Tweed says

This is awkward

But I’m getting the hang of it!

I could even run on three legs!

Don’t worry, I put a stop to that lickety split!!

He’s very stressed out in the crate, so he gets some out-of-crate time for short periods as long as he promises to remain still (ie, he lays down at my feet).  He has not eaten the cast at all, so doesn’t have to wear the “Bite Not” collar, which is good as that stressed him out the most.

He wanted me to tell you all that he thanks you for the Birthday wishes and the healing vibes, and also for the donations toward a birthday cake, which we’ll be getting to celebrate the removal of his cast next Wednesday.  Of course, I haven’t told him that he will be crated for another two weeks after the cast comes off, but one thing at a time :)

Just a short entry so you can all see how well he’s doing.  I’m off to work the Leaps N Bounds trial tonight, as they were kind enough to let me work tonight in exchange for Piper’s entries fees for tomorrow.  Us poor farmy types are all about the barter system ;-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bartering is the way to go. Tweed looks happier; I hope Piper is GREAT tomorrow!

  2. Go, FL and Princess Piper! Show ’em tomorrow!

    Tweed, hugs from Oregon! You’ll get through this crate thing soon. Then you can put Piper in her place. YOU are the master; she is a wannabe, right? And the cast-with-a-tennis-ball ain’t so bad compared to the cone-of-shame, is it? Heal quickly and well, buddy! More hugs…

  3. Is it my imagination or does Tweed do Pathos really well? Poor fella!

  4. Rossie says:

    Poor Tweed. Hi scoat looks so teddy-bearish in these pictures, I just want to squeeze him!

  5. Poor guy! But obviously very well loved. Remind him of that when he gives you the sad eyes :)

  6. Poor Tweed! Glad to see he’s getting the hang of it now and has some relief from his crate prison. Best of luck at the trial!

  7. RachelB says:

    Good luck, Piper! And be good, Tweed– no running on that sore foot. You want it to carry you for a good long time.

  8. Piper better appreciate that!

    Good luck (or hope you had good luck, if it’s over).

  9. nickelsmum says:

    Now I’m wondering about Mellie’s right rear sesamoids. Dammit.

  10. Yay! Bartering is the best. :-) I haven’t had to pay for agility classes in over a year. I’ve done a awful lot of cleaning though. lol Us poor city folk gotta keep up ya know.

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