What A Pisser

And no, I don’t mean the rain, which caught us unaware this morning, as I walked my beasts in my pajamas.  Hard to believe that just a few days ago I was too hot to type, and now I am wearing a sweater.  Summer in Vancouver is such a tease!

Why just yesterday we were playing Flying Squirrel in the late afternoon sun.  Well, until it landed in the overhead power wires.

That was indeed a bit of a pisser.


I knocked it down again with Wootie’s beloved Fifa.

But in racing to get it first, Wootie misjudged its trajectory and overshot his landing.

Which left an opening for The Speeding Bullet to snag it and, in an effort to evade The Persistent Devilry AKA Race,

Dexter disappeared under my sun lounge with the Squirrel, and made Mad Teeth™ at the world at large.

This game: also a pisser.

Don’t let him fool you – he’s put in his Happy Face, but as you can see, there’s an angry squint hiding behind his smiles.

Just like there is a Bastard Devil hiding behind Race’s cutepuppy face.

Today he chewed off the other strap on the mate to my favourite shoe he ate last week.  Oh well, at least they match now.  But piss on him, the evil monkey!  MEGAN would never have eaten my shoes.

That’s right!  But you abandoned me, and I live with my new sister Ally now, and neither of us are eating anyone’s shoes.  Your loss, suckah.
Ally & Meg 100818

Harumph.  I am glad she is so happy though.  I wonder if they would trade her for Race?  I have not put a lot of effort into Race in the week I have had him, but I have managed to put a fairly reliable recall on him, and also he has learned to sit or stand for pets and affection – when he rolls over on his back, I stop touching him.  When he starts biting at my arms and hands, I walk away.  He is catching on and trying very hard to just stand still and wag his tail so he gets happy rubs.  But it’s exhausting, because every interaction is a lesson, and I’m a lazy person who just wants to ruffle his ears and scritch his chest.  Bad, lazy Food Lady.

Actually, I am not that lazy, just tired and busy.  My stepdad has his own business doing home renovations, and sometimes he throws some work my way when he needs an extra pair of hands, so this week I spent some time painting the exterior of a condo building’s trim, and some ceilings, and helping him with some other stuff.  He’s a good reno dude, and the more work he gets the more work I get!  So if you need home renos done in the Lower Mainland, message me for his contact info ;-)

The problem is, years of carrying a heavy camera around, and sitting at a computer editing and typing, has given me repetitive strain issues in my wrists.  When I overdo it, they complain loudly.  And after a week of awkward painting, I was really looking forward to having a wrist-free weekend by Friday afternoon.  Alas, I forgot that I also had to work Saturday!

I was doing test-shots at the dress rehearsal for the Paws 2 Dance Gala performance coming to The Bell Center for the Performing Arts this November.  They had their dress rehearsal Saturday and I went by to figure out where I needed to be for good photos, and what gear I need to get good shots (the conclusion:  I need better gear!)mf-1-19

It looks like the performance will be a lot of fun and visually really interesting – they are performing with Kiters, which is something I have never seen before, but looks really fascinating.  You should check it out!

I scolded my now *screaming* wrists for being total pussies when I went to meet TDBCR alumni Gus for his photo shoot.  Gus is about 12 years old, and in June he suffered a fibrocartilaginous embolism (like a stroke) while out with his dogwalker, that paralyzed him.  His adopters were determined that Gus would walk again though, and after weeks of therapy, acupuncture and the best care a dog could ever have, Mr. Gus is back up and at ’em!

Look at him go!

If Gus can overcome a stroke and total paralysis, surely I can overcome a little wrist pain.  Gus agrees.

Come on soldier!  Throw my ball!  Stop whining and work through your pain!

Well he doesn’t have to be so BOSSY about it!  Yeesh!

But here’s the REAL pisser.

And I mean this literally.  Donut has started peeing on my dog beds, which makes me Very Very Unhappy.  There are now two beds, one of them very expensive, sitting out on the porch stinking up the outdoors, and waiting for me to clean them.  Can anyone recommend a cat-pee removal product that WORKS?  I’ve washed them in the regular washing machine, with all manners of cleaning agents, but she keeps peeing in the same spots so it’s obviously not working.  I need something really effective.  Please share your successful cleaning agents with me!  Alternatively, if you would like Donut to pee on dog beds in your house, send me your address and I will mail her to you.  In pieces, if you prefer, to save on shipping.



