Clean Run

After much swearing, jumping up and down and downloading useless software, I finally found a way to get Regionals videos off the camera and onto the internetz!

I am going to randomly throw them into posts for the next little while.  But here’s a clean Standard Run, with a 3rd place overall finish, for my man Tweed.  Just to whet your whistle (wth does that mean anyway?)


  1. That’s pretty damn awesome.

  2. Nice job! With a lovely run like that, your man Tweed is allowed to feel a little “old-ish” in between competitions. Really like your screech when he thought about entering the wrong end of the blue tunnel.

  3. Tweed is fast as lightning. He is really fast and certainly looks in a terrific shape. It’s nice to see he’s recovered fully, and don’t worry about him looking old it’s the weather as soon as it becomes less hot he’ll be back. You never get used to the very hot weather and it gets worse with age. :)

    Changing subjects I don’t know whether this would help but YouTube has a basic video editor, maybe that might help you with the videos. :)

  4. The Food Lady says:

    Oh poor Tweed, he is always the victim of my screaming!! Back in the day I depended on vocal commands for everything, now I try to handle properly, and I run Piper pretty quiet, but I can’t seem to break the habit of yelling at poor Tweed. Although I think he gets off on it!

    My front cross was late on the lead out and I totally babysat him through the weaves … and if he had a reliable 2o/2o that closing sequence off the dogwalk would have been a lot nicer, but by this point was I running him so carefully my handling all fell apart ;-) However, he’s not too shabby for an old man dog recovering from foot surgery and injury!! He may never be as fast as he used to be, but by golly he is still so much fun to run!

  5. Nice run!

    May I ask why you set him so close to the first obstacle? No judgment here! Just a learning op. Some folks do real close, some real far, some go so far as to use surveying equip and GPS to triangulate the exact point their dogs heiny needs to be to reach full speed at the first obstacle.

    Personally, I go for the per-run snap judgment based on lead out distance, angle of first obstacle, and whether or not there are gopher holes or prickly things near her butt. :-)

    Just curious!

  6. The Food Lady says:

    I set Tweed up fairly close because he has a short, choppy stride and if I set him up too far back he tries to race off the start and takes down the first jump because he flattens out on the ground in a dead run. However, you will also notice that he moved himself 6 inches closer because he has terrible start line stays :) That’s not where I wanted him at all!

    Piper’s start line distance is harder because if you set her too close she takes the bar down, but set her back too far and she will go around the obstacle. She’s a moron.

    Dexter’s start line is WAAAAAY far back. That dog has a stride on him like a cheetah!

  7. So cool! And so fast! Nice to see him in action.

  8. I LOVE the weave poles! Look at his tail go!

    I also love the “TWEED!!!” to get him to come back over the jump toward you. He looks fabulous, and he obviously was having a blast! Thanks for posting this. :)

  9. Wow, that was impressive, and I don’t even know anything about agility! The weave poles have to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life, though. He looks like a crazed rabbit hopping through those things! ;)

  10. That was so much fun to watch! Thanks for going through all the agony to find a way to post it. Such pleasure watching someone you know, with a dog you have come to know and love from afar!
    Good boy Tweed. Awesome run.

  11. …I mean, someone you “feel” you know! :c)

  12. Wow… lots of TWEED!!!

  13. Tweed looks like he’s having so much fun he’s just short of nirvana! Love that wagging tail through the weaves! I think his Aussie is showing there. Wouldn’t a BC hold its tail low? (Grammar check: its for possessive, it’s for it is?)

    I remember a several years old video of you two running a course. You’ve both gotten better, and both look like you’re enjoying the process more. Thanks for posting the video, and for going through the agony of getting it off the camera, etc.

  14. Nice weaves! You said you baby sat them but Tweed didn’t look like he needed babysitting. Nice run overall and, yes, you were late with your front cross but, like a good dog, Tweed rescued you. :-) Look forward to the next video.

  15. That’s a TEN year old dog? Good going, old dog!

    And I think you’re mixing sayings. “Whet your appetite” is to sharpen your hunger, but it’s “wet your whistle” used to refer to downing a shot or taking a sip of water so your mouth’s not so dry. Homophones, forever making the English language full of WTF?

  16. Lindsey says:

    Oh, yay for Tweed! That was a very nice run! I do believe he healed up nicely! He looks like he is a lot of fun to run. What a good boy! : )

  17. Nice run! That was the one that Jake, the dog right after Tweed (after they raised the jump heights) fell apart on. Five refusals, 25 faults, because he wouldn’t go up the dogwalk plank (What did Tweed do to it?:), and then I just took the 20 fault non- completion. Blech:(
    Here’s some trivia for ya:)

  18. Amazing! That’s a 10 year old dog that just recovered from surgery? Yep, definitely amazing! He looks so darned happy. :)

  19. Karen: Oddly enough, Tempus also bailed on that dogwalk, and so did a number of others. A friend who was watching said it flexed quite a bit when some of them hit it, and that spooked some of them. Tem has never bailed off a dogwalk before.

  20. Fiona: Hmm, that’s interesting. I just watched Tweed again, and couldn’t really noticing it flexing, but someone else did mention about the flexing to me. I kind of poo pooed the idea, because Jake never hits it that hard anyway. But, every once in a while his teeter/ dogwalk fear issue resurfaces, so maybe a bit of funny movement on it was the straw that broke the camels back.

  21. The Food Lady says:

    Actually, I *heard* it flex when Tweed hit the up ramp! The wood totally buckled and thumped, and Tweed generally doesn’t hit a contact hard enough for that kind of noise!

    And in my defense, my front cross was late because Tweed did NOT hold his start stay, and I was nowhere near the position I was hoping to be in by the time he did. When I post the video of Piper, who DID hold her stay, you’ll see a much more timely executed front cross ;-)

  22. clairesmum says:

    thanks for the effort of posting this clip – NOW I think I see why the possibility that Tweed might not be able to do this stuff anymore was such a sad prospect. Watching this clip makes it clear how much fun he is having in the whole process. I’m glad he’s feeling better. Thanks too for explaining a bit of the strategy with the different dogs. Getting Dex to do what YOU want him to do is gonna be a real challenge, isn’t it?

  23. That was soo awesome!Way to go Tweed and Food Lady.

  24. Yay, Tweed! It’s a pleasure to see him do something he clearly loves so much.

  25. Nice run! Nice job not being caught by the tricky stuff!

    The part of the post *before* the video jsut needs the phrase “Bippety Boppety Boo!” in there somewheres.

  26. TWEED!

  27. SweetCeana says:

    Here I have been pronouncing his name as Tweed this whole time when the actual pronunciation is “TWEEEEEEEEEED.” I guess you learn something new every day. :)

    Way to go Tweird! What an awesome run! NO wonder you are going to nationals! Congrats FL, you both worked very hard and deserve it.

  28. The Food Lady says:

    Oh thank you *bows* Actually it was a sort of mediocre run, but I’ll take it – it was clean! ;-) And soon you’ll have to add more EEEEEEEEEs to his name, as he seems to be going a bit deaf.

    We aren’t actually going to Nationals – priorities, you know. I just can’t afford it this time. But we reached our goal of getting on the podium once before he retires, so we hold that achievement dear :)

  29. Way to go Tweed. Nothing better than a clean run.

  30. He looks so stinking HAPPY running! Way to go Tweed!!! **hearts love and hugs to the old man**

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