Happy Canada Day, eh?

Happy Birthday Canada!

Love, a Proud Canadian


  1. That was awesome! Happy Birthday Canada!

  2. South Carolina says Happy Canada Day. We’ll look forward to seeing all y’all again this winter. ;-)

  3. RachelB says:

    A little over 10 years ago, I lived much closer to the border than I do now, and I was headed across to a Moxy Fruvous concert on July 1. The customs agent said, “If you know what day it is, I have a present for you,” then, when we got it right, handed it us all little maple leaf lapel pins. That’s hospitality– when you celebrate your own country’s birthday by giving visitors presents.

    Bonne fête to you and all your neighbors, Food Lady!

  4. I love Canada! I’ve been to Nova Scotia and BC. Great trips, Great people, and it looks like, Great Dogs!

  5. riosmom says:

    A belated Happy Birthday Canada! I’ve only been to Canada twice – Toronto many years ago and ocean kayaking off Vancouver Island back in the 90s. I didn’t get to meet many people but I loved the countryside and you are certainly a great representative of your country.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Canada!

  7. Happy Birthday to our wonderful neighbors to the north!

    Every time I head north of the border, I smile the entire time that I’m there. A truly wonderful place with wonderful people. Can’t wait to come back again.


  8. Happy Birthday!

    Tommorrow is ours!

    I have to laugh at the stereotypes he brings up. I live in Minnesota and people responses are downright ludicrous. No, not all of us are called Sven. Yes we have one of the major music scenes in the U.S. right here. And in July we wear shorts. Shorts people — yes it gets hot. It’s only 40 below in the winter! lol

    Hope it was a great day at 3WAAW!

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