Why so crabby, TWooie?


Yesterday the sun came out for the WHOLE DAY.  Lucky us!! We went to the beach with sister Ginny, and cousins Jenn and Luna.  In a fit of either optimism or false confidence, I decided to bring TWooie along as well.  East Beach is huge, so it is easy to avoid strange dogs when necessary (which is always, with TWooie) but I hoped that since TWoo has met all these dogs before, he’d be relatively well behaved.

Except for one incident with Luna, he managed to restrain himself reasonably well.

If this were that portly little meatball, I’d shake him to death just like this!

Personally, I think TWooie was just so confused by the mass of writhing, racing, tumbling border collies that he couldn’t tell them apart and decided it was safer to pretend he liked them all than risk fighting with one he knows and he likes.  But whatever works!  We had two lovely hours of playtime, and TWooie didn’t try to kill anyone.

Well, except for this crab.

Crab: I find myself singularly unimpressed with the situation I seem to be in currently.

In my short time with the TWoo, I have learned there is really nothing at all in the world he will not eat, if he suspects at all that it is edible.

Fresh seafood?  Why not?


Taste test:

Momentary retreat:

The crab was not going down without a fight.

Come ‘ere, you.  I intend to eat you.

Crab:  Eff that, pal.

He discussed the problem with his brother, who tried to resolve the dispute, bot got pinched in the tongue and gave up quickly.

Crab:  That’s right, assholes.  And there’s more where that came from!

Crab:  Bring it on, meatball!!

Crab:  Put me down, you freak!

TWoo:  Ow ow ow.  Stop pinching me.

But in the end, TWooie bested the crab.

And, as is typical for the TWoo, once he had secured the crab in his mouth, he ran away to bury it.  Which is exactly what the crab wanted, and was trying to do to itself when TWooie found it in the first place.  I didn’t know crabs bury themselves to hide themselves, and now I wonder how many cabs I have unknowingly stepped on whilst at the beach.

Surprisingly, Twooie never hurt the crab at all – he was very gentle when picking it up and carrying it around.  But I figured that, photo ops not withstanding, it was probably unpleasant for Mr. Crab to be carried around like that, so I liberated it and Auntie Cathie distracted TWooie with cookies, which he liked better because they don’t fight back.

Cookies you say?  WAY better than crab legs.  ONMYWAY!!!

TWooie: more fun than all the other dogs combined.

Dexter had a super time at the beach as well.  He LOVES his sister Ginny so very much.  And I realized yesterday as well that he seems to have mostly outgrown his assholiness with other puppies.  Even when this little dreamboat came strolling over:

He was very friendly to her.  And really, he would’ve been justified in killing her just because she is a thousand times cuter than he is.  Seriously – Papillon puppies are adorable.

His only real concern was that his sister Ginny seems to share his toy hoarding tendencies: unlike the other dogs, who get a toy and bring it to some human foot and drop  it for it to be thrown again, the Peanut family seems to be obsessed with getting a toy and keeping that toy at all costs.  Which means that she was competition for any toy in play.

Shit.   There she is again.

Maybe if I just freeze here she won’t notice me.

But what goes around, comes around.

Uh oh.  He’s looking at my Wootie Toy™.

And everyone was obsessed with Jenn, who vomits up toys at random intervals.

I notice that in the comments, several of you have commented on what appears to be Wootie’s slimmed-down physique.  It’s true – Wootie has lost his hibernating winter weight and is once again trim and lithe.

He, TWooie and Tweed have all been on a diet and it’s working very well, although like all Aussies everywhere, the three of them are convinced they are being starved to death.

It was a very fun day and lifted my spirits considerably!  I felt kind of like this:

And not just because of the sun, and the beach, and the good company.  I have an even better reason for my improved frame of mind.

I can haz be agility champion, plz?

Even after two hours of playing Dumbball at the beach, Tweed went to agility class last night and played for the full hour, and he ROCKED it.  He limped almost not at all, he was fast and responsive and by golly, he even won the final timed round by a full second – he beat all the other dogs in both classes.  And this morning, he is 100% A-OKAY.

Regionals, here we come!  Woot!


    Seriously, that is /awesome/, I hope it stays/continues that way/just gets better. Must feel so great for you to see he could still kick butt and take names. Go, Tweed, go!

    I actually was trying to talk my sister into getting her kids a papillon puppy. She’s always home, so someone would always be there for it, the oldest kid is 7 and the youngest is almost 5 so some responsibility could possibly be taken…and they’re great little lap dogs. Plus, as the pup you saw proved…the puppies are so friggen cute.

    Reading this post, especially the end, actually made me feel really relieved and happy as well. I even started to get my girlfriend pulled into this blog a bit, and we were all sad to think Tweed possibly might not run in Regionals. But here’s to luck changing around!

    How’s Donut? :p

  2. YAYAYAYAYAY!! So happy for Tweed (and you)!!!!

    (Long-time lurker. I really enjoy your photos.)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Yay for Tweed! Good luck at regionals!! Loved the crab photos :)

  4. riosmom says:

    Woo Hoo! So glad for you and Tweed. Does his being 100% A-OKAY this morning mean he is not limping at all? How wonderful! Nothing but happy faced pictures of Tweed from now on! When are the regionals? Can’t wait!

    Is Twooie officially a member of Chez FL now? He sure seems to have wormed his way into your heart and he certainly has blossomed under your care. But you won’t forget us Woo fans, will you? More pictures of him, please. He is such a character.

