Just a reminder

That there are 13 spots available in the calendar, so you don’t *really* have to use all 5 of your votes on the same dog, or only cast one vote for one dog (not that this is directed specifically at Tess’ fanclub or anything.  Nope.  ha ha).

But the enthusiasm is awesome and great to see!  Don’t forget to keep voting :)

Jeter commands you.


  1. I actually think you’re really mean making us vote. I feel so guilty voting for my “favourite” dogs because they’re all lovely, and I feel like they’ve been a part of my life through reading your blog.

    Will the calendar be available online to purchase? And will you mail to Australia :)

  2. 5 votes for the Woo =)

  3. We LOVE that shot of Jeter! Really cool.

  4. Ginny
    Ally (I must have a thing for the peanuts, probably because they’re incredibly good-looking)

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