I am quite certain you’ve all seen this already, as it’s gone so viral, and it’s been sent to me about 100 times via email and Facebook, but in case you haven’t seen it, you must watch.  And even if you HAVE seen it, you should watch it again.  Here’s a couple of pieces of trivia for you:

1) The entire video was shot in one take (I mean, a lot of takes … but no editing!  It’s one seamless performance)

2) Most of the dogs in the video are rescues, so a portion of the profits are being donated to the ASPCA.

Go rescue dogs!


  1. Well, I had not seen it yet! They do a great job with their videos, loved the dogs in this one!

  2. FL, I hadn’t seen it either! This is fabulous. That black and white bc at the end kills me. What faces….!

  3. The second dog who stands with his feet on the bucket looks a little like Tweed!!! I had to watch it w/o the sound since I’m in class (um . . . . yeah) but I can’t wait to go home and watch it again! I love it!!!

  4. Aaawwww…thanks for sharing that video. I hadn’t seen it either!!

  5. Love it! I hadn’t seen it yet! But, I will be sharing!!!!


  6. Ruth Hansell says:

    Watched it and sent it all over, it’s an amazing piece of performance art and dog training.

    The red bc looks so much like my Samantha, that we said good bye to 3 months ago, makes my heart ache, just a little bit.

    And it’s an awesome thing to behold!


  7. Love, love, love it! I totally LOLed at the boinging Jack! Wasn’t the black and white BC at the end Dazzle, of Katherine and Dazzle from Seattle? Way to go, Dazzle!

  8. “Wasn’t the black and white BC at the end Dazzle, of Katherine and Dazzle from Seattle?”

    I thought the same thing. Sure looks to be! And if so, she should have had a bigger role!

  9. Lovely! :)

  10. I hadn’t seen it either and loved it. Not sure what the video is for but a small snippet of it would make an awesome ikea commercial!

  11. I watched it again! Love it!

  12. RaisingRiver says:

    The B&W BC at the end is Dazzle and so is Kat’s Peanut. I too recognized Dazzle right away and saw Kat posted about doing the video on her YouTube page :) What a fun way to show off trained dogs. I <3 Dexter.

  13. where did they get the goat from?

  14. Had not seen this one. the dogs were great! I thought I saw a goat in there at one point, as one of the previous commenters did.
    Wonder how Woo and Twoo would do in a music video – something with moles, or birds, perhaps?

  15. It has been going around! But I love it.

  16. This was done in my home town of Corvallis, OR. They figured it would be easier to bring the band to the dogs than to bring the dogs to the band.

  17. It was Dazzle! Katherine explains a little about it and has the above video on her channel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX2qmobxjcg

  18. I recognized Dazzle right away. GREAT video!

  19. Love this, thanks for sharing.

    PS Do I spy a Borderjack?! (The dog in the video that bounces like Tigger).

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