It’s Halloween. I haz candy for you.

After much (delirious, feverish) deliberation on puppy names (whilst laying in a semi-coma of flu on my sofa), I have decided to go with the candy theme in honour of Halloween.  Christmas reindeer – had that litter already.  Snow White and the 7 Dwarves?  Had that litter too.  Dance names – ditto.  But candy – we’ve never done candy names.  And oh my goodness, are these little chubbos ever sweet!  It seems fitting.

So let me re-introduce the family to you.

(Babe) Ruth (keeping a watchful eye on Drooly TWoo)

and her kidlets

Mars (merle male)

Snickers (merle male)

Smartie (merle male)

Aero (black and brown male)

(Oh) Henry (black and brown male)

Twix (sable female)

Tootsie (black and white female)

and Pixie (black and white female)

The “black” puppies are actually not all black, they have brown (not red) running through their coats.  I hope this makes them more palatable to applicants, as the all black or mostly black puppies are always the last to go.  Remember how not a single applicant chose Dexter?


I came |thisclose| to naming them after flu- related things, like Nyquil, Juice, Soup, Fever, Tears, Whiny etc.

I am still trying to get a bead on how old the pups are.  Their eyes just started opening the day before I picked them up, which made them anywhere from 10-14 days old, but they are very active for 2 week old puppies – they already follow me around a little bit in the pen, they wrestle a little, and they are trying to eat from Ruthie’s bowl at meal times.  Ruthie does not like that one bit.  She needs all the nutrition she can get, since the pups are sucking her dry!  She still looks like a commercial sow though.

Poor thing.  She is not a young dog – I would guess 3 or 4 years old, and I doubt this is her first litter.  That’s criminal.  She is a very nice dog though, super eager to please, and she gets on just fine with my dogs, provided they don’t go near her puppies.  Before we worked out a good enter/exit plan for exercise and potty breaks, she kicked ten kinds of holy hell out of Tweed for looking at the XPen – he just curled into a ball and cried.  Now everyone goes out, then she joins me on a leash, and we do it in reverse when we come back home – she goes inside first to her puppies, I go back outside, yell at TWooie for slinking alongside the chicken coop, and get everyone else back inside.

The hens are mostly over their TWooie Terror and one of them even laid me an egg!  Unfortunately, she also stomped it into smithereens before I could get to it, but at least it’s a start.  I am now bribing them with the leftovers from my garden that are now going to seed, and a friend is going to give me a couple more actively laying hens to see if I can’t kick start the others into a competitive egg laying contest :)

Anyway, Ruth’s only real vice is her propensity to simply … leave when the mood strikes her.  If we are out for a walk and she decides to go, she’s gone.  The fact that until today she had no name has not helped me at all either, as she doesn’t seem to think “HEY YOU!  GET BACK HERE!” is a command worth listening to.  However, she DOES think that liver brownies are a paycheque worth coming for, so with every walk her recall gets better and better.  And she seems to be really enjoying getting the opportunity to get out there and run some

Even if she looks a little awkward with her boobs flopping around like dying dolphins.

I’ve been thinking on her possible breed mixes and I think I’ve come up with what is as likely as anything else.

I was at the trial this morning very briefly, just to say hi to some friends and also to pick up a generous amount of raw food that Mark (you know, the gay Australian cowboy?) brought for me.  Ruth is sucking back about 3-4 lbs of raw a day, plus a couple cups of Evo, so this was greatly appreciated.  Thanks Mark!  And while I am thanking people, thanks to Joe who comes in while I am at work and potties mum, and cuddles puppies for me!

Anyway, a gal there had a dog that was a border collie X cattle dog, and her head shape and tail, and body shape, really reminded me of Ruth.  I have heard that first generation cattle dog crosses are always spotty, but I also know that merle is dominant, so I think it’s plausible that she is an Aussie X Cattle dog.

Whatever she is, she is lovely.

I have no idea what the daddy was, of course, but he sure made some beautiful puppies.

Here’s the best shot I could get of all 8 little sleepyheads in a sort of row.

When you’re as sick as I am, puppy therapy is the only way to go.  I sometimes just crawl into the pen with them all, lay down, and nap amongst the tiny furry bodies. It doesn’t last long, because they are loud, but it’s heaven while it does.

I look sort of like this when I do it.

