*ahem* lalalalaLAlalalala

Ready gang?  SING!

You know you do it.  Admit it.

You sing songs for your dogs.

Maybe songs like …

Oh Christmas Tweed, oh Christmas Tweed / How lovely is your brown nose / Oh Christmas Tweed, oh Christmas Tweed / I love you to the tipsofyourtoes

You should probably shut up, right about now.

Another crowd pleaser at Casa de Food Lady:

Her name was PIPER/and she was HYPER/the craziest dog in the VALLEY/Her name was PIPER/and she was HY-Y-Y-PER/ Silly and goofy / her pants were all floofy …

Yay!  Sing a song of ME!

And that’s not all!  Keep reading, and you’ll also hear favourites like –

Please stop singing.  Please.  Stop

Nope!  Sorry Woo!

– favourites like:

Oh my TWooie / why are you so blue? / Is it cuz it’s bathtime / and mummy’s scrubbing you? / Oh my TWooie / why are you so sad? / It’s wet and warm and soapy / and it’s really not that bad!

Take it away, TWoo!

You suck so hard.

Hmph.  So maybe I can’t carry a tune.  At least I care enough to make up songs!

Tell me what songs you sing to your dogs.  I’ve already opened the doorway to total humiliation – walk on through, friends!!

And there’s some good reasons for singing around here – Tweed’s limp is gone.  GONE!  It’s gone back to the Hell from whence it came and he’s like 100% sound again.  Dr. Bowra did say that the sclerosing agent would kill some nerves in his foot, which I assume means that parts of his toes are numb, so very occasionally Tweed has to relearn how to make a certain movement – but it’s not a limp by any means.  It’s like magic – and just in time too.  There are just 5 more sleeps to the Big Weekend!

I have seen the future!  And it involves … barking, sassing the Food Lady and being SUPER bad ass.  I can’t wait!
fl-1 - Copy

Did somebody call for a Bad Ass?

At your service, m’lady.

Ha ha!  He’s not really very bad ass at all.  In fact, he is mostly over his REALLYF*CKINGANNOYING phase and back to his more pleasant puppy self.  He’s stopped eating my underpants, he’s calmed down considerably in the house again and he’s being more judicious about the use of that really high pitched puppy bark he hasn’t lost yet.  He does keep getting freakin’ taller, but I guess that’s not really his fault.

But Piper says she doesn’t care how unpesty he is becoming, she is still the boss of him, and always will be.

And don’t you forget it!

That was rad.  I love bitchy older ladies.

He does too, it’s true.  Maybe it’s Freudian or something, but he has totally patterned himself after a bitchy matriarchal parenting figure (hey!  I meant Piper, not me!  Screw you!)(Hmm … maybe it was me after all) and the meaner an adult female dog is to him, the more he likes it.

Of all my dogs, he is the only one who can convince Super Bitch Kila, my neighbours’  very-unfriendly-to-other-dogs border collie, to play chase games with him.  He just flirts away with her until she can’t stand it anymore and the game is on.

Yesterday while I was puttering around in my yard, Dexter and Kila were playing chase and wrestle games 10 feet away from TWooie’s nose where he lay on the porch, and he didn’t try to stop them or kill them even one time.  I was very proud of the TWoo.

I like to watch. *insert creepy old man pervert smile here*

And speaking of creepy…

What’s with the tongue? *shudder*

Last night I was at the Kiliball to raise money for my friend Robyn’s trip to Climb Kilimanjaro for Hospice .  She’s trying to raise $10,000 for Delta Hospice through this insane admirable effort so don’t forget to give her money if you have some kickin’ around.  I donated a photo shoot to their enormous raffle table, and I get to photograph an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog for the winners.  Hurray!

For the next few days I will be busy as a bee

preparing handouts and the like for the TDBCR table at Regionals so I may not get a chance to post to the blog.  If you are  TDBCR alumni or a current foster home and can come do a shift at the booth, please contact me as we could use more volunteers to meet n greet the public at the event and brag on our fabulous TDBCR dogs!  And if you just want to come by and say hello, maybe get a hug from Dexter, feel free to do that too.  All the information you need is here.  We’d love to see you there!


