So this morning we’re strolling along through the jungle known as The Back Of My Property when out of the corner of my eye, I spy this:

and I think to myself “wtf?  Are we going to war?”

Good thing I have Dexter along, he’s always ready for war.

Take my dirty destuffed stuffie and I’ll kill you.

We cruise along a little further until we’re up on a rise and I see that it’s actually a machine spraying something, probably a toxic something, on the blueberry fields.

It’s probably my imagination, but my throat immediately gets all scratchy and my head starts to hurt because they’re probably spraying poison everywhere.  There goes that walk.  I decide to cut our morning stroll short and take the dogs to Derby Reach for some swimming instead.  But that means leaving the TWoo behind.

Don’t leave TWooie behind!  I’m coming, here I come!

Guys?  Hey guys?  Where are you going?

doG, I suck so much at leaving TWooie behind.  I mean, he’s okay with being in the big crate with a beefy bone to chew on (one that is his ALL HIS AND NOBODY ELSE CAN HAVE IT) but I feel like such a shit heel every time I do.  Of course, every time I don’t I regret it, because his dog-on-dog aggro issues are still far from resolved and he makes dog park trips un-fun.

So I trick TWooie into the crate with a bone the size of his head (over-compensate much, Food Lady?) and load everyone else to the car and zip up to Derby Reach.

Swimming goes about as well as you’d imagine.  First of all, Dexter doesn’t.  Swim, that is.

I’m pretty sure we’ve already had this discussion, you stupid douchebag, and these feet are not leaving the ground, period.

Nice language Dexter.  Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Not after she throws the Wootie Toy™ just a titch too far and fools me into drowning, I won’t be.

Secondly, after wrangling 4 farm dogs into leashes and collars and getting dragged all the way from the parking lot to the off leash park, I realize I have forgotten the Chuck-It in the car, and have nothing which with to throw balls for the other dogs.  Nice.


Also, for some reason the Fraser River is like, rushing, so the dogs keep getting swept out to … sea?  Whatever – the current is pretty rough and nobody seems to be having any fun, so we decide to practice our “go outs” with the disc.

Some people make their kids sing for their supper.  I make mine dance for the Wootie Toy™

Get up.

Get up!

And get down.

Nobody gets down like Dexter.

And if you cannot catch the disc, just make like you were trying for your tail the whole time.

I wonder where everybody is and if they’re coming back anytime soon?

Even Mr. “I am digging a hole and will bite any Boxer who comes near my hole” Woo can be convinced to play for a bit, with enough coaxing.  And I think this would make a lovely coat hook if replicated in plastic, don’t you?  The disc could stick to the wall, and you could hang your coat on his tail.  Awesome.

I am so ignoring you.


Now the dogs are sleeping and leaving dog-shaped piles of sand around the house.  Shhhh.

We hope you have a fun weekend!!  If you are looking for something to do this weekend, consider the SAINTS Open House .  Admission is by donation and I know they’d love to see you, and you’ll really enjoy yourself too!!

And for those of you who are always wondering how I get those lovely group shots …

My photo tip of the month is “take lots of photos until you get it right.”

Here’s one of the lots of photos that didn’t get it right ;-)


  1. I’m guessing that you didn’t imagine your throat getting scratchy…that stuff IS poison for sure!

    Group shots are difficult–but that first one is a gem! They’re all smiling so sweetly :)

  2. “doG, I suck so much at leaving TWooie behind. . .but I feel like such a shit heel every time I do.” I can’t stop laughing at this it is soo exactly how I feel every time I have to leave one of my girls home! Between maizey- the princess of the reactive shrill bark, and Meeka’s health problems we haven’t walked together in months and I miss it! Thanks for sharing this story! And your pics are STUNNING!

  3. Hey FoodLady, I just had a thought. I read through all the archives ages ago, but just now realized that you have never provided Origin Stories for Tweed, Piper, or the late, great and much missed Red Dog. You’ve saved so many wonderful dogs over the years, but I find myself curious as to how these three wonderful friends came into your life.

  4. riosmom says:

    I LOVED this post and laughed out loud at several pictures including the second group picture. The first picture of Dexter standing in water to his shoulders and giving you “the look” is the same look I got at the beach yesterday when Gracie’s ball went just a tad too far and she would go no further. She did race back to shore several times to try to get the ball from different angles but alas we had to wait until the waves brought it back.

    Thanks, FL, for this post and for today’s picture of Dexter on his blog. You are a talented lady.

  5. Hmmm…..I wonder why Piper always sits like a bulldog? She cracks me up in her photos!

  6. The Food Lady says:

    I’m told Piper sits like a bulldog because her upper leg (ie between shoulder and elbow) is disproportionately long and she can’t actually sit with her legs straight, she has to plant them to either side for comfort. I dunno, they don’t look too long to me, but I suppose it’s probably true.

