I swear to doG, I did not set this up.  I was booting the soccer ball around in the yard for the dogs when it landed in the hammock/swing chair.  Totally an accident.  A happy accident that had me in fits of giggles.  The photos don’t do it justice, a video camera would have been much more useful.

What the- get out of there!

Need some help Mags?  I’ll hold it still from this side, you get the ball out.

Oh for crying out loud – do I have to do everything around here?

Here … you hold the chair still, and *I* will get the ball out.  Stupid lack of opposable thumbs anyway.

There, see?!  Teamwork!  We did it!

And then Maggie ran away with the soccer ball, leaving Wootie to feel unappreciated, and kinda ripped off.


Well I don’t hate her!  I *heart* her!  She is such a neat little doggie.  I have finally, and reluctantly, listed her on the website for adoption but I tried to make her as unappealing as possible ;-)

And then, after thinking about it some, I decided that if I can’t have her NOBODY CAN!  So I decided the only thing to do was drown her.

AGH!  What are you doing?  Help help!

Stop it!  STOP IT!  You’re killin’ me!!!

ZOMG!  Would you STOP IT already?!?!

Don’t be fooled … Maggins LOVES the hose game!  She thinks it’s just da bomb and she is always begging me to play hose when I am watering my gardens.

She leaps.

She spins.

It’s always good for a chuckle on a sunny afternoon.  It also would have been better in video, but alas the only working video camera I have is on my crummy little point and shoot camera, and the stupid rechargeable batteries no longer hold a charge so it died as soon as I turned it on.  They are fresh out of the charger!  What’s up with that anyway?

Dex is trying to learn to like the hose game, because he is super jealous of the fun Maggie is having, but he’s just not quite there yet.

Hey hey hey – what the hell are you doin’?

Oh hold on, maybe this IS kind of fun after all!

Nope … no I changed my mind.  It’s not fun.  Take your hose and go the hell away.

I wish Piper would play hose … it would help get the dead fish stench out of her.  I washed her in vinegar, and then I washed her in lemon juice.  Now she smells like an abandoned fishing boat that someone ate a pungent lunch upon.  I even took her back to the beach yesterday but it made no difference.  She still stinks.  I guess it will just take some time for the smell to go away on its own.  She and Misty the Aussie, who got sprayed by a skunk, can have the Battle of Stink in class this week.

But you were all so quick on the draw with anti-stink suggestions.  Maybe you have some for the TWoo.  As you can see by this charming pornographic photo, we have a little belly rash going on:

Doesn’t seem to bug him – he’s not licking or scratching at it, but it sure looks uncomfortable.  I am going to assume he is allergic to something environmental, as nothing else has changed – he eats raw, no grains, and his proteins have not changed.  Maybe he needs to pop a Benadryl or something?

Stop pointing that thing at me!

Point it at me!  Point it at me!

Le sigh.  She’s such a little heartbreaker!


  1. I love it. She learnt the hose game from Zoey. Something they did do together and got along. I just love looking at all of these. I can still be apart of her life this way. I have put a little hex on her adoption page for you so no one adopts her, she is in a great place.

  2. aw, I love Maggie. I hope there is a little delay before she goes to her forever home.

  3. suzanne says:

    she simply must stay with you. Piper needs a buddy. And fitting in so seamlessly with your 5 other doggie personalities is nothing short of amazing! think of her as the silver lining in the cloud which was your bad-car-day… the total gift that the universe bestowed upon you that day!

  4. It is no harder keeping 6 dogs than it is to keep 5. I think you need to keep her!

  5. Pat Anderson says:

    Find a Shaklee dealer and purchase Basic H.
    This is in a green tomato base and will take skunk smell out of wood including the under part of a floor when the Game dept captured them under a friend’s house.

    It is gentle and might give a child the runs if they drank some but would not poisen them. It is one of my favorite products.

  6. So like, what if we all chipped in for food for Twooie and Maggie?

  7. Claudia says:

    Awwww.. she’s such a keeper! *sniffles*
    Wootie is such a thinker! The football retrive is a win!

  8. Perhaps mosquito bites? My sister’s mixed breed gets rashes similar to that when they bit her flanks. A closer up pornographic picture would help as well, lol…

  9. SweetCeana says:

    Poke gets a rash like that from chicken. He would only itch when no one was around and at night. I thought he was grooming until he began pulling out little bits of fur. I didn’t even notice anything odd at first but it got worse over time. I fed him chicken kibble and fed him raw w/ chicken for about a year before I figured it out. :(

    Is the rash only on his belly or is it under his coat? If it is only on his belly it is probably something he is touching. If it is everywhere it could be something he is eating. I never noticed Poke was covered with red irritation until he blew his summer coat and yanked out some of his fur;it just wasn’t visable.

    Could it be irritation from the ocean or sand? Maybe he has two reasons for being cranky at the beach?

  10. Do you still have your camera’s owner’s manual? My old barely-more-than-a-point-and-shoot has a “discharge battery” function for rechargeable batteries. Run them through that function, THEN recharge them and presto! Fresh batteries that hold a charge!

    Thanks for the belly laugh over describing Piper’s lemon-fresh stinkiness…. :-)

  11. Polysporin time maybe? Looks uncomfy :(

  12. Watson gets a rash just like that from mosquito bites.

  13. suzanne says:

    i visited tdbcr website to see what you had said about The Maggie Person and was somewhat stunned to see two dogs who would appear to be from the Peanuts gang… Ace has the same laser eyes as Dex… could this really be true?

  14. The Food Lady says:

    No, all of Dexter’s brothers and sisters are in their original homes except for Hoot, who is in his second home, but has been since Christmas. Ace is not related to the Peanuts, and neither is any other dog in our foster program.