  1. Schnitzie says:

    Hooraaaaay for healthy Tweed tootsie!!! Good luck at Regionals. I’ll miss your updates.

    Sounds like everybody is doing great. Dexter has even learned Mad Teeth ™. Awesome. =:-)

  2. Hooraaay me too! Lots of hugs and kisses to the recovered patient and the very best of luck at the Regionals :D

    They all look so happy in the photos even the Twoo looks really happy, that you can spare some the hugs and kisses for them. Maybe Dexter will finally finish with that “teenager” phase. ;)

  3. Well, I USED to sing to my dog — my heart dog, Rosie — especially “Rosie, posie, puddin’ and pie. Kissed the boys and made them cry….” Not so much a song as sing-song, but it worked for us. Of the two dogs we have now, Dozer’s song is “First time ever I saw your face….” because I fell in love with him and then it took awhile for my husband to agree to the adoption. Our Aussie Jackson gets wacky when you sing to him; he gets real hyper. Since I don’t really need nose bashes, I haven’t gotten very creative there!

  4. SweetCeana says:

    Hold on a sec while I walk through the door of embaresment you left open…

    Okay. I sing to my dogs ALL the time, like a crazy lady. Sometimes I make up songs. Ceana has a “Good morning Good morning song.” Sometimes I place them into classics, ie Sita’s ” Do you know the muffin dog/ the muffin dog/the muffin dog/ do you know the muffin dog/ she’s sweet and loves to play. Other times I just turn on the radio and insert my dogs in whatever song is playing. We sing Beyonce’s “If I were a Ceana,” and Lady Gaga “can’t read my Pokie’s face.”

  5. Janice in GA says:

    Heh, I’ve almost always made little doggie ditties. Even if they were as unimaginative as singing “The Name Game” for my old Cammie dog. You know:

    Cammie Cammie bobammie
    Bonana-fana fo famie
    Fee fie fo mammy, CAMMMMMM–iee.
    (you have to be sure and bend the note up on the last long “Cammie”. :)

    I sing to my Bouncer to the tune of “Macho Man”
    Bouncey, Bouncey boy… You’ve got to be… a Bouncey boy!!
    (Bouncer’s 13, not really a boy anymore.)

    I’ve always had songs for most of my dogs.

    So glad to hear that Tweed it better! My Jasper sends him best wishes, and so do I.

  6. Great post! Glad to read that Tweedie-Pie is all better.

    I sing Toby Keith’s “Whiskey Girl” to my little Westie girl Daisy. Yeah, it’s dumb, but it suits. ;)

  7. *to the tune of I Want to be an Airborne Ranger*

    Who wants to go for the walkies, Luna?
    I want to go for the walkies, mummy!
    Wait ’till I get my shoes on Luna…
    Ok mummy, I’ll wait by the front door!

  8. Shellie says:

    Hunter has many songs, but these are my favorites. He lights up when I sing to him, which makes us both happy when it’s pouring rain and dark outside…

    (To the tune of Rubber Ducky):
    Hunter puppy, you’re the one!
    You make play time lots of fun!
    Hunter puppy I am awfully fond of you….
    Hunter puppy, joy of joys,
    When I squeeze you, you make noise!
    Hunter puppy I am awfully fond of you!

    And then, to the tune Deep in the Heart of Texas:
    The dogs we meet out on the street, don’t like the barks of Hunter.
    The cats at rest think he’s a pest, all from the barks of Hunter.
    The squirrels outside are scared inside due to the barks of Hunter.
    The crows at play will fly away, all from the barks of Hunter.

  9. *sighs*

    Not only do I make up songs, I make up tunes with really sad and weird words.

    Like, “No one loves the poodle, the poodle is unloved. Which is why the poodle is all alone and sad.”

    Or “The doglet has a doglet in her doglet, the doglet has a doglet in her soul.”

