Nobody likes me

Everybody hates me.

I think I’ll go eat worms.

Why does Piper get to do all the agility?  I could do it!

HellOOOO!  Food Lady!!  Are you watching?

Tomorrow is our last trial before Regionals.  It’s outdoors on grass, and a good opportunity for Piper to learn that outdoors on grass is the same as indoors on dirt when it comes to running a course!  It would have accomplished the same function for Tweed, but alas … he’s in a box moaning about the injustice of being crated 24/7.  I’ve invested in ear plugs.

One of these days, I will apply for Wootie’s AAC # and start trialing him too.  He’s been taking Tweed’s turn at class for the last several weeks and he’s actually doing surprisingly well.  He’s caught onto distance work faster than Piper … although I suspect this is because he thinks the further away from me he is, the better chance he has of pulling a runner.

It’s okay Wootie.  I’ll bite her in the pants to distract her and you can escape.

Speaking of pants … our friend Linda couldn’t take it anymore, and trimmed up TWooie’s pants and stomach last night.  Apparently “stringy” is not attractive.

It’s not?

The end (ha ha) result was supposed to be a taller looking TWooie, but in the end (ha ha) all it did was make him look rounder.  So now he’s trimmed short and poofed out.  He looks like a soccer ball.

Well actually … he always looked like a soccer ball.

But at least he’s a soccer ball having a good time.  This is his version of enticing me to play with him.

Aussie people take their pants seriously.  I think they should apply that same care and attention to whiskers!

Right Misty?

Misty is Dexter’s newest lady friend.

He worships her.

Anyway, sorry for the post and run, but it’s early to bed for us as we’re off to the trial tomorrow.  Tweed sends his love and desperate SOS signals.  He wants out of the box!!  Just 5 more days and he can start going for walks with us again.

Donut is recovering slowly.  One of her feetsies is very tender and she yowls at me when I try to touch it.  Otherwise, she has shown exactly zero inclination to squeeze out the door again, or indeed go anywhere near it at all.  She also has more claws than I thought, and is only missing a few on her front feet, which is a relief.

The remaining baby bunnies went to Wildlife Rescue, though I understand they don’t have much of a chance.  TWooie thinks that’s lame, because Wootie got to eat 3 and he only got to eat one.  But they are running around all over the place here, so I bet he’ll get a chance to eat some more in the not too distant future.

Wish us luck tomorrow!

Why?  What’s tomorrow?


  1. Good luck at the trial, FL. Best wishes and condolences to poor Tweed. And poor Donut.

  2. Good Luck Piper!
    Dex, she’s a cutie pie, seems like you are quite the ladies man :op

  3. Good luck, Piper! Go the *distance*! (ha ha)

    Hugs to Tweed. Fun play photo of Twooie.

  4. RachelB says:

    Good luck, Piper.
    Good taste, Dex.
    Good healing, Tweed and Donut.
    Good grief, WooTwoo! No more bunnies for you!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Has Dexter been less pesty this week? Or, is it just that you’ve had too many other things going on, to comment………?! (Alternatively, has he been too busy womanising?)

  6. nickelsmum says:

    Bring back the pants! *sniff*

  7. There is nothing that Woo cannot do! I want to see him get agility titles. :)

    Sorry, Tweed, I love you best but you must rest. Poor fella.

    Have fun at the trial, and Piper, make your owner proud of you!

  8. It’s no wonder Dexter’s in love, Misty is a beauty!! It’s so nice to see TWooie acting like a “normal” dog. Good luck to you and Piper. Hope you bring home the “gold”.

  9. riosmom says:

    Good luck at the trial, FL and Piper. Let’s see, if Woo becomes an agility dog you will have three agility dogs with Dexter in the wings waiting his turn. You are one brave woman.

    Healing vibes to Tweed and Donut and ‘be good’ vibes to the TwoWoos.

  10. Good luck and have fun!!!!

    Piper’s evil twin Kat will be re-entering she trial arena next week so we should probably go practice :-)

    Pets to Tweed (earplugs in the mail. Well, no, they aren’t but it’s the thought that counts right?) and Donut – they will both be better soon.

    LOVE my Woo Hoodie!! Wearing it right now :-)

  11. ignore all typos.

    It’s Kat’s fault.


  12. I’m so glad Donut is doing better — and that she’s learned her lesson about the Big Scary Outdoors. I don’t suppose you could get her to tell my lovable (but dumb and fat and far too friendly) houdini cat why being an Indoor Kitty is soooo much better than being Coyote Chow?

  13. claire's mum says:

    Woo…agility…….wait, doesn’t this stuff involve obeying commands?

  14. Mistysmum says:

    now i’m all embarassed that my poor little girl has such a bad mummy and let her whiskers get so dirty

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