Why don’t you take a hike

Well thanks very much, I think I will!

I came up for air from editing today to join Fi and Cheryl on a hike in Belcarra.  I don’t go too often because it tends to break Tweed, and somehow always right before an trial, but we’re not trialing right now – bank account is empty – and something new and interesting is good for my patient dogs, who have tolerated my non-stop computer work for the past couple of days with lots of grace.

I was a little worried about bringing the TWoo on a hike with 17 dogs, but he was marvelous and well behaved and didn’t fight with anyone until the very end, when the dogs were splashing around in the pond and getting all unruly.  TWooie doesn’t appreciate unruly, so he thought some punishment would restore order, but even then it was mild and short lived.  He behaved very well and seemed to even have a really good time hiking.  I am very proud of him!

I also forgot to take any photos whilst we were hiking – duh.  Why do I sling that heavy camera around my sore neck and haul it around for a couple of hours if I’m not even going to use it?  I didn’t remember it until I caught this little fella on the path and thought about taking a photo of him:

By then we were just about at the end of the trail, and all the dogs went swimming.  And by all the dogs, I mean EVEN DEXTER.  I had *just* finished saying to Fiona that I thought Dex would probably learn to swim this summer, as he has been getting braver and braver about the water, when he threw himself into the pond and started paddling around like a pro.

Well maybe not *quite* like a pro, but definitely with more confidence than in photos past.  He’s still a bit of a high-splasher.

He lost a bit of his bravado whenever someone paddled too close to him.

And for some reason, the water seems to make him angry – as though the mere thought of being so hot that he has to swim to cool down is an outrage.

But there you have it – proof that my baby boy is growing up and he’s a real swimmer now!

Now I’ve got to get back to my editing.  Tweed and the WooTWoo are all passed out cold, but the three black and white collie dogs are playing with a toy in the living room … the eternal energy of the border collie – they haz it!

I promise to be back to real length posts in a day or two!


  1. Ahhhhh. Wet Dexter! Toooooo cute.

  2. And *still* with the intensity!

  3. clairesmum says:

    gee, i was tired just reading about the hike and the swim…guess i don’t have even a bit of border collie intensity! at 11, claire’s intensity does not last as long as it did, and takes longer to reset – easier to live with at times, but a reminder of the passage of time. glad you all had a happy day, and thanks for sharing the happy day with all of us.

  4. Evie Douglas says:

    In a pinch Dex could use his ears as flippers.

  5. I read the title as “Why you don’t take a hike” as was all ready to hear about *issues* on the trail. Sounds like no one had [m]any *issues* and a fun time was had by all! Looks like Dexter did okay as a water dog-in-training. And, btw, since I seldom comment here: I noticed a while back, but never said anything….both of his ears are fully unfurled! I sorta liked the lop-sided look, but he’s looking more and more like a real doggie these days.

  6. maybe he’s a “big boy” for swimming, but i see a lot more PUPPY in those wet picks that the recent dry ones. what a heartbreaker!

  7. Claudia says:

    Good boy, Twooie!

  8. I swear in the second picture of Dexter he has an almost human expression.

  9. riosmom says:

    And he looks thoroughly pissed in the third picture.

  10. WEt deXTER… Wexter? :D

  11. Wow Dexter! He seems to enjoy the water – nice snake!

  12. Dexter is like a cartoon character come to life.

  13. I never thought of myself as a Floridian, but seeing Dexter and others in the pond, my first panicked thought was, “Out of the water! Out of the water! You’ll get eaten by an alligator or bitten by a water moccasin!! We NEVER let dogs swim in fresh water here, even the smallest pond has it’s resident ‘gator. They’re very lucky and look like they’re having a lot of fun (‘cept Dex, of course)

  14. Look at Dex go! He’s such a cutie!

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