  5. So glad Tweed’s coming along. He just needed to make sure you truly appreciate all he does! Hope you all do great at regionals.

  6. I absolutely adore your blog. This is so cute. I can’t wait to take my Aussies to the beach.

  7. Hey when and where are these regionals? I’d love to go see Tweed compete.

  8. Janice in GA says:

    Best wishes with Tweed! He’s my hero. (I have Aussies too.)

  9. Evie Douglas says:

    WTG Tweed!!!! Thanks to the dog gods.
    FL this is your good karma repayment for all your work for BC rescue! (even tho Tweed is at least half Aussie)

  10. I just wanted to let you know Little Miss Food Lady, that Jenn came home from the beach all limping and gimpy. I suspect that in her unwavering selflessness, she took on Tweed’s limp to allow him to compete. You’re welcome.

  11. You are a wonderful narrator! Your stories are great!

    I am very glad to hear Tweed is up for the regionals. Go kick some ass!

  12. Arwen Lune says:

    It’s great to hear about Tweed! and what an awesome series of Twoo photos. I just love his face, all focussed and inquisitive. And he looks so sweet and happy in that cookies photo. What a world of difference from when he’d just arrived.

    fingers crossed that he continues to develop this I’m-okay-with-other-dogs trend..

  13. Yay, wonderful Tweed-news! So happy for you, and Tweed of course. :)
    Keep up the good work Tweed!

  14. Yay, Tweed! You’ll rock Regionals, dude!
    Twooie and the crab are too cute. Glad he played well with others.
    Papillons are incredibly cute. *I* think Woo and Twoo have some Papillon in their blood. Or at least in their ears and Flamboyance/Flambe.

  15. Did you hear me scream from Oregon! GO TWEED AND FOOD LADY!!!

  16. Go Tweed go!

  17. Everything’s coming up FoodLady! I’m so happy for you.

    I have to say, Twoo’s looking slimmer as well.

  18. claire's mum says:

    happy days are here again!

  19. GOOOOOOO Tweed!!

  20. All right! Go Tweed! Go Food Lady! Yahoo!

  21. Goooo Tweed! What a great way to end the week!

  22. Yay Tweed! We’ll be cheering for you!

  23. YAY TWEED!!!!!!

    And yay TWooie for not trying to kill the other dogs and double yay for Dexter for not being an asshat.

    Seriously FL, you might want to consider getting a lottery ticket today.

  24. MalaysianFan says:

    A Malaysian acquaintance is moving back home after living in Canada for some years, and she wants to bring her Papillon with her. She’s concerned, though, about the stresses of the week-long quarantine. She is afraid that a week in a crate will turn her dog into a destructo-beast. Why?

    “Papillons are 5-pound Border Collies.” :-)

  25. Yay for Tweedie!!!! I hope he is number 1!!!!

    Those are hilarious crab and TWOOIE photos. I flove it!



    This is very happy news. And TWoo behaving is awesome!

    What’s the haps with the Piper lady? Does she get to play Regionals too?

  28. lvmygoldie says:

    Yay for Tweed (secretly he has always been Goldie’s favorite) Tell him to channel The Goldster for an extra boost.
    Give all of your crew a hug from me!

  29. Yahoo!

  30. I’m so glad TWooie is getting on with other dogs (and crabs)! They may all be dogs he’s met before but it’s a big (HUGE) leap forward from where he was when you first got him.

    I hope to see him around for many blog-posts to come.

    Well done, FL.

  31. Oh fantastic! That is wonderful news about Tweed. And, this is one of my favorite posts…those photos of Twoo with the crab are priceless! Good luck at Regionals!

  32. Go Tweed and Food Lady!! Wonderful news.

    Great post, loved the crab story. Have never seen such a big crab on the west coast beaches I frequent!

    You do Sun Days well, all I did was putter in the garden.

  33. Hey I too would love to go watch the regionals. Where and when are they?

  34. Leandra says:

    Yay, go Tweed! Good luck at the Regionals. :-)

  35. That’s great! Oh yay! Good on ya Mr. Crab!

  36. Such great news! Loved getting to share all the beachy fun and you KNOW I love me some TWooie shots!

    If Joe goes to regionals maybe he can get pictures of you and Tweed and Piper competing! (are photos allowed?)

  37. Hey, where’s Mad Teeth in all this? I haven’t seen her lately. Is Wootie actually leaving her alone beaches now that he has a brother to pal around with?

  38. Yayyyy More hugs and kisses for Tweed as they seem to be working :)

    Best of luck in the Regionals. :)

  39. Yay for Tweed! :D I’m surprised Twooie managed not to hurt the crab, heh. x3

  40. Yippee! Glad all is a go for Regionals! Will keep fingers and dewclaws crossed that he stays fit for the trip!
    Loved the crabby fellow!

  41. Yeah Tweed. Need I say more?

  42. Catherine says:

    Do you ever wonder if your dogs are messing with your head? You know… they get you so distracted that you forget to be… oh say nervous… for regionals because you’re so distracted/distraught at the prospect of not being there that you forget to worry about the actual competing part of it?

  43. I love the crab/Twoo pictures! (By the way, is it now ‘Three Woofs and TwooWoo’?)

    So happy for Tweed and you, onward to Regionals and good luck. :)

  44. RachelB says:

    Hooray for Tweed! That’s great news.

  45. Despite the obvious crustacean welfare issues, that crab photo story really cracked me up! So pleased to hear about Tweed x

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