MAD about Ru

Today TDBCR’s Ruger got his Masters Agility Dog of Canada title!!  (and also his Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada title)

If you know Ru’s story, you understand why we are so proud of him today!

Piper got her first Masters Standard Q with a second place.  She was running very slowly today, and we can’t quite figure out why – I don’t know if she is unsure about running on grass, or if she’s sore or something, but she was not her usual speedy self.  She also screamed at Uncle Gerhard when he scritched her belly – but then again, I think most sensible women would ;-)

TWooie tried to be good in the play area but pretty soon he was air snapping at all the other dogs so he had to go back in his box in the car.  And I carried all 40lbs of Tweed (no walking, remember?) from the parking lot to the tent so he could visit with his friends, but he took advantage of this by pretending to stretch, grabbing the Wootie Toy and trying to run away with it on 3 legs, so he also had to go back in his box.  Three more days and leash walks commence!  None of us can wait!

Congratulations to Cheryl and Ru!  What an accomplishment.  Now to find something soothing to put on my sunburn …


  1. riosmom says:

    Congratulations! Second place and she was “slow” today? Hope it was just the grass and she is ok. You do not need a second hurt dog.

    Sending patience vibes to Tweed to go with the healing ones.

    Is Twooie’s air snapping an improvement of a kind? It says a lot that he tried to be good.

  2. Yeah for Cheryl and Ru:) and a lovely day to get that ATChC!

  3. goldiesmom says:

    I have always loved Ru and no doubt he is the best. I have read his story many times and it never fails to bring me to tears. Cheryl is so lucky to be owned by this dog. No wonder he is Schnitzie’s best boyfriend, I think she would choose him over Arod.

    I do hope Tweed gets well soon, don’t tell the other pups but he has always been my favorite!

  4. The Food Lady says:

    Second place for Piper is indeed slow. Generally she’s several seconds faster than her nearest competitor. She was running so slowly I had to cheerlead her through the course, and that’s not at all normal for her. And it’s not like I was stressing and she picked up on it – this was a Regionals Prep and one of her run was FEO, so we were pretty relaxed. I’m a little concerned.

    TWooie’s air snapping – improvement? I dunno – it’s better than lunging, but then it’s hard to lunge on a GL. So who can say? We just had a good game of “Keep Away” (his favourite) in the yard so that he didn’t feel left out ;-)

  5. Oops, I was jumping the gun there, and obviously not reading the post properly. Congrats to Cheryl and Ru on their MADC and MJDC!

    Hope it is nothing much wrong with Piper, keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Ru’s story is my go-to if I’m stressed and I need a good cry (since I only cry spontaneously when I’m extremely frustrated). As goldiesmom said, it never fails. Congrats, Ru and Cheryl! What an accomplishment!
    I hope Piper is okay. Maybe she was worried about Tweed’s mental state and didn’t want to show him up?
    Tweed, my favorite Woof, hugs, kisses, and admonishments to TAKE IT EASY!
    Donut, I hope you are less Angry and are healing well. You are my favorite non-Woof!!!!! Attitude without Gratitude makes the perfect cat!!!

  7. citydog says:

    Oh dear God, I’d never read Ru’s story.
    Congrats Ru and Cheryl.

  8. Whattadog! Whattastori!

    Ru – Ru – Ruger!

    Isn’t it amazing what these unwanted dogs can do if once given the chance?

    Granted, not all are superstars. My little Zoey is my most perfectest lap-dog. Not so good with being crated though. She has made me just about cry out of stress and frustration when I tried bringing both dogs to class. Enough was enough and both of us are more than happy that she is just my little wiggle bug. (Sorry, I really don’t usually babble, but Zoey *loves* baby talk, makes me sound like an infatuated toy dog owner, I know!)

    But Emma continues to bloom. She has gone from a dog that would hit the end of the leash in a complete frenzy over a dog two blocks away, to earning her Elite Jumpers title and several others (GS-N, RS-N, JS-E, TBAD, TGII!)

    Diamonds in the rough.s

  9. I just read Ru’s story for the first time. It is heartbreaking what he had to go through. Finally, in the state of Utah, USA it is a felony to harm animals and a violation to leave them chained up for over a specific amount of time. Recently a man was sentenced to 5 years in prison for hurting a dog. I think it is about time cruelty to animals is recognized as a crime.

    Healing wishes to Tweed and xoxo to everyone else;-)

  10. Ru and Cherly are awesome. Huge congrats to them!

    (Karen, I agree wholeheartedly, it is WAY past time that animal cruelty was made a felony and punished as such every time. Here in Illinois, a man is facing 3 years in prison for shooting a stray dog that wandered onto his property; the dog had run off from a nearby shelter, and the man took a rifle with a scope and shot and killed the dog. For no f’cking reason other than that the man is a piece of shit who belongs in prison for 3 years. Let’s stop the nonsense of putting drug users in jail, and get them treatment instead; let’s instead incarcerate people who commit violent and abusive acts against animals and humans.)

  11. I’d never read Ru’s story either. Here’s hoping his original owner didn’t show up that last time because HE’s chained up somewhere with a choke collar on his neck.

  12. Ru’s story makes me cry too, for him and all the other ones out there that we don’t know about. But huge congrats to him for his titles yesterday!

    Hope Piper feels better after a good swim. And tell Tweed to hang in there – he’s almost done.

  13. MalaysianFan says:

    In response to Karen’s comment, I agree that tougher laws on animal abuse is a great step. I’ve read recently that some US states are also forming links (sharing data) between animal welfare agencies and police, on the theory that someone who abuses an animal is a potential risk for domestic abuse and other violent crime. I think this is also a really positive step, and I hope other states follow suit. If Ruger’s former owner could treat his dog in that way, he probably doesn’t treat his kids with much more regard…

    But meanwhile, 3 cheers for both Ru and Piper! :-)

  14. Thanks for acknowledging my Ru. He is a once in a life time dog. After almost 8 years, still has some really weird fears, but on the agility field, there is no fear, it’s where he is the happiest. Which usually means he doesn’t listen so well, but his happy face after every run, makes me smile, no matter how much of a disaster the run was. The titles yesterday made me so proud of him, and maybe now, I think he has a chance to get his ATChC. If not he will have a great time trying.

  15. Cheryl and Ru completely rock! My favorite kind of tale!

  16. BTW I love that Mount Cheam is in the back ground. Another woman with her dog :)

  17. What a great story (and great pic with amazing scenery!). Lovely to read Cheryl’s comment – I too have a dog with wierd fears who seems to just kick back and enjoy life on the agility field (though not with Ru’s degree of success…yet;) )

    Well done!!

  18. Schnitzie says:

    I could not be more thrilled to see my beautiful BF Ru featured on WooTube. His story hits me in the solar plexus every time. I cannot imagine a happier or more fulfilled dog. He really hit the jackpot when TDBCR found him…and hooked him up with his mom. That farm is heaven. I cannot imagine a happier life for a gorgeous pupper.

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