Mother Nature has been very kind to me today – it’s been mostly sunny out all day so I got a chance to clean out the chicken coop, and take the dogs for a nice run on the property

But all that exertion has exhausted me, so I am going back to bed for a little while.

You’re boring, and that makes me sad.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe and watch out for those pesty firecrackers.  Halloween is a busy time for shelters because frightened dogs are always running off to escape the scary noises, so don’t leave your dog unattended in the yard – better yet, safely crate them until the hullabaloo is over.  This has been a public service message from your friendly shelter worker :)


  1. nickelsmum says:

    I would buy ACD/Aussie, although the small, floppy ears kinda don’t say cattledog to me. She’s sure pretty, and looks pretty comfortable and relaxed overall. Beautiful puppies — funny how there is some “show quality” merling on some of those boys.

    That flying boob shot is incredible. And ouch.

  2. Is that Dexter slinking around in the back of some of those puppy close-ups? Cracked me up.

  3. Paddyquack says:

    I love the expression of Ruthie and her baby (Snickers?). What a lovely photo. I think all the pups and Mom are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the coats develop on the darker ones, although Mars and Snickers are already my favourites.

  4. I heart Ruth! She’s so pretty!

  5. Great post, esp from a sickie. Love the ‘boobs flopping around like dying dolphins’! That’s what gravity will do to you … but i digress.
    Puppies in a row shot is so adorable, as are the other puppy shots. Makes you forget all about the puppy hell that is yet to come. Wonderful that you’ve figured out a routine for getting her outside and able to frolic AND to experience the doggie brownies. Yum. Take care of yourself. Hope you get a fresh egg soon.

  6. I want Snickers. :) How would one go about putting in an adoption request? I am half serious and will be full serious once I hear from the hubby. The world has been pounding me on the head about getting a new agility partner and 8 pups in rescue seems like just the right ticket!

  7. Courtenay says:

    Do be careful around halloween. My friend’s dog is missing in Kits, hope it’s okay to post here..
    “Please Please Please
    help me find Chloe. She disappeared in Kitsalano last night at 2 am.
    Anyone around this area please keep an eye out for her and call me at
    604-802-1048 if you see her. Please tell your friends to look for her
    too! She needs her medication and is really sick and confused :(”
    She’s a bit bigger than a beagle, black and tan with blue eyes.

  8. Colleen B says:

    That is too much puppy cuteness!

    May I ask for a shameless plug? As a fellow loyal supporter of the endless work Carol does at SAINTS…today is the last day to vote for them in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. SAINTS has slipped to 3rd place and thus no longer in the running for $25,000. We were up to 2nd this morning, so it’s a very close race. Could all you senior/special needs rescue animal lovers out there take a few seconds to vote one last time?

    Hope you don’t mind me imposing myself, Food Lady, but you have terrific readers :)

  9. The Food Lady says:

    “How would one go about putting in an adoption request?”

    Watch the TDBCR website for information. At the mo, they are just wee taters and it’ll be another 6 or 7 weeks before they go anywhere, so no rush!

    “May I ask for a shameless plug? As a fellow loyal supporter of the endless work Carol does at SAINTS…today is the last day to vote for them in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. ”

    Please do! I voted myself, and hope everyone else does too!

    “Is that Dexter slinking around in the back of some of those puppy close-ups? ”

    Yes ma’am! He can’t stand when there’s a camera on the loose and it’s not pointing at him ;-)

    “although the small, floppy ears kinda don’t say cattledog to me. ”

    Yeah, I’d agree … except her ears aren’t all that small! They kinda blend into the rest of her, but they are actually a bit on the large side, and they are more airplane than floppy – in fact, I think if they were smaller, they’d airplane more and flop less!!

  10. Oh, I have puppy lust. (Ruth counts as a “puppy”, right?) With those ears, I’d almost guess English shep. somewhere, but I have a cattle dog/ jack russell cross whose ears are all Russell-like. I’ve never seen a lst generation cattle dog cross that didn’t have the forehead white mark, though.

    What an awesome dog!

  11. The Food Lady says:

    “I’ve never seen a lst generation cattle dog cross that didn’t have the forehead white mark, though.”

    You’re not the first person to say that about the Bentley Mark, but I have had numerous BC X ACDs (confirmed) through my rescue without it, so I think it’s one of those old wives’ tales that get told (like only border collies with black on the roofs of their mouths can work etc).

