It’s all relative

I am a seagull, and I haz a dead fish.

I am The TWoo, and I will steal your dead fish!

Alas, though TWooie was surprisingly angelic at the beach this afternoon, he has not yet sprouted wings and therefore could not catch the seagull, and steal its dead fish.

I say “surprisingly angelic” because in a new twist of the TWoo, today he decided to live and also LET live – specifically, he decided that Morgan, Sashy and Boo could all live, even though they they had the nerve to tread on his beach.

The hotdogs and The Demon are our old neighbours, from when we lived in town, and they came out to East Beach for a walk with us today.  Or at least, we walked, and they paddled frantically.

Or at least, the wieners paddled.  Boo, who is getting kind of senile, was just confused.

TWooie was very relaxed about having the 3 minis along, and did not try to eat, kill or maim any of them.  He just ran around having a grand ole time, like a normal dog. He didn’t fly into any territorial rages at all.

But it’s all relative.  I am pretty sure the doxies could fly, if they were just motivated enough to flap those ears a little harder.

Whereas Wootie needs no ear flapping in order to fly:

And because it’s all relative, how weird is it that is was the Weekend of Wieners for the Food Lady?  Yesterday, I had a photo session with Tansy and Wiggles, wiener sisters extraordinaire.

And earlier in the week, I had a session at East Beach with Wootie’s girlfriend, Rosalita, and her long lost brother, Orro.

I’m Boo … I think.  I’m still confused in a large body of water.

Maggie says ZOMG!  You’re so *small*!

Which is relative … because who is she to talk about being small?

ZOMG!  You’re so *big*!

I’m an enormous bald eagle, and I think ALL of you are small.  But not small enough to eat.  I’m going to go find a dead fish.

Which brings us back to the beginning of the post.  Piper ALSO has a dead fish … in her fur.  She rolled in one at the beach, and the stench is enough to make me throw up.  I’ve hosed her down, and scrubbed her with dog shampoo, and hosed her again but she is still as ripe as she was when she rolled in it.  How do I get rid of this stink??

How do I get out of this water??


  1. I can vouch from experience that skunk formula (peroxide, baking soda, dish soap) works pretty well for fish too.

    Kerstin the horse vet has two mini wire-haired wiener girls named Pretzel and Noodle. They make me laugh a lot.

  2. Doh! That first pic of the wiener dogs’ heads just above the water made me laugh out loud!!

    Thanks for my Twooie fix.

    I don’t know, cause I’ve never tried it, but Cookie got an a bath with oatmeal shampoo at the petsmart dog bath and she smelled great. Do you think making your own oatmeal bath might work?

  3. No ideas on dead fish, sorry. The basenjis would rather be dead than in water, so our beach time is, um, nonexistent. But Twoo is looking great! Very svelte.

  4. Spritz lemon and rub rosemary on her. Then maybe she’ll smell like a yummy fishy dinner?

    No help. If DP’s suggestion doesn’t work, you can always try tomatoes.

  5. Multiple washes and then let dry outside. We had a fishy experience and found that while still wet the smell is strong, but after a few washes and rinses, though still smelly while wet, he was only slightly smelly when dry. Had to be right up close to smell it.
    Horrid stuff, stnky dead fish oil!
    Thanks for helping to pass the time while waiting at an airport! Loved th dachsund pics!

  6. I’ve heard tomato juice takes out skunk smell, surely it would work on fish too!!

  7. Give her a bath in white vinegar. It’s supposed to remove the smell of skunks too.
    Hope it works for you. Good luck!

  8. Oh, and works on cow poop as well, as I found out with my BC, lol

  9. I used dawn and vinegar to get rid of skunk smell. It worked pretty well. She still smelled, but it was a vinegar smell, soooo much better than the skunk.

  10. Dead fish smell is most easily expunged with a large dose of fresh lemon juice. Works wonders.

  11. Richard says:

    I’m late to the party, but the common thread is mild acidity. Probably any of the suggestions will work. If a couple of lemon/vinegar/tomato juice rinses don’t completely do the trick you could try a very mild bleach solution. 1 Table Spoon per gallon of water and soak her in a wash tub for a few minutes. This is mild enough to safely drink (although – bleah!)