    I’m so ashamed. :)

  10. Claudia says:

    The gang looks fantabulous in these pics! Maybe they DO adore your singing! ;) P/s : Tweed looks like he was making out with that blade of grass! *shudders* He does look like he’s gotten a rebirth since leaving the crate prison. *hearts* Tweed.

  11. Heather says:

    I’m constantly singing to my dog Max. The latest hit:
    Max is a fluffy dog, he’s a fluffy dog. He wants to be Mr.Fluffy!

    Good luck at Regionals! :)

  12. Great News! Good luck at Regionals.
    Yes, I will cross the threshold of embarrassment as well. Ruby’s song is:
    I love my Ruby
    I do
    I love my Ruby
    It’s true
    I love my Ruby
    So fluffy and white
    I love my Ruby
    Day and Night

    Rusty’s is not original. He is a rescue that was on Pet Finders. I fell in love with his picture and had to have him. My husband said no. I got him anyway. Now my husband loves him but I like to remind him that he said “No”. That is why when I heard this song it had to be Rusty’s.
    It is TROUBLE by Ray LaMontgne and starts out……

    Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
    Been dogin’ my soul since the day I was born
    Worry, worry, worry, worry, worry
    Just won’t seem to leave my mind alone
    I’ve been saved by a woman
    I’ve been saved by a woman
    She won’t let me go
    She won’t let me go now………

    It’s a great song. You can check it out on iTunes. I would link it in if I knew how;-)

  13. To Snickers I tend to sing:

    We love you Snickers
    Oh yes we do-ooo
    We love you Sni-i-ckers
    And we’ll be true
    When you’re not near us
    We’re BLUE

    His eyes cloud with such disdain. x3

  14. riosmom says:

    Great news all around! And happy faces all around – especially Tweed. So nice to see his eyes bright and eager. Dexter looks more adult all the time.

    Gracie hates my singing to her but I do it anyway- just silly nonsense
    You are my pearly girl, my girly pearl, my pearl of a girl, …
    And our morning song for our good-morning snuggle is
    I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck …

  15. RachelB says:

    I regularly sang two songs to my grandma’s dog Brindle– Moxy Fruvous’s “Sad Girl” (in honor of her sweet earnest face) and “Get in the Car” (self-explanatory).

    And my parents’ dear departed BC mix Midnight got an occasional lullaby from me, especially

    At the gate of heaven, the angels are dwelling,
    Where all the puppies are dancing and smelling.
    Slumber, my puppy, slumber, my puppy
    Slumber, my puppy, a-woof, a-woof.

  16. Maria Shanley says:

    I have a version of the Banana Boat song for my lazy couch potato male Husky Prince:” Day-o, da-ay-ay-o, daylight come and the wolf won’t move”, and had a version of God Save the Queen for our working Border Collie Bo: “God save our hairy queen, our little prairie queen, god save the queen. Long may she hog the bed, bite sheep and steal the bread, and sleep like she is dead, God save the queen.” I’m sure the dogs think I’m entirely crazy, but I sing to them all the time.

  17. Yay for Tweed!! And yay for you that Dex is getting his brain back. :)

    Many songs here, including my latest smash, “Twister Puppy”, sung to the Whitesnake song “here I go again on my own” –
    Here I go again on my own,
    Goin down the only road I’ve ever known!!
    like a Twister puppy I was bo-o-orn to walk alone

    I won’t bore you but you get the idea. I don’t even like that song, it is purely to annoy my puppy and I make him do lots of spins from a heel while during it.

    But my all time favorite (and his) is “Puppy Party” – mostly I just make techno beats:
    nn-dss, nn-ds, nn-ds, nn-ds
    Pup-py Party!!
    nn-dss, nn-ds, nn-ds, nn-ds
    Bring your Pup-pies!
    nn-dss, nn-ds, nn-ds, nn-ds
    Swing’em ro-ound!
    nn-dss, nn-ds, nn-ds, nn-ds
    Cause-itsa Pup-py Party!!

