Raves ‘n’ Rants ‘n’ and an RIP


The cat came back.  Yesterday we had an adventure where Dexter saw her on the lawn through the window, Wootie tried to corral her under the old trailer on the property, we were thisclose to catching her and then she eluded me and scooted back under the house.

GRRRR.  So I gathered up as much old wood as I could and blocked up as much of the foundation as I could.  You must understand that my one-level house is built on a foundation of boulders (it was either the original 60 year old homestead shack, or a chicken coop, depending on who you talk to), so it’s not level to the ground.  I left one peep hole, which was blocked by the live trap.  At the end of the trap I swapped out the tuna for a can of stinky wet cat food.  My cats eat raw, so wet food is a big bowl of candy to them!

About midnight last night, just before bed, I peeked my head out the door and saw that the bowl was empty.  So I whipped the towel off the trap and VIOLA!  One squashed up and pissed off Donut!

Angry Donut is … well, angry!


All her claws are gone.  WTF?  Where’d they go?  Except for like two claws on one of her back feet, they’re all missing. I don’t know if she ripped them off trying to get out of the trap, or if she tangled with something and left a whole bunch of claws in its face, but they’re all gone.  Her feet were a tiny bit bloody, but not as much as one would suppose.  I think I’ll bring her with me today when we head out to the vet clinic to ….


…remove Tweed’s cast!  We have survived one week of crate rest.

Praise Jebus.


Two more weeks to go.  It’s pathetic, really … yesterday evening I was throwing a toy for Dexter and turned around to see Tweeders WEAVING on 3 legs – hopping through the poles whilst shooting me these sad looks to let me know just how desperate to play he is.


Yesterday I put the baby bunnies back in their nest, which I reconstructed to the best of my ability.  I’m not a Lagomorpha Architect, so I did what I could.  I then barricaded the nest with some wire, some old barbeque grates and some other wood and brick structures designed to be as WooTWoo proof as possible.

I also have a clear view of the nesting site from my kitchen window.  So this morning when I let all the dogs out to pee while I started coffee, I kept a close eye on the nest site.  But …


… Wootie ate half the sum total of the baby bunnies, right under my nose!  He never crossed the agility yard to do it, which means he knew I was watching, so he went around the house the other way, crossed the ditch, sneaked through the neighbour’s field and crawled in through the grass on his belly from the treeline.  This is VERY VERY SNEAKY and he is a VERY VERY BAD DOG!!!!  I only know he did it because when I called the dogs to come back, he was nowhere to be found … eventually I found him behind my van hurriedly gulping down as many baby bunnies as he could as fast as he can.  HE GOT NO BREAKFAST!  As far as I am concerned, he already *had* breakfast.  Harumph.  I checked the nest and there are 4 left, so I think I will take them out to the Wildlife Refuge today.  I know they stand very little chance of making it, but they stand even less of a chance here on my property.


Sadly, yesterday afternoon, the enigmatic and miraculous old dog known as Sporticus departed this mortal coil :(  I’m told he ate his breakfast (another miracle), had a wander outside in the yard, came back in the house, lay down on the infamous Big Fluffy Pillow and died.  He was over 18 years old, suffered from heart failure and terrible arthritis, but well into his 17th year he tried to take down the wolf hybrid that lived up the street.  Sporty was a dog like no other, and his loss is keenly felt by us all.
doesnt get cuter

Sporty leaves behind his grieving family of Sonja, Christopher and Nicholas, and his brothers Max and Eric.  Without them, and their generous arsenal of medications and home cooking, Sport would not have made it as far as he did.  It’s a very sad day, for Sport was an icon for Border Collie Rescue – a testament to the power of love, and to the ability of an old unwanted dog to make people love him.  Sporty was nothing if not a manipulator.

Please join me in offering condolences to his family, to whom I will be forever grateful for the wonderful home they offered Sporty up until his last.


  1. Your posts are like roller coaster rides! Up, down, up, down – swing around the bend, hold on! Do it all over again… Phew!

    I’m so glad to hear that Donut is back. Crazy little cat. And so darned, cute, too! And happy to see that Tweed’s cast is off, as well.

    But I’m so sad to hear about good, old Sport. I’m glad he passed peacefully and quickly, but he’s a legend, ya know? And we expect our legends to go on forever.

    Now about those bunnies. My BC once ate a baby bird that fell out of its nest. We dove toward it as fast as we could, but Trouper was juuuuust that much faster. It no sooner hit the ground than we heard the grotesque crunch of Troup nomming on its poor tiny body. ARGH! I guess he was doing what dogs do. Double argh…

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Sport. But he definitely wrung absolutely everything he could out of his life. I wish more dogs would have that chance.

    Thank you so much for including us.

  3. MalaysianFan says:

    O, woe is us! I’d really begun to believe we would be able to enjoy new photos of that sweet, photogenic mug forever! RIP indeed, Mr. Sport.

    As for Donut, my friend’s cat managed to rip out one (1) of its claws, and this led to weeks of infection, antibiotics, e-collar, and vet bills. I hope that living well outside the tropical zone will forestall all that. While I’m sorry about her new DIY manicure, I’m happy to see some new photos of Madame. :-)

  4. RIP Sporty – I loved reading about you.
    I know what it’s like to care for an elderly or ailing dog, and from what FL said about Sporty’s last stay with her, I know it was extra work. God bless you Sonja, Christopher, Nicholas, Max & Eric for all you did to care for Sporty.

    Tweed – listen to FL and cool your jets!!

  5. I guess Donut really is an indoor cat now! I don’t think those grow back, do they?

    Very sorry to hear about Sporticus. Wonderful how they hang in there for us though. Like someone said, a legend.

  6. So very sorry Sonja and family. So very difficult to lose one you love so.. May he rest in peace where you have decided to finally let him go…

  7. Sorry to hear about Sport, but a life that long and wonderful should be celebrated … They were lucky to have him for so long and that makes the loss even harder.
    I got a giggle out of the bunny thing though. Although Wootie is so bad, he’s still so cute. That story reminded me of my old Lab who used to love baby bunnies. Every time there was a nest deposited in our yard, he’d find it and proceed to remove all the bunnies from it, bringing them to the house where he’d give each and every one a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately, the mama never felt it was as cute as I did and the bunnies inevitably were abandoned. I used to get so angry at him!

  8. I am so sad to hear Sport has passed…but what a lovely end to his days he had thanks to you x

  9. Leandra says:

    RIP Sporticus. I’m saddened to learn that i will no longer read any news about you but I am pleased he found a loving home in his final years and he departed in a wonderful way too.

    Great news about Donut though. You must be so relieved.

  10. Sport always used to be my favorite one to see on your blog. I have never seen a dog live this long, just amazing. We love you Sport!!

    PS-One reason to like Dexter- you might not have gotten donut back into the house if he didnt alert you to her being out from under the house!

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