Now you see it, now you don’t

My web nerds guys have moved wootube from an East Coast server to a more laid back West Coast one to resolve some feed interruptions we’d been having.  In the process, we have seem to have misplaced my last post!!

In case they cannot find it again, I just wanted to be sure you had the information for the AAC BC Yukon Regional Championships this weekend!

The schedule of events, times, and directions are all found here.

We hope to see you there!

♥  The Food Lady.


  1. I managed to restore the Wootie song post, thanks to Google cache. Unfortunately the comments are lost. Smarter people than me are looking into it…

  2. Laura in California says:

    Whew, I thought I had imagined the post..I am in California and sometimes these things happen :-)

    Best of luck at the Regionals. Go Tweed!

  3. Catherine says:

    I think Twootie ate the post.

    Run hard and fast and strong at Regionals!

  4. I live in Chilliwack and just might head out there to see you two in action!!!

  5. I wish you and Tweed good luck and lots of fun.

  6. skeeter says:

    Awww and it was such a good post as all of them are. Good luck Tweedy and go kick some butt with your healed foot!

  7. I didn’t see it! Sob!

  8. My hubby and I came out to Abbotsford today to try to find you – not that we’ve ever met in real life before (totally *not* a stalker, I promise – I just love your blog and your doggies!) :-)

    I *think* we saw you running Piper in the last set, in the far left back corner ring? Did you change from grey shorts to black pants before your run? :-) If so, then yes, we saw you! :-) We couldn’t see much from the stands, but it looked like Piper did a great job (if that was, in fact, you!) *LOL* /awkward

  9. The Food Lady says:

    Nope! I wore black pants the entire time though, and we were in the far left corner. Piper took 4th place in that run, Tweed got 3rd :)

  10. “Smarter people than me are looking into it…”

    Weellll….I *would* look into it if *someone* hadn’t changed the cpanel password.

    Laid back. Hmph.

  11. Yep, I’m pretty sure that was you then, with Piper. :-D Congrats!

  12. I too went to see if I could (stalk) see you and Tweed do your thing but don’t think I did. Was there this afternoon (Sunday). Pity the spectators could not get closer to the runs but there must be good reason for it. (Stalkers? ;)

    Was wonderful to see such well trained, happy and enthusiastic dogs in one place. Much fun!

  13. We saw you & Tweed in steeplechase on Sunday!
    So how did the rest of it go? Post when you have a moment. :-)

  14. I need to know what happened! Why haven’t they posted results yet???????

  15. I know. I wouldn’t know a weave pole if it jumped up and bit me, but I’ve been so caught up with Tweed’s first being IR’d and then back in the game, I’m dying to know how things went. LOL. I googled but can’t find any results.

  16. sam's mom says:

    SOooooooo. How did it go??????

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