    Again, more to this, but you don’t need to be subjected to it. ;-)

  18. “Maxwell, Maxwell, likes it when you sing to him”
    “Maxwell, Maxwell, that’s why this songs for you”

    We also have various soccer chants that are adapted to our dogs.
    “Let’s go fracken mental” is always an appropriate one.

  19. Um, I don’t song to my dogs, although I do threaten to “smash them like pancakes, put them in the frying pan, and eat them for breakfast!” I actually have a picture of Lu sitting in a random giant frying pan we found in the barn :)

    Scott sings to the chickens… it’s hilarious. I don’t know the words, but he has this little ditty he made up that he sings to them when he lets them out in the morning. It’s insanely cute & makes me go all mushy inside.

    Hooray for Tweed! And hooray that Dex finally re-grew his brain… will these pups EVER stop growing?!

  20. If I sang to my dogs, they’d go for my jugular. And everyone within earshot would cheer as they ripped my throat out. (Yes, my singing is *that* bad!)
    I love “O Christmas Tweed.” I’ll never hear that carol again without thinking of my favoritest Woof.
    Have a rockin’ weekend, Tweed and FL! And somebody videotape it for us fans!

  21. Ohhh sorry to comment again, I just finally remembered the other song I sing to Snicks that I just could not for the life of me remember earlier.

    It’s basically just to the tune of the Frosted Flakes jingle.
    Hey Snickers, I like the things you do-o. Hey Snickers! If I could I would be you. You’re the one and only puppy, with the one and only fluff

    etc. etc. things that don’t rhyme very well at all.

  22. Leandra says:

    Gee I thought I was weird, but I have nothing on you guys. All I do is dance around with my puppy Scout to John Cougar Mellencamp’s Rooty Toot Toot, which becomes ‘Scouty Scout Scout’.

  23. I sing whatever’s in my head to Sheila – from Don’t Stop Me Now, to Over the Rainbow. I’m a bit sad. Mew.

  24. I’d sing to our dog, but then she start this odd howling barking yipping thing. which is cute but really high pitched. hmmm probably trying to tell me something lol

    and yay! for tweeds limp disappearing! :D

  25. I’m so glad that things are looking up at Casa la Food Lady! Looking forward to next week’s update.

  26. I’m not very creative so the only one I sing is…

    “K-k-k-k-Kota face, K-k-k-Kota face!”

    Which is, if you couldn’t tell, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

  27. I am so happy to hear about tweed footsie! HUZZAH!

    I sing to my pup as well to the tune of “O’ Christmas tree!”

    Oh! Izzy Butt!
    Oh Izzy Butt!
    How you are obnoxious!
    You eat wall-ett and new glass-es.
    You like to bark in the middle of classes.
    Oh! Izzy Butt oh Izzy butt!
    How you are obnoxious!

    She is growing out of her obnoxious phase into sneaky puppy eats things that should be consumed phase. So I sing her the many theme songs to Bond, James Bond, movies.

  28. Let’s see. I do:

    Sofia, I just met a girl named Sofia, and suddenly that name…..Sofia, Sofia

    And for Anna Banana, I do-

    Yes, we have a banana, we have a banana today

    or Anna Banna Fofanna

  29. Even though my Cookie is a 70lb Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix:

    There’s a little black dog on the chair todaaaaaay.
    It’s the same black dog, was there yesterdaaaaay.

  30. Good golly, Miss Collie, you sure like your ball.
    Good golly, Miss Collie, you sure like your ball.
    When your rockin’ and rollin’, you can’t hear your momma call.

    Little Richard for Zimmy

  31. My Finnish Lapphund was named Heikki Takkinen by his first owners; I found out by Googling that that’s the name of a Finnish film director. So he’s called Ike — the dog, that is, we don’t really call the film director anything.

    I sing a walking song:

    Hi Ikey-Ikey-Ikey-I Takkinen
    Hi Ikey-Ikey-Ikey-I Takkinen
    Hi hi hi, Ikey-I Takkinen
    Hi hi hi, Ikey-I Takkinen

    He likes the ka-boom part.

