First things first – from now on, if you want to see examples of the work I’m doing with clients you can visit my website and from there you can visit the Big Air Blog where I will post a selection of photos from various sessions.  I’m going to try to keep client photos off Wootube, and let the House o’ Five shine!  Feel free to pass the website onto your friends or anyone you know with dog :)

Yesterday Jen of Mambo Mutts and I rented Studio 78 for 5 hours so we could take studio style photos of other people’s dogs.  Bill from Studio 78 has been a super nice guy and very accommodating, and it’s a super fabulous set up for us.  Usually human models and the like use the studio, so he’s always intrigued by the doggie aspect of our sessions.  But he’s been great, so if you’re a photographer or know a photographer looking for studio space with full gear (lighting, backdrops etc) look up Studio 78!

Shooting in studio is very different from shooting outdoors, where most of my sessions take place.  And since the outdoors is free, and the studio is not, we’re under pressure to take a lot of photos in a short period of time with each client to get as many fantastic poses as possible.  Dogs do not understand the rush, so you’ve got be creative to get them to do something.  They are not always cooperative.

This is boring.
stu-1-49 copy

You’ve got to get them really jazzed up if you want something interesting.  This is where cookies come in.
stu-1-18 copy

The thing about cookies is that they crumble.  The other thing about dogs in studio is that they are nervous – new environment, strangers sticking cameras in their faces, lights flashing at them and electronic equipment beeping.  Nervous dogs shed like mofos.  When you’re shooting under studio lights on a black background, EVERYTHING shows up on the floor.

You end up with a photo that looks like this:

which you’ve got to pull into editing software so you end up with something like this:
stu-1-51b copy

Because nobody wants to buy a photograph that reminds them that they really need to vacuum every time they look at it!

Editing is very time consuming, so if you’ve ever wondered why photographers charge so much, it’s because the 20 minutes in studio, or one hour at the park they spend with your dogs is just the tip of the work-involved iceberg.  There are still hours of editing to do after your tired dogs go home.  I took over 1300 photos yesterday – more than 10 gigs of photos – and I was only one of 2 photographers there!  You can imagine the hours we’ll spend in front of the computer in the coming days.

When you love what you do though, it’s totally worth is.  And when you can sneak your own dogs in between clients for quicky shoots, it’s a super bonus.

Finally, a shot that shows how much brindling Dexter really has on his back legs!
stu-1-42 copy

My dogs are not nervous in studio at all – after all, they’ve grown up with a camera in their faces, and they are super well rounded, well socialized dogs.  In fact, they are very willing to pose for me no matter where I set them up.

Shall I pretend to be all casual and shizzat, like I don’t even know the camera is there?
stu-1-23 copy

Props come in very handy
stu-1-2 copy

Although bribery is sometimes required.
stu-1-3 copy

The results, however, can be magical (especially with pretty Nyxie!)
stu-1-33 copy

And sometimes just plain old full of WIN!
stu-1 copy

Thanks to all of you who came out yesterday to let us photograph your dogs!  Jen and I will be in touch to give you logins/passwords for viewing your photos as soon as we get through the mountain of editing we have to do :)  We had a really good time, hope you did too!

Wait, what?  There were other dogs there?  You mean it wasn’t all about me?
stu-1-54 copy


  1. Awe-so-me pics! And the one with Woo-Twoo below and on the chair: wooow. Always knew they had to be bros, and they always looked like they were, but here they almost look like twins. :)

    Now I’m gonna pay a visit to the Big Air blog. :)

  2. Ahhh I wish I had dogs like yours that are so naturally PERFECT photgraphees!

  3. Janice in GA says:

    While all your dogs and almost all your photographs are gorgeous, I have to say this:

    I heart Tweed. Give ’em a big kiss for me. :)

  4. riosmom says:

    Those photos make me so jealous – I would so love to have photos like that of Gracie and, yes, even evil Patch. Love the photo of Woo and Twoo – but who couldn’t? And Tweed is very photogenic and quite the ham. Great work, Food Lady.

  5. riosmom says:

    Just looked at your BigAir site and had to come back to say how wonderful it is – beautifully done and beautiful photos. Do you sell prints? Forgive me if that info is on the web site but I was busy looking at the photos.

  6. The Food Lady says:

    You know, I never have sold prints, but people keep asking me to do it, so I probably should – if there’s something you’re interested in let me know, and I will see if we cant get you what you want!

  7. suzanne says:

    scuse plz*ahem* it should be House O’ SIX! :)

  8. Absolutely loved the Woo/Twoo pic. They even “smile” the same! Great picture of the two of them. Dexter is so doggone intense! Does he ever relax, other than when he’s asleep?

  9. The Twoo over Woo photo is rad. The last one of Tweed is aww. I heart Tweed!

  10. Great photos! I swear I could hear your laughter from here when you first came across that spectacular cross-eyed picture of Piper!

  11. Jennifer says:

    Love the photographs….. but what have you done with Waggie Maggie?!

  12. I LOVED the photos. I so wish I lived in your area of the country so that I could bring my kids for a photo shoot.

  13. That WooTwoo photo is so full of win! There are no other words to describe it.

  14. rosali(ta) says:

    Is Twooie really skinnier than Woo now? That (amazing) photo sure makes him look svelte.

  15. Awesome picture of the WooTwoo – how’d you get Twoo to sit up so straight and pretty?! Great shot!

  16. Now that’s some fantastic stuff! Really love the Piper chomp photo. That should be on a poster. And the Woo-TWoo is incredible. TWoo looks so darn *happy* now!

    What is Nyxie? She really is pretty, and the stool shot is awesome!

  17. Great shots, that one of Nyxie is just stunning. However, I’m not sure if I can forgive you for making me think of Phil Collins first thing in the morning… ;)

  18. Those are some cracking shots! My favourite is the one of Twoo and the Woo. They look so similar – and cute!

  19. alegria says:

    Oh, the WooTWoo photo is SO FUN. :) Also love the Piper-OM-NOM-NOM shot. :)

  20. Wanted to add – if there was ever any doubt in my mind that WooTwoo were brothers (not that there really was) that picture solidifies it. There is just no way those dogs aren’t closely related and I can’t imagine a random unrelated dog having all of those wonderfully unique WooTwoo characteristics.

  21. Just echoing everyone else here – that WooTwoo photo is amazing! It’s so lovely to see TWoo looking so happy.

  22. clairesmum says:

    the WooTwoo photo is a great one. the one of Dexter shows him in a different way – I never had been able to see the brindling, but what really amazed me is in this shot he looks like a very thin dog with VERY WIDE EARS!

  23. woo has crimped ears!

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