  12. I don’t know why but I have the impression that the dogs have something of a labrador on them. But I am by no means an expert, not even close.

    Anyway I’m happy that you are feeling better and dismissed the idea of calling them flu-theme names, certainly the candy names make them even cuter than they already are. :) I will send you some good vibrations so some kind soul brings you some chicken soup to get over the flu, because the flu-theme names says a lot about having fever. :)

    Best wishes and hugs, take care of yourself and get more puppy therapy to get well soon. :)

  13. Hooray for the candy theme!

    Ruth is just too lovely, and I’m feeling a little lightheaded from the excessive levels of puppy cuteness.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Food Lady.

  14. All too wonderfully sweet! Have to admit I am partial to Twix and Mars (and sweet Momma).

    I have had many, many dogs in my lifetime and all have been some combination of mostly black, some white (with the exception of one, beloved Tosh who was tan and white). Do not understand how people bypass the blackies! They are my faves.

    However if I were to choose because of colour I would go for a change.. and always a male! No idea why but find my males more mellow, loving and devoted. Is it just me? Curious!

  15. Hoping anyone that reads this blog is putting in extra special votes for SAINTS tonight!

  16. I am thinking English Shepherd X, whatever they are the pups are adorable!

  17. “with her boobs flopping around like dying dolphins”
    *snorting out loud*
    Lovely post, awesome pics! I don’t like candy, but I heart those pups. :)

  18. Awwww! Beautiful puppies, beautifully photographed.
    But wait, who is this Joe, how did he get the puppy cuddling job? Does he need an assistant? or a backup snuggler? Snorgler’s apprentice? Pleeeease just let me smoosh teh puppeh’s a little bit! Please!

  19. *Makes gimme hands*

    You’ll fly a piece of Candy to Scotland, won’t you? Please?

  20. clairesmum says:

    Sweet puppies deserve sweet names! Every mother of newborn(s) craves a few minutes by herself – to just be able to pee without someone bugging her – so Ruthie’s walkoffs don’t seem so weird. Glad she likes those liver brownies! Hope your flu is fading, FL.

  21. Okay, wait. You are NOT ALLOWED to mention a gay, Australian cowboy without photos. And a sound clip.

    Much as I love puppies, raising Hoot has put me off them forever (or at least a very long time). I do, however, *heart* Ruth, and may try to talk my sister into putting an app for her when the time comes. They live 4 miles down the road, so I could get plenty of Ruth :) (Seriously, my sister has been looking for a second dog as their Lab is now 10).

    Speaking of Hoot, did you see the FB photos of him being a real, working stockdog?!? I can’t wait to get him back to work him myself :)

  22. Love the pictures and puppies. Just adorable!!! I hope you will find good homes for all of them, including Mummy Ruth. Puppy therapy… :-) what a concept!!!!
    Hope you get better soon….

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  23. Hi Sheena,
    I think you made a plausible guestimate of the parentage of Ruthie and the drop-down ears could come from the Aussie Shepherd. The puppies are adorable, can’t wait to see them when Hilary brings them to Pender next time! I remember the last lot, mmmmmmmm!
    I bet you won’t have any trouble at all placing them….and I love the names!

    Still hope to meet up some time, maybe at a trial with Hilary?!


  24. Aislinn, Coop and Joon says:

    So I guess you know why we keep offering to bring you soup…
    I mean, yeah, we’re sorry you’re not feeling well and all, but until you’ve woken up from a nap with puppy pee in yer hair you just haven’t lived…

  25. rosali(ta) says:

    I heart Ruthie. Especially when one of her pups nips at her.The puppies are of course super cute, but how could they not be with a momma like that.

    hope you are feeling better!

  26. If I had known you were giving out that type of candy, I would have made the trip to Trick or Treat at your house!
    Not really though, with 3 dogs already we have no room for any candy! But it is great fun to see them!!

  27. I love Dexter. He has that same predatory, intense, maniacal stare that Rowley, my teenage BC boy, has. I expect if the two of them ever got together, the air would snap and crackle just from the intensity of those LOOKS. Too funny!

  28. Love the pupdates, and enjoy all of your blog posts. I agree with a couple others that Ruth looks English Shepherd to me. I’ve made many trips down to our shelter after getting calls that there was a BC or Aussie that needed rescue and found that they were actually English Shepherds. Lovely dogs, too. Wish I could take them all!

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