  32. Yay for Tweed!

    So I can count on good gardening weather now that you’re going & will get the annual sunburn? Good stuff. :-)

    We might come out & stalk you for a bit in between weeding the garden.

    I just blogged a couple weeks ago about Darwin’s new song, to the tune of Johnny Reid’s Darlin. Except it’s ‘Darwin’ of course. My lyrics & a link to the original song http://hmsindefatigable.blogspot.com:80/2010/05/kensington-i-dont-think-ive-ever-been.html

    BTW, Sue Ailsby has singing a song to your dog once a day as one of the steps in her Leading the Dance benevolent leader program.

    So yeah -we should all sing to our dogs :-)

  33. Evie Douglas says:

    Boy did you open a can of worms Food Lady! My dogs are the only ones who love to hear me sing. OK, maybe they just can’t say shut up momma you’re breaking our eardrums!
    My fave is “Oh Sweet Pea (Rosie’s nickname) won’t you dance with me, won’t you, won’t you won’t you dance with me
    Oh Rosie, come on & be my girl, come on, come on, come on & be my girr-rrl.
    I am soooo happy Tweedy’s feeties are all happy again.

  34. Bev Johnson says:

    Hey FL
    Just a thought it might be a good idea to get a letter from Bowra in case Tweed starts limping during Regionals.. that way no judge will be able to dismiss on grounds of injury..


  35. CarolG. says:

    Arwin hears a lot of: ” Black dog, black dog! What you gonna do when they come for you – black dog”.
    Tweed, stay well and have lots of fun.

  36. Wow – reading these comments was a trip. You people are as crazy as TFL. Dog love you all! I thought I was a “real” dog person, but I guess I was wrong. I have never ever sang to any of my dogs!

    I did make up a poem for a college English class about my borzoi though. I don’t remember much of it except that I rhymed something about her being “stupid” with “and on the floor she poop-ed”. I think I got a D.

  37. Dexter always looks like he’s at a LEVEL 10 of excitement. Like everything is the best thing ever. It’s funny and awesome. I wish I could be that excited about everything.

  38. Mine are reeeally original.

    Emma, Emma, Emma!
    Oh Emma, Emma,Emma.
    Emma, Emma, Emma,
    Oh Emma, Emma, dai!

    I have nooo idea where the tune came from. Really, it isn’t *quite* as monotonous as it looks in print.

    Zoey-dog, Zoey-dog
    She’s my little Zoey-dog
    Zoey-dog, Zoey-dog
    yes she do.

    I know, I know. It doesn’t even make sense! :-p

    Best of Luck at Regionals Mr. Gimpy-No-More!! Go knock their socks off!

  39. Okay, no more posts until after Regionals. We don’t want any more news for a while, okay? Lets all just kick back and picture Tweed in peak form, blowing the competition away. I doubt there will be another team there that has a fraction of the fan club your team does, so you make sure he knows that.

    Biko’s song was written for her by Peter Gabriel. Very handy.

    And that Bad Ass picture is off-the-scale awesome.

  40. ArianaJo says:

    My hubby has taken singing to one’s dog to a new level. I might even say his hobby is taking songs and rewording them to include Larson’s nickname, Moochie. At this point he could market one of those cheesy compilation albums with songs that work suprisingly well “moochized”.

  41. HYSTERICAL PEOPLE. I love this post. We’re all a bunch of nutter’s eh?
    Do cat people sing to their cats? I don’t sing to mine…
    Grimm get’s “You are my sunshine” unaltered, both verses, but only when we snuggle up in very quiet moments.
    Zen get’s (to the tune of Copacabana) “Her name was Zen, she was a showdog – yeah,with yellow ribbons on the wall and a green tennis ball. She loves chasing frisbees and snuggling with her mommy”
    Kelsey, bless her soul, I gotz no song for. Now I have guilt and will have to work something out for her wild and crazy old lady ways.

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