I think is the end.  Oh the horror!!  It must be a very low budget film, as no blockbuster would cast me.  I’m possibly the world’s worst actress.

There *might* be a photo of me forthcoming, in full costume and make-up, with a couple of other handler-slash-kinda-actors, but in the meantime, it’s just not in me to possess this photo of my friend Mark, who is also in the movie, and not blog it.  Forgive me Mark.  Or don’t.


My parts wrapped last night, so I do believe we are done now.  I don’t know how real movie dog people do it – there’s a whole lot of “sit around and wait.”  I did one 13 hour day where I sat around in costume and make up and didn’t do a single thing for the camera!  But now I’m home and catching up on things around the house.

I’m not thinking about the chickens.

My poor chickens are totally traumatized by their encounter with the Poultry Murderer.  They don’t want to come out of their hen house at all, even when I entice them with oatmeal scattered around their coop.

We’re not going out there.  It’s scary out there.

I know it hasn’t even been a week, but I was hoping they would learn to feel safe in their home again soonish like.  I guess not :(  I am thinking about adding a couple more chickens from somewhere else; I am hoping that fresh-slate chickens will encourage the other scaredy-hens to behave more normally once again.

I am also kind of obsessed with building another little coop and getting myself some bantam hens … specifically, I am enamored with these White Crested Polish Frizzles!

“They develop a great mop top which makes them less skittish than most chickens because they can’t really see you coming.”

Best.  Chicken description. Ever.

In the meantime, I have satiated my small critter acquisition lust by adding a new member to the family.


This is my new rattie girl.  I got her to practice my clicker training with.  NOT to feed her to Donut.


Gimme rattie!

Where’s it?  Where’d it go?

Actually, Donut is not all that interested in the rat.  She is much more interested in the rat snack, which is boiled and mashed yams.

Yes, my cat eats yams.


Rattie has no name yet.  I unfortunately got her right before I started working on the movie, and I’ve had very little time to interact with her.  I’ll let you guys name her.  What do you think she should be called?


  1. Another Amy says:

    Very cool to hear you have been involved in the film industry as I have too recently through my girls. If you got an acting part kudos to you as it will hopefully pave your way to the Union (min $20 an hour). Then so very worth it to act of be a part of the back ground. Thinking that you have a dog makes it even more profitable.. Daughters (twins, 13) will be on a future Supernatural episode as Vampire Twins. Can’t wait to see.

    My motto on set has been “Hurry up and WAIT already” but whatever; as long as my girls are being paid for being there, they are having fun and the Kraft tables are good :)

  2. So excited about Piper!

    Big time rat fan here. They make the best pets for small animals and will be awesome to practice clicker training. Just agree with Quinn and wanted to encourage you to get the little rattie a friend, as they really need another rat to be with. They are like angel fish (or people). They get very neurotic without another rat. Obviously a same-sex companion is the best, although spaying is a good option too.

  3. Josephine seems like it would fit her.
    My old diabetic cat likes sweet taters too…but he can’t have them.

  4. YES YES YES I MISSED YOU! TWAAW is completly addicting and I was needing a fix bad.

    Piper Baby! Is in a movie! How cool is that? :-) I’ll have to buy it, just to watch that sequence. I never watched “Marley and Me”. Ooh, just remembered, my nephew has! Ha! I can get him the DVD for Christmas and just watch Piper. (And laugh at the Food Lady but shhh, you didn’t hear me type that. )

    Donut cracks me up! Call the mouse “Priscilla”. Dunno why. (Yes I know it’s a rat, but she’s too pretty for a rat — so she’s a big mouse to me.)

  5. You can practice clicker training on your chickens as well. Fun little birds to train. Try mealworms or frozen and thawed out corn as treats. Maybe you can train them to go back outside!

  6. I’m also going to suggest you get (at least) one more rattie. I have two; PiRATe and Finlay. PiRATe is so named because, well, pirates are epic! Finlay’s named after my ex… For obvious reasons. :D

    Yours is so cute!

  7. clairesmum says:

    The dog day care that I use was adopted by a stray cat – they named her “Bait” – she used to climb up the high chain link fence and prance slowly around the playyard – you can imagine the barking frenzy!
    Glad some good things are happening at Casa de Food Lady these days!

  8. Rattie should be called “Spot.”

  9. Oh, I love a Donut sighting!

  10. Ratty shoould be called timbit….. to go with donut!

  11. AHAHAHAH is this marley and me or crocodile dundee?? sorry if that’s been asked, i didn’t read the 60 comments before me. congrats to piper and food lady and tweed’s butt on the show biz gig!

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