    “I have put a little hex on her adoption page for you so no one adopts her, ”

    You shut up!

    “she simply must stay with you.”

    You shut up too!

    “It is no harder keeping 6 dogs than it is to keep 5. I think you need to keep her!”

    More shutting up required here!!

    Evil awful enablers, ALL of you!! *hands over ears*

  15. Evil enabler here. I *like* Maggie and want to keep seeing pics of her. I mean, that sequence of her and Woo is just the best!

    So you should keep her. She likes you. It’s fate.

    Think of your (her) fans! You wouldn’t want to do us out of awesome Maggie photos would you? Really? Huh?

  16. I think it’s great that you’re looking after Maggie instead of her living in a kennel – she has much more fun with you! If someone does adopt her (ahem), you could always keep in touch! We have five dogs, and it’s pretty hard work looking after them. You seem to be doing a great job, though! Keep up the good work!

  17. Suzanne says:

    My Dartman gets a similar rash every spring, vet suggested it was an environmental allergy and to give Benadryl and it did help. Took about a week, to clear up entirely but the benny helped relieve the discomfort.
    So are you only interested in keeping dogs that are a challenge then? Dogs that disappear, beat up other dogs at the beach, eat your underpants? Enter Miss Maggie, the perfect dog – oh no, she must go! I fear the food lady has lost her mind. I mean, think of it this way. With out Maggie’s sweetness and easiness, it’s more like you have eight dogs with the antics of your crazy bunch. With Maggie to occupy, entertain, and show by example it’s more like you have a crew of three. And if this bullet proof logic doesn’t change your mind, I’ll just have to strengthen the kabash on her adoption. (crazy food lady).

  18. I’d be good and not an evil enabler and hope and wish that you find a proper family for her close to you so they can see each other after adoption (the dogs and you). And the reason I don’t want to encourage is because if you adopt Maggie you are not going to stop next time you foster another dog and it’s going to end up being a huge family. So sorry for being pragmatic

    In other things Dexter is such a cute little imp, I can’t imagine how you can angry with him when he misbehaves.

    Twoo’s rash might be because of the heat, it looks like he has a thick coat and it might be a bit too much in summer, but I’m not expert. Hopefully it will be something like and so long it doesn’t bother him it might even be “normal” for him.

  19. Melinda says:

    The 2 of my guys with the least hair on their belly get a similar rash each spring/summer when they lay on the freshly mowed pasture grass. Doesn’t seem to bother them either, but makes me itch just looking at it. I think it would resolve without any intervention on my part, but it usually prompts me to give them a good dog bath with a shampoo with colloidal oatmeal in it.

    As always, the photos are awesome. I Woo.

  20. awww I couldn’t give her up, she is so cute and looks to have a great personality :) 6 dogs really isn’t that many ;p

  21. First, Maggie needs to live with you. Forever. Period.

    Second, thought this video might interest you:

    This is not me, I don’t teach agility, but someday I might. :)

  22. Oh, and the fish smell. One of my clients swears by washing the dog with Murphy’s Oil Soap and then spraying the dog with pure vanilla extract. I sure wouldn’t use Murphy’s Oil Soap, the spraying with the pure vanilla extract might help the fish smell. I’ve been to her house several times after a skunking and stuck my face right in her dogs’ fur – and came up with nothing but vanilla. She buys the HUGE size from Costco.

  23. The Food Lady says:

    “I’d be good and not an evil enabler and hope and wish that you find a proper family for her”

    ^^^ new best friend!!

    “thought this video might interest you:

    I already line my dogs up that way for start line stays, however, both of them get so revved up in trials they don’t necessarily stay. In fact, I have switched Piper’s sit-stay to a stand-stay because she seems more comfortable in a stand-stay, and more willing to hold her position, which is unusual … but maybe sitting like a bulldog is uncomfortable for her. As for Tweed, he has a rock solid stay in class or any other environment, but as soon as I get him on a course, it deteriorates into a horrible creep forward. As he is 10 and retiring soon, I don’t care too much anymore. Dex, otoh, is learning a SOLID sit-stay at the start!

  24. You will find the Mags a great home, and her spot will open up for future fosters, right?
    Those awful, evil enablers! Hex upon their evil mojo!

    Love the photos as always… Lots of fun was had in viewing them, but not nearly as much as was had by the pups!

  25. “Now she smells like an abandoned fishing boat that someone ate a pungent lunch upon.”


    *gasps for breath*

  26. Our male Shih-Tzu used to get a rash like that every summer. I always wondered if it was just a heat rash. Used to treat it with cornstarch. Maggie is gorgeous! I would have a hard time letting her go too.

  27. TWooie belly: could be chiggers (grass mites). They’ve migrated to this area. Try Calmoseptine ointment – I order it OTC from London Drugs. Originally for diaper rash, it works for burns, radiation burns, bites, mites, – very soothing and natural ingredients. I use it on me, DH and the dogs. Has a nice smell, too.

    Piper the fishwife: Really, the peroxide x baking soda (1 cup to 1 T) works wonders with skunk and I bet it would work with dead fish too.

  28. Love the photos with this post. I have a border collie mix who loves the hose game, we all get a lot of enjoyment out of it too with the funny faces he displays. I’m very impressed on the soccer ball fetching trick- teamwork pays off!

  29. skeeter says:

    For Piper’s stinky smell i would suggest baking soda. Mine have done their fair share of rolling and i find if i rub it into their dry fur the smell will go away for the most part within a day or two. Maybe it sucks up the stinky oil? And are you washing Piper’s face as well? Sometimes the smell hides there.

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