  1. Have you tried vinegar? I had a similar problem with my dogs marking over and over on a spot where one of them had lost bladder control during a seizure. I tried all the different enzyme cleaners, etc and nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t smell it, but apparently they still could. My dog walker suggested a 30% vinegar solution, and it worked! Granted, the room smelled like vinegar for a day or so, but that smell went away and the dogs left that spot alone. I don’t know if it killed the scent, masked it, if the urine was slightly alkaline and the acid neutralized it, or if they just didn’t like getting near any lingering vinegar smell. All I know is they stopped peeing there.

    I went out and bought a gallon of plain old store brand white vinegar, and its now my go to solution for killing pee spots. Its cheap too, so if you try it and it doesn’t work, you haven’t invested a lot in special cleaners.

  2. Nature’s Miracle for the cat piss. We use it at the veterinary clinic I work at on EVERYTHING stinky, including uber-smelly tom-cat pee. Works like a charm. LOVE this blog, by the way!

  3. http://www.naturemakesitwork.com/catalog/prod_detail.php?id=124

    When I worked at a shelter, we would recommend this (and other solutions) to people who wanted to give their cats up because they peed on things, many a happy people called us to thank us for the suggestion.

    Sometimes (very often, actually) cats peeing where they aren’t supposed to can be a stress and/or health problem. Cystitis, UTI and lots of other problems are first noticed because of peeing. Hopefully the Donut is ok! Good luck!

  4. I’ve had really good results with Zero Odor (http://www.zeroodorstore.com/). I’ve used it for both dog and cat pee and it got rid of the smell. Now, I use it sort of like Fabreze to keep the carpet and furniture from getting stinky. It’s also a nice air freshener. It doesn’t really have a smell of it’s own, which I like, but kind of smells like bleach while it’s drying. It hasn’t harmed any fabric I’ve ever used it on.

  5. If you get it fast, Natures Miracle. We went to only waterproof dog beds because the cat pee soaked in so deep I couldn’t actually get it out.

    Or, stuff the bed with towels and old clothes that can be washed individually, making it more likely that you get get out the smell.

    Sorry, we lost many dog beds, so I feel your pain.

  6. Oxi-clean works the best out of anything I’ve ever tried. For urine smells on beds, rugs, etc its great at getting the residual odor that nothing else seems to help with. If you mix some of the powder with water and saturate the stinky spot(s) and let it sit. Then wash like normal, and viola! no more odor. Myself, and other doggie loving friends swear by it.

  7. My friend told me that her cats would pee on the dog beds too – I wonder what the attraction is? I second the Nature’s Miracle (or Simple Solution or any “enzyme” cleaner.) Just soak anything that has been peed on and the enzyme will “eat” up all the pee and eliminate the smell. I also would recommend taking salmon oil for your wrists and trying sitstay dot com for a better dog bed – the OrthoAir. Maybe Donut won’t pee on an inflatable bed? :-)

  8. Have you had her urine checked? My pup was having accidents, last one on the dog bed, and sure enought – UTI. If that’s not it, I can HIGHLY recommend the amazing Cat Attract cat litter – completely solved my problem peeing cat! As far as urine smell removal product . . . no help there. Good luck!

  9. My cat has peed on beds (dog, human, doesn’t matter, as long as it is a bed) for 13 years now. Been thoroughly vet checked repeatedly. Litter boxes (min of 2 available) are clean. Only solution has been clomipramine. Highest dose she can take. She also has no unsupervised time out of her “apartment” (3rd floor of the house). There are only so many times one can replace a mattress.

    I would also be willing to ship her somewhere in pieces if someone wanted to mix and match to create a new kitty with the Donut pieces.

  10. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Just for Cats… even better than the regular Nature’s Miracle for cats.
    That having been said, we have gone into “prevention mode” here.
    I’ve got a little guy here who we found in a downtown parking lot. He randomly pees on MY bed, so I’d be thrilled if he went on the dogs’. He is too small to be an indoor/outdoor (we’ve got Red Tailed Hawks nesting nearby and coyotes who would think him to be an appetizing little mid-day snack) and I am afraid to try to find him a home because if he pees on a bed there someone might either toss his butt outside or smack the sh*t out of him. Sooo, I have gone to one (it’s all I can afford) pheremone plug in and the pheremone spray, both by Feliway… not the generic one at PetSmart. You can order them from Drs Foster and Smith or a number of other places on line. They work like a charm. Get the litter that turns color if they have an infection before you invest in the Feliway since you might save yourself some $$$ if that’s why she is suddenly doing this after living with you and multiple dogs for how many years?