  12. You know, rosemary’s not a bad idea. It’s resinous, so would stick to the coat, and extremely aromatic.

    I know this because I have a huge rosemary bush at one corner of the porch, and Violet has dug her summer hidey-hole beneath it. She always smells like rosemary. Which is ok, since there are way worse things she could smell like.

    FL – if you will plant a tiny rosemary bush, it will quickly become monstrously huge, and you will have a cheap dog deodorizer handy.

  13. Dish washing detergent (the hand dish washing kind, NOT the machine kind) and warm water will cut the oil which has soaked into Piper’s fur. Two sudsings of all of her fur, followed by lots of dog conditioner to rehydrate her coat.
    LOVE the weiners!

  14. riosmom says:

    Love the picture of the Weiner sisters! Their person must be very pleased with you. Want to stretch the picture of Woo flying to get his full reflection in the water – great picture anyway. Amazing changes in Twooie – he is almost svelte and behaving so well. Probably well enough that you can no longer claim no one else wants him and have to fess up that YOU want him.

  15. melissa says:

    Have had the dead fish experience a number of times. I finally got coconut shampoo. It doesn’t take the fish smell out, but it makes her smell like a cheap Mexican resort–cocoa butter and dead fish. Brings back many fond memories of lying on the beach at Manzanilla.

  16. Ferret shampoo, Food Lady! I got it on a recommendation after a skunking and it only worked so-so on that, but it worked BEAUTIFULLY on fish smell when my girls started finding and rolling in fish. I don’t know what it is about those ferret scent glands, but they must radiate eau de dead fish.

  17. I vouch for the skunk formula also. I had three experiences with dog vs. skunk and the home-made formula (hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap) works better than the store-bought stuff. But I never heard of or tried the ferret shampoo! Here’s a link to the recipe:

  18. Give her an apple cider vinegar rinse or two. Eliminates almost any odor, cheap and easy, good for the skin, fine to ingest. I use them on my own scalp, and on my dogs.

    I dilute vinegar with water 50/50 for stinkies (a normal after-bath rinse would be more like 20/80). Pour through the affected areas at a leisurely pace, and don’t rinse. Vinegar smell only lasts when wet.

  19. Tomato juice, definitely!

  20. Yep, skunk remedy gets my vote too. Here is the official link to the web page of the chemist who invented it:

  21. No idea about the smelliness (but I’m taking notes of all the ideas here) but can I just squee over Twooie’s continued progress toward being a normal happy dog? It’s fantastic to read and see how he’s coming along.

  22. Fox, badger and sheep poo are the main stinkies here… whiffy, no matter how much you wash them.

  23. Hot dogs paddling frantically has got my Monday off to a very giggly start!

  24. my dog (BCxdemon) has a tendency to roll in dead ocean things…seal carcasses, beached whale blood..ya know, fun stuff. while he is tickled-pink about his new perfume, the stench is borderline hellish. our routine is simply dog-shampoo x 1 million, and strong encouragement for him to wear it off himself- rolling in mud/grass/dirt/something that is not rotting-flesh and eventually it does fade. i’ve never tried the fancy-skunk formulas. also – even when you do get the smell out, you will experience random moments in time where you *swear* you can smell it….it will haunt you forever.

    soooo…..good luck!

  25. I just use seawater when my two roll in dead things, but I assume you’ve already tried that and it didn’t work.

  26. My Wiener is happy to see more wiener swimmers! :)

  27. Wow…Twooie is looking svelte. Good job, Food Lady.

  28. nickelsmum says:

    TWOoie has a waistline! Woohoo!

    My Aussies once rolled in, and I do mean IN, not ON, a partially dismembered 2-week-dead sea lion. That was the all time winner. Though there was no way to hose them down at the beach, I made them go swimming before getting into the tiny Integra. IIRC (this was many years ago) I just bathed them each about three times in regular shampoo and it came out. The problem is primarily the oil, so if you get the oil out, you should be good to go. I would be cautious about the rosemary — it is a very powerful VOC and can trigger allergies and seizures in susceptible dogs.

  29. After yet another unfortunate skunk incident, we tried the peroxide-baking soda-dish soap trick, and I must say, WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Way better than tomato juice, coffee, or pet store potions.
    I’d give it a whirl. Peroxide is cheap at the drug store.

  30. Oh boy, all these remedies, you could cook up something real good here.
    God bless the rolling dogs in stinky stuff.

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