Neener, neener, neener!

I have 8 dogs, and you don’t!
pups (6)

Wait … what?

Yeah, why am I bragging about that anyway?  It must be a form of insanity.  The same insanity that whispered in my ear that 8 dogs wasn’t a big deal, for a couple of days.  I don’t think these voices have my best interests at heart!

Race and Twist have arrived from Saskatchewan via Calgary and Kamloops!
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Race, of course, is the 5 month old brother to Jazz (nee Jess), a border collie X Aussie who decided to dress in browns instead of blues.
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Cute huh?  Don’t be fooled – much like his sister, Race comes from Hell ;-)  He’s bossy, loud and busy.  He already has no use for me (damn independent Aussies!) because I’m always yelling “NO!  Don’t eat the screen door!” and “NO, put down those shoes!” and “NO! Don’t eat my coffee table!” and he’s only been here for 2 hours.  He’s a going concern, but a really neat little guy.  I have always wanted another Tweed, and for a short while I indulged in fantasies like “What if I hadn’t adopted Dexter the Giraffe, and had room for another pup?” but now I indulge in fantasies like “I wonder how fast I could drive him to another foster home if I had a space rocket?”

Twist, at 7 months,  is an interesting blend of a BC X Aussie mother, and a Catahoula mix daddy-o.  She is long and houndy looking, but much more velcro than Race.  She likes to hang out near me, and follow me on walks rather than just wander off giving me the paw, unlike SOME puppies that just arrived ;-)  She’s very sweet natured, soft and pliable.  Me likey her sweetness already.
pups (3)

Why’d you bring more of these pests home??
pups (18)

Sorry Tweedums, couldn’t be helped. I promise to offload them real soon-like.

Interestingly, TWooie has NOT tried to kill them, not even once.  I crated him in the house when they first arrived, and let all the other dogs come outside to meet them first.  Then I brought everyone into the house, uncrated TWoo and immediately left again with all 8 of them for a walk on the property.  I believe TWooie now thinks they are the Harbingers Of Walkies And Hunting so he has generously allowed them to live.  He’s asleep under the dining room table while they roam my house looking for stuff to destroy, and is bothered not a whit!  It’s a bloody miracle.

Yes, that’s all very fascinating.  It does not, however, explain why you brought them home.
pups (2)

Don’t mind Mr. Sourpuss.  He’s just upset because when he stuck his nose in the puppies’  bag o’ stuff that came down with them, Race bit him in the nose.

Dexter is in love with Twist.  Megan took a shine to Race right away.  The puppy love going on in my house is nauseating.  Also, the jealous tantrums are about to start, because Race and Twist like each other better than they like Dex and Megan.  It’s going to be a cheezy afternoon talk show soon, with accusations and secret love affairs being exposed all over the place.

As long as everyone remembers that this soccer ball is mine.

Actually, Megan, you ate your soccer ball.  This one is MINE.
pups (22)

You’re both crazy.  Fifa belongs to The Woo!
pups (20)

Awww man, why did I say that?  Now I’m gonna have to play with it.
pups (19)

Since moving out here to the sticks, it’s been harder and harder to interest Wootie in playing with toys.  I guess when we lived in the city and went to the dog park, he was bored and had nothing else to do, so consented to playing with the Wootie Toy© or Fifa.  But now all he wants to do is hunt rats and rabbits, or the occasional frog or grasshopper.  Of all my dogs, I do believe Wootie would be the first to successfully go feral if I died in my sleep tonight.  TWooie’d be right behind him.  The other dogs would probably starve, or just move in with my neighbours.

Don’t be ridiculous!  I’d eat your corpse before I went feral!
pups (12)

I’d eat your corpse if you so much as had a nap.
pups (15)

Speaking of which, I’ve put some puppies in crates for a nap.  Time to go make some calls and figure out where they’re going to go, and when!

They’re leaving soon?  That’s the first good news I’ve heard all day!
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  1. “I’d eat your corpse if you so much as had a nap.”


    LOVE that last shot of Wootie. Love, love, love.

  2. Twist looks JUST LIKE my friend’s dog Covey The Brokendoodle (he is not a doodle. But he’s very broken. Poor dog. Luxating patella, epilepsy, bad hips, and just general wonkyness. But he’s SO SWEET.)

  3. OMG they’re gorgeous. They’re ALL gorgeous, but the most recent additions add more gorgeous-ness to the crew.

  4. clairesmum says:

    Tweed, you have my sympathies. It’s hard to be the oldest dog and have all these youngsters underfoot, isn’t it? Food Lady’s generosity might have outrun her counting ability this time – but she promised some of them are not staying, so be patient.
    (Yes, the new pups are beautiful too, but I’m not gonna say that if Tweed can hear me!!!)

  5. It’s oddly reassuring to know that I’m not the only one with pets who would consume my corpse should I happen to die in my sleep (or if ZombieCat decided that he was tired of waiting until I died before he could eat my brains).

  6. oh my gooosh twiiiist. why ya gotta be so far away? i love me some soft, wonky mutts.

  7. I think you and your crew should have a reality show on Animal Planet. I know I sure would watch it along with my four BCs and BC mixes. I’m serious….I think it would be a hit.

  8. Now that’s a packed house! So many dogs! I would love having that many dogs… Woo’s pics are so cute!

  9. PS: My late, very much missed corgi, who was of the Tweed School of Grumpiness When It Comes To Obnoxious Puppies LOVED to give kisses to strangers. At least, they thought he was giving kisses. Those of us wo knew him better knew he was just prioritizing for the day we all turned into zombies and he had to eat us in order to save the world.

  10. Race is gorgeous!!!! I wish I had room for him! I’m sure both pups will end up in great homes though :)

  11. Come on, I have 3 Aussies, and they stick to us like glue!! They think independantly, but only act on my “command” Best dogs I have ever had! Love the red merle, are we certain there is BC in it?

  12. The Food Lady says:

    “Love the red merle, are we certain there is BC in it?”

    Yes I am, or I wouldn’t say there was.

  13. I love your site. Love the photos and love to hear about the dogs antics. Wish CA was closer to you I’d have adopted Megan in a heartbeat but now I have to say I’d love to have Twist. Race is gorgeous but he’d be too much puppy for us. Do you know of a BC rescue in So. California?

  14. The Food Lady says:
  15. tee hee Sheena Plus 8….. just don’t dye the hair and get new boobies! Yikes.

  16. I’m not jealous…I’ve got 11 here now with fosters and boarders. :P

    And I’m not doubting that many of them would eat me alive if given the chance. ;)

  17. Okay, I’ve got six, so if you send me Tweed, we’ll both have seven, which seems fair. Of course, I’ll have Tweed, which isn’t fair. :)

    On second thought, let’s not do that. I know you. You’d send me Dex and say it was Tweed and that something must have gone wrong in the postal system. And then you’d sit back and laff and laff because you had fobbed off your monster freakazoid puppy on me. NOT fair! I have a monster freakazoid puppy of my own already!

  18. This is just God’s way of making you love Dexter ; )

  19. That is a very unique and beautiful shot of the Woo.

    BTW, where’s Piper? Is she hiding from all the puppy-ness going on?

  20. I’m with Vicky. Your brood and life are worthy of a reality show. I’d watch it!

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