  11. ps:
    I’ve used vinegar in the past and if you don’t get all of that out, eventually your house starts to smell like you are preping for an Easter Egg Hunt.

  12. Why do devils come in Extra Cute?

    Skunk and cat pee can be combated by using a mixture of: (4 C) hydrogen peroxide, (2 tsp) dish soap, (1/4 C) baking soda (can dilute with water). For dog beds, I’ve mixed up a solution, filled a tub with water and solution and soaked the entire bed overnight, then put in the wash. You can also spot clean, the trick being give the solution time to soak. Works like a charm.

  13. Nature’s Miracle is great – although you may need to apply it a bunch of times.

    My cats have only ever peed outside the litter box when something is “wrong” in their world view, and they are communicating that. You may have considered this already, but maybe something is stressing Donut in some way? Changes around the house, different brand of litter or food, etc? Google “cat inappropriate elimination” for lots of advice. It seems to be something that many cat owners deal with at some time or other, but it is very frustrating. Good luck!

  14. Nature’s Miracle here. I haven’t had cause to use it on cat urine yet.

    But on dog stains the trick is to put enough of the stuff on to actually soak the stain, then let it dry thoroughly.

    Good luck!

  15. Odor Mute, mixed per the Skunk directions (1 tbsp per quart) got the cat piss out of the carpet padding when we moved into this house. Couldn’t smell the cat pee for the perfumes the lady of the house wore, but once that wore off and it rained, it became clear that the children let the “outdoor” cats inside, and without a litterbox, closets were soaked in kitty wee. Spray on until soaked and let dry, all good since. We find it at the local feed store, and it’s designed to work on kennels, so it’s good stuff.

    Also, found out through recent experience, it does also work on skunked dogs, and all the things in the house the second dog managed to rub up against while I was busy with the first dog (carpet, couches, chairs, cabinets, walls, crates, beds… Ocho is a stench spreading NINJA. He only had 2 minutes. He got EVERYTHING. God bless OdorMute.)

  16. I know everyone swears by Nature’s Miracle and Simple Solution but they have never satisfied me. For me, the only thing that really completely totally works is Urine-Off. (cue the heavenly chorus & lights)

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I use Bissel’s enzyme cat pee stuff. Gary has accidents in the car and had one in the house but this stuff seems to have taken out the smell and we haven’t had any other problems since, so maybe it works?

  18. We like Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats and Anti-Icky-Poo here :)

  19. I ended up buying a black light to make sure I got all the urine. The products I have used: Nature’s Miracle, Poop-Off, and Wee-Wee. I can’t find Poop-Off any more and it was the best one I had used.

  20. I agree that Nature’s Miracle is good stuff. My cat uses the dog bed when the litter box is blocked or not to her liking and N.M. has always gotten the smell out of the bed, wall, floor, and carpet.

  21. Um maybe one of the dogs have pissed off Donut and you should talk them into apologizing to him and bringing him peace offerings. My money is on the new foster or Dexter, as cute as they are.

  22. Maria Shanley says:

    The product we used back in my vet tech days that really worked best was Feline Odor Neutralizer (F.O.N.). It even worked well enough on tomcat spray that it was possible to go on wearing a scrub top for the rest of my shift that had gotten tomcat pee on it! It’s still made, though haven’t needed it in years – Amazon.com sells it, if you can’t find it locally.

  23. the happy haiku says:
  24. Urine-Erase. Awesome stuff. Oh, and for all things related to feline idiosyncracies, Google:

    Indoor Cat Initiative

    It’s a website set up by cat researchers at Ohio State University. I’s my go-to info site for all our cat clients at work.

  25. Why is Race not allowed belly rubs?

  26. The Food Lady says:

    “Why is Race not allowed belly rubs?”

    Because he is overly submissive and his default response to everything is to roll on his back, and then gnaw on your arms when you give him attention. He doesn’t get attention from me unless he sits politely.

  27. susan womersley says:

    Pardon the stupid product name, but Anti Icky Poo is amazing. It removes all odor without covering it up. It’s the only thing I’ve used that works – for dog and cat pee (which, in my humble opinion is the WORST pee in the world). You can order it online. My vet recommended it.

  28. Courtenay says:

    Second the A-I-P. Also, feliway for the peeing feline?

