You throw your whole body in…

… you throw your whole body out …

My biglittle mutant puppy, terrified of swimming though he may be, has no fear of the stock tank and hops in and out at will.  It’s probably a good 3 feet high and he just hurls himself in from a standstill on the ground – doesn’t use the step, and doesn’t bother taking polite sips of water from the outside.  He just bounces, bounces out, bounces in, bounces out.  Etc.


Sorry for the poor quality, but it was our before-bed walk and getting darkish out, and I had the wrong lens for the light.  But I was so tickled by his little routine.

The other dogs think he’s crazy, as they are not even slightly interested in getting in the stock tank, no matter how hot they may be.

*leers*  Come on in, babies, the water’s cool. *more leering*

Run away, Maggie, run away!  The Horndog Cometh!

Dex has also dialed down his pervy love for Waggie Maggie and it’s settled into a kind of friendship instead of a gang bang.  He’s no longer trying to hump her head or any other reachable part of her body, and when she gets tired of his attentions, she sits on his neck and bites him ferociously in the face, or pins him to the ground by standing on his giant ears.  And he, of course, just lays there blissfully with the dreamiest expression on his face.  It’s pathetic. She’s half the size he is, and he’s half the man he should be!

Having discovered her Inner Female Warrior, Mags is also no longer tolerating TWooie’s bad-assedness.  When he comes flying across the lawn airsnapping at her, she stands there and looks at him like he’s a maggot in her salad.

Begone, oh lardy one.

You may have won this time, Witchdog, but we shall meet again!

And as soon as the Food Lady stops rubbing my belly, I’m gonna take you out! *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

And in another TWooie Accomplishment update, I am proud to say that the meatball can now catch cookies.  When I first got him, if you tried to toss food at him he cringed and ran away, assuming you were trying to crush him with a boulder, not trying to feed him.  Several weeks of nightly random popcorn tossing later, he would watch it sail through the air and then pounce on it when it hit the floor.  Now he can catch it about 80% of the time.  It’s a small thing that is actually a huge achievement for the TWoo.  What did people do to this poor dog anyway?

Maggie came with several toys, which the resident dogs have shamelessly claimed as their own.



Where’s mine?

All in all, she fits in very well here.  Oh how I wish having 6 dogs was not, you know, INSANE (because 5 is so much saner).  Someone is going to be very very lucky to get this little package of beans.  She is such a delight, and I will miss her when she goes.


But when she does go, she’s leaving the soccer ball, right?

Still no word on the POS Pontiac from its deathbed.  I talked to the mechanic yesterday when I stopped by to grab some Very Important Stuff out of the van (ie my cleats for agility class) while I still had Joe’s (dent-free AHEM) car and he was looking at the engine and listening to the Thunkity thunkity noises with a big grey cloud of doom hanging over his head.  Basically, if the problem is in the top of the engine, it’s repairable for a reasonable sum.  If it’s in the bottom of the engine, the repair would cost more than the whole vehicle is worth.

Stupid Pontiac.


  1. SweetPea says:

    Not sure it you have options like this up there, but I would go to tow companies auctions and get great vehicles for a couple hundred dollars… if you just go early and look them over you can find some great deals.

    Good luck!!

  2. I had a Chevrolet Vega in high school that I also referred to as POS Vega. Ah, the memories! I hope our collective “top of engine, top of engine, top of engine” is MUCH more effective than “tips Down, Dex” was !

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great post and pics, as usual. Love the Dexter stock tank shots. Maybe some day he’ll get the swimming for pleasure thing.

    We have taken a liking to Maggie too and will be sorry when she moves on. It will be part of the deal that her new foster parent/owner keeps you (and in turn us) updated, right?!

    I am particularly fond of the FIFA photographs. It is good to see that Maggie’s FIFA, is also suitably chewed and bitten, with bits of leather missing…….. we know that look well. Tess managed to puke on our bed today and in among the saliva and biley stuff was a piece of football leather.

    Gotta love ’em and gotta love super duper biological washing powder on occasion too!

  4. I was checking last week past entries in the old blog and saw the FIFA story with Woo, how it “died”, and by the look in Woo’s face you are going to have a very hard time separating him from it. :)
    Tweed has the sweetest look in his face, that dog has to be the sweetest dog ever, I’m really happy that everything went well with his foot. And I must say that TWoo seems to have mellowed a little bit after Maggie came. He’ll miss her when she’s gone, I wouldn’t be surprised. Dexter is insane, lol, just kidding he has a very naughty look, those photos with him jumping in and out are really cute and funny. LOL

    I hope the problem with the engine is in the top of the engine and it’s not too expensive. Best of luck. :)

  5. riosmom says:

    Not fair to say that Dexter is half the man he should be because he is being submissive to Maggie – he is just being a gentleman, since being a gang banger didn’t work. And Maggie’s standing up to Twooie shows he isn’t really serious. Poor guy is still trying to believe all the defenses he has built up aren’t needed any more. As you said, what did people and the world do to him? I gather he is now a permanent member of Chez Food Lady?

    Love the stock tank shots. I saw a BC hop into and out of a stock tank in a flash – in the middle of a sheep dog trial! Hopped in dry and hopped out dripping wet ready to deal with the heat and the sheep.