  7. Twoo is such a gorgeous dog. The others are too, don’t get me wrong…

    But he is /gorgeous./

  8. saucysal says:

    Twooie looks FABULOUS! I know that he is still a sh*t at times, and needs to deal with some, um, issues, but he looks so incredibly healthy and generally happy compared to 6 weeks ago – congratulations! You have done an amazing job with ALL of them… you should be very very proud…

  9. The Food Lady says:

    Well I am VERY fond of TWooie and I personally think he is just adorable. Not sure he is quite as adorable in person as a) I think he is and b) I can photograph him to be … he is short legged and long bodied and round like a drum, with slightly buggy eyes. But I rather like him that way ;-)

  10. You are so amazing with all your dogs. I’m glad you share the ups and downs, and the trials they put you through. I have two dogs, and I have an opportunity to add a third who needs a home. I’m not sure I’m up to three. I don’t know how you manage to juggle five!

  11. I’m reeeally glad I wasn’t drinking anything (I know better than to do so when reading the latest 3WAAW) because Dexter’s faceplant wouldn’t had it all over the screen.

    I’d love to come to the open house! Anybody want to srping for the airfare? Oh, and a passport… ;-)

  12. Uh yeah, I think you were right to leave the site of spray for cleaner pastures. It might have been malathion ( that they were spraying as an insecticide on that blueberry crop — which is also, btw, used to control the mosquito population for West Nile virus in places around these parts, and beyond. All the symptoms you were experiencing are classic: scratchy throat, possibly hives, headachy. Supposed to be a “safe” insecticide (used as a lotion application to control head lice — can you imagine!!??) but I’d rather err on the side of running away …….

  13. Jennifer says:

    Well, I was siting eating my Scottish porridge and blueberries for breakfast, when I decided I hadn’t read the “Daily Woo”……….. and no, they weren’t organic blueberries. Oh , b*gger! Guess I need to look out some plant catalogues and buy a few blueberry bushes for the deck ….

    Brill photos as normal. Especially love the smiling, group shot.

    Maybe Dexter will take to swimming if it gets warmer in BC? Tess is almost as dark as Dexter and hated water until she was around 10 months old. We holidayed on the south coast of Wales and she was too hot, so we enticed her into water with a few toys and slowly got her out her depth (we were in the water with her). A few doggy paddle strokes later and it was like ” Eureka, I can do something new and it’s great.” Now, she adores swimming, especially , in the summer.

  14. Hilarious, just hilarious! And I can’t wait to have some delicious, deadly-but-beautifully ripened blueberries!

  15. suzanne says:

    Incredibly dexter would appear to be as tall or taller than tweed at this point in time. has he finished gaining altitude and the will remainder of his growing time simply be the process of filling out or will he keep getting taller? i know zip about bc’s so i’m not familiar with their growth curves.

  16. suzanne says:

    and i personally would have a seriously hard time resisting twooie’s sweet/beautiful face.

  17. Beatrice says:

    LOL! I actually prefer the “not so good” group photo!!!

  18. Very good tip!

  19. Ah ha ha. Dexter’s refusal to swim cracks me up every time. The only time Buzz willingly swam was when I got in a canoe and paddled away from him. (He was supposed to stay on show with my brother, but he’s a momma’s boy!)

  20. Laura L. says:

    Even your pictures that “aren’t right” are great, but I know what you mean about having to take a lot to get what you want. When are you going to have some more photography tips? (Hint, hint.)

  21. Alas, I take LOTS of photos, but they all end up like your outtakes. I agree with the person above – we want to know how you got Piper, Tweed, and Mr. Woo (or how they got you)

  22. Wow, Twoo looks fantastic! I know his issues aren’t gone but it’s so wonderful to see him relaxed and smiley. What an amazing difference with the tense, worried dog that arrived. And I of course don’t know him in person but I certainly think he’s dead cute!

  23. FL, I have to tell you that I’ve fallen madly in love with wootube. I’m new to the reading group, but seeing the photos, the familiar BC ‘eyes’ and ludicrous flights to catch the Wootie Toy (TM) makes me feel a little less homesick. My two BCs are at home (in B.C., incidentally) with my folks while I’m on the east coast, and your wonderful, frequent posts and stunning photographs cheer me up and ease my longing for my hounds. Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more.

  24. Actually, I quite like the second group shot more.

  25. I hear you about the guilt!! Each time I leave the Landshark at home to prevent godawfuldogmayhem, I feel TERRIBLE. I mean, she’s old and blind and going to die soon and should have fun too right?? SIGH.
    Its especially sad when she keeps trying to sneak out of the house and get in the car. She gets left with the whole beef knuckle – and a rolly ball with cookies besides. And the tv on. And a special walk and a trip to the pet store when I get home. Honestly!! Total over-compensation….lol

  26. TWoo has made a such lot of progress in the short time he’s been with you, it’s very possible that in six months, or maybe this time next year, he will be able to go to the park with the group, and will not bring his butt-head behavior along. Here’s hoping!

  27. Well, considering the application method and time of year (which I assume is on a similar schedule as where I live), they’re probably applying horticultural oil, which is pretty low risk. Could be another insecticide or fungicide, but the odds are good that’s what it is.

  28. Hehe, your coat hook idea reminds me of these dog tail hooks we bought from Ikea:

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