  29. A tip for using enzymatic cleaners when the problem just isn’t going away: REALLY saturate the area (you may need to unscrew the spray nozzle and just pour the stuff on). Then cover it with plastic (trash bag, dry cleaner bag, etc., but if there are letters on the plastic make sure they don’t come into contact with the wet surface) and leave it that way for 12-48 hours, to give the enzymes time to really work before it all dries up.

  30. Nature’s Miracle. Absolutely takes it away.
    Cystitis? Possibly.
    Hatred of puppies (Race) and punishment of Food Lady? Also possible.

  31. This is not a recommendation of an enzyme cleaner/ cat pee removal system– just commiseration from someone else who has dealt with wrist and arm repetitive stress injuries. Physical therapy, rehabilitation, and massage, if your health care will cover all or part of the costs, can be really helpful. So can rest and ice. So can voice recognition software (though it might be hard to use with pets who’d think you were talking to them). Soldiering through has never worked for me. As much as I look forward to reading your posts, I hope even more that you’re not hurting yourself to produce them. Please be good to yourself.

  32. happy dogs says:

    Hmmm… looks like ‘cat-pissing-on-dog-bed-itis’ is going around. One of my male cats started doing it, then the other joined in. So after $300 at the vet to determine that neither had a UTI, crystals or anything of the sort the vet assistant recommended “Feliway” spray (happy cat pheromones) for behavioural problems. Turns out Feliway is expensive at stores, but a lot cheaper online. And while I was waiting for my order to arrive and getting very desperate as the cats were hitting 1-2 dog beds per night(!) I bought Pet Organics brand “At Ease” spray at Pet Smart for $12.99 and sprayed all the dog beds with it and…..
    it works like a fucking charm!!
    The cats have not pissed on a single bed since! YAY!

    (ps- prior to the vet visit I washed the beds in bleach, Nature’s miracle, and PetZyme and while I could not smell the cat piss anymore, it did not deter them one bit from pissing on the beds. They also took great delight in pissing on the nice brand new beds I brought home too, within the first 24 hours they on the floor. They are very lucky to be alive! Evil, evil bastard cats! )

  33. Bloody hell, 32 posts already and 30 on cat pee! I have obviously led a sheltered life this side of the pond. We only have barn cats, so this topic has never been an issue. I have no idea if all the above recommended stuff is available here or not. Maybe I should be moonlighting, selling speciality cat pee products, to pay for our holiday back to Canada?!

    PS Great pics and happy to see Megan and Ally. Look after your wrists, lock up your shoes and possibly your undergarments too………Race might go through the same phase as Dexter!

  34. I hope your wrists feel better soon… maybe you could wear some sort or wrist band or support?

  35. Could it be that Donut is Pissed off? As in Angry? Okay, not so funny.
    I’d love it if you sent me Donut, just don’t send her bladder! Bad, bad Donut!

    Maybe she is just overwhelmed by the eight dog weekend. Even having Race still there reminds her too much of, well, TOO MUCH. As for getting the odor out, I don’t know, but you have plenty of advice!!!

    Love, love, love the photos of Gus! Way to go Gus and Gus’s people!

  36. A bit late to the party here, but I’d also think that, possibly, Donut is just feeling a bit stressed. Peeing where they shouldn’t/don’t normally typically sends of signals of a stressed out cat – at least in my experience, and I’ve never been alive without a cat in the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just the consistent change in housemates. Lots of new foster dogs coming and going, not really a whole lot of time to adjust. Any time there’s a change to a cat’s environment, its going to go through some bouts of stress and “WHAT IS GOING ON >:|” and I think it’s fair to say there’s been a good amount of change going on in your home lately x3

    So, in addition to the really good products other people have suggested…you can maybe try an all natural, no alcohol stress reliever? I’ve used Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets with my cat for our move cross country, and I think it’s really helped her chill out and ease into new situations with a whole new house of new animals. Not ridiculously expensive, either, seeing as even a teeny bottle lasts a good long time.

  37. I have no suggestions. I can only offer you an opportunity to lighten the mood when it comes to cats peeing on things. Here is a public service announcement from…cats! http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=342110&title=a-psa-from-cats-we-will-piss

  38. Count me among those who find Nature’s Miracle of any variety thoroughly inadequate to the task of cat urine neutralizing. I’m with the AntiIckyPoo or Urine-Off crowd. Urine-Off removed unneutered male cat firehose pee STENCH, after Nature’s Miracle for Cats turned out to be a huge FAIL.

    Total saturation and containment for 4-5 hours in a sealed plastic garbage bags is what you need. And a vet trip to make sure she doesn’t have a UTI.

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