  6. I wonder if Twoo was not subjected to that delightful ‘training tactic’ I call ‘testing to destruction’. ie, you are not allowed the food. Even when it looks like it’s allowed, it’s not. No. Bad dog. We will now tempt you with it, but you must still refuse it. (all with big time scoldings or worse when the dog fails of course). Even when it has every appearance that we are giving you the food, you still can’t trust that you’re allowed to eat it.

    And what you get is a dog who sees food coming and believes a scolding is shortly to follow…

  7. Every time you talk about Twoo and how far he’s come, I just get so happy for him. He’s just such a squishy little muffin. I <3 him.

    I'll join in the chorus of 'top of the engine, top of the engine' …

  8. Food Lady!!!! I have the solution to your 6-dog problem!!!

    Send Woo to live with MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then I’ll have 5 and you’ll have 5 and we can all live happily ever after!!!

    :) :) :) :) :)

  9. The Food Lady says:

    “Send Woo to live with MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Well, you’d have to take TWoo too, as they are a package deal. Then you’d have 6 and I would only have 4, and I’d have to get 2 more to make it even, and then I’m back where I started!!!

  10. All right, I’ll tell you what. Send Woo and Twoo, and I will send you Bug. She’s a cute little 30 lb pit mix, extremely athletic and intelligent, and has a black little lump of coal where her heart should be. She’s Satan incarnate. She’ll probably try to eat the rest of your dogs, and you may need stitches after separating them. But wait — I’m getting off track. Let’s focus on the cute, athletic and intelligent, shall we? THEN we each have 5 again! Hurray!!! Right? Hurray!!!

    . . . . . . . hurray?

    (Sigh. It’s okay, Food Lady. I know I’m stuck with her forever. And it really is forever, because she’s so evil she’s guaranteed to live for another 28 years or so . . . . . . . . I guess I’ll just have to continue enjoying Woo’s adorable hilarity vicariously. It was worth a try!).

  11. The Food Lady says:

    And that’s why I have the TWoo! Nobody else wants him either. Fortunately for TWoo, and for me, I *heart* him.

  12. I GRUDGINGLY heart Bug. Especially when she curls up in a tiny little ball on a nest of fleece blankets on the couch and looks up at me with her big, round eyes and her forehead all wrinkled.

    Don’t tell her I said that.

  13. The Twoo can look really evil, can’t he?

  14. Lindsey says:

    Ha ha ha! Looks like Dexter is trying to make up for some of his recent obnoxiousness by demonstrating what a great, careful jumper he’ll be when he starts his agility career! LOL! He’s adorable. Such an expressive face!
    I’m so happy for Twoo’s progress. Yay for the Twoo! (and, I suppose that’s yay for Woo, too -ha- since they are onedogsamedog ) ; )
    The new foster is super-cute too. Someone will be very fortunate to have her!
    Good thoughts for your van. Hope it’s something easily (and CHEAPLY!) fixed. I’d love for you to photograph my crew, too. Grrr for the 2,000+ mile difference between here and there. I hope to make it up to that area in the not-too-distant future and when I do, I’ll definitly be calling you up for a photo shoot!

    Lindsey & the 4 Border Collies in Texas

  15. Pontiac POS….there’s a reason they don’t make them any more. Just sayin’…

  16. I’m glad you got the Twoo for the same reason I’m glad I got my Emma. With you, he will end up a (mostly) normal dog. And he is loved. With just any old body he was headed down a dark, miserable path.

    I *heart* your dogs too!

    Miss Maggie is *gorgeous*! I’d have to come meet her if you lived closer.

    If I want to disappear for good can I come live by you? Then we would have EIGHT dogs to share! Wait, if I get my puppy, NINE. Oh yeah, you might be a sucker for another foster, TEN! Yay! Ten dogs!

  17. suzanne says:

    Personally, I think six is a lovely number… a much nicer number than five! And she’s obviously got Twooie’s number. In your very first photo of him charging her, she had all her hair up on her back… in all the following photos her back is smooth so she must have figured out that either he was all for show or that she could take him… either way problem solved which gets you back to the lovely number SIX!

  18. suzanne says:

    ps: down here in the contiguous 48 the re-po companies have car auctions. if you have them up there you can get some really good deals.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Me again. Just had a thought. How did you manage to rub TWooie’s belly and get such a good photograph at the same time?!

  20. CarolG. says:

    O.K., I give you can just ship Miss Maggie down here to me in Mishawaka, Indiana. (You don’t need to worry about finances, references or all of that….) Oh well, it’s my fantasy and in my rich fantasy life she would fit in perfectly with my dog and three cats with not even any adjustment difficulties. Ah – I see they are coming with the straight jacket now. Must sign off and run…

  21. CarolG. says:

    Seriously all of your dogs are so much fun to read about – even when I know how stressful it would be to live through many of those incidents you have told us about.

  22. Old post, I know, but I just had to mention that I love the look on Dexter’s face jumping in and out like that. When we are lucky enough to snag a herding lesson, Diocese always ends up in the stock tank by the end of the day. All of our teacher’s dogs just drink out of it, as does our younger dog, but D jumps in and lays down. I suppose it is the smart thing to do when you are hot, but the other dogs give him the funniest look!

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