Born to run!

Or at least, to limp along at a reasonably fast pace.

It’s Tweed’s first day back to the wonderful world of off leash exercise!

We played a few repetitions of Dumbball, as per the vet’s orders.  Everybody else was *extremely* jealous cuz they were locked in the house… but it was Tweed’s special day!  He was so very excited that he barked the whole way to the ball and back.  But he only went after it 5 or 6 times and then he said his foot really hurt and he didn’t want to run anymore.

Now, I know the vet said that he would limp really badly after his first run, which I take to mean he will gradually lose the limp as he gets used to using that foot again over a period of days or maybe weeks.  But while my brain know this, my brain ALSO wants to believe that we’d play Dumbball for 10 minutes and then go inside and half an hour later his limp would be miraculously gone.  For $600.00, I want a miracle!

So when that didn’t happen, I made him get up every half an hour and walk across the floor.  Yup – still limping.  After 4 or 5 instances of that, he gave me an extremely foul look and went into his Dog Box all by himself so he could get some peace.

*sigh*  They say it’s tough adjusting to life on the outside after you’ve been incarcerated for a long time.

Hai!  My name is Tweed, and my Food Lady is very very irritating.  And insane.

It was a big day for Tweed!  Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, we’ll go to Derby Reach so he can swim off some of that lard without overdoing it on the foot.  If the weather is extra kind, I will even bring the camera.

It was a big day for me too!  Because this morning I woke up to the sound of this:





SILENCE!!!  No screaming, whimpering, screeching, yipyipyipping etc.  Because last night, Jess went home – well, at least she went to Kim’s home, which is way so much lots better than mine.  Thank doG they don’t have internetz in Long Beach, or else Kim might have read about how bad she was and never come back for her.

What do you mean “Never darken my door again you fluffy little Devil Spawn, you” exactly?

Oh my she is just so cute, but she got an extra helping of attitude and two additional servings of lungs.  Although she was surprisingly good yesterday, probably because she was outside with us for most of it. Me and my stepdad were building my new chicken coop and hen house!


She did try to sneak off with my sweater, a package of screws and a hammer, but that was just charming puppy stuff.  It seems she saves up all her bad for the times when you wish to confine her when she doesn’t want to be confined (which is always.  or never.  whatever.).

So last night she was all:

and made me feel kinda guilty for all the mean stuff I said about her in the last entry.  Quiet puppies are good puppies.

And someone should tell that to TWooie, who has gotten his bark on.  It seems there is something living in the wood pile.  It may be real, like a rabbit or a rat, or it may be a monster, like the one Piper keeps looking for in the hog fuel, but whatever it is, Twooie says he MUST HAVE IT.  And he must have it loudly, and at all costs.  Including the cost of being a good dog.

Today on our walk I leashed him all the way to the river – which is *behind* our ten acres.  I turned him loose, and turned my back, and he was gone.  I only noticed because I could hear him barking allllll the way back at the woodpile.

Give me woodpile monster.  Giveittomenow!

Not even the allure of a liver cookie can convince him to call off the woodpile.  And for walking fat farm, he sure is agile!  He can skip around, on and under that woodpile with amazing ease, and it’s like impossible to catch him.

So when I call WOOTWOO all I get is this:

I’m having some trouble relaxing here, because there’s SOMETHING IN THE WOODPILE!!

If you really loved me, you’d let me go BARKBARKBARK at it!

Oh but I do love him, barkyfatpants and all!  I was very proud of him when Jess, in a moment of stupidpuppy, launched right at him and grabbed his whole face with her paws.  You know, before she realized what dog she had just attached herself to.

I can’t believe I did that!  Stupid, stupid stupid.

Because TWooie, bless him, turned his head, closed his eyes and then looked at me and wagged his tail.  He didn’t pull her brain out through her eye sockets, or breathe fire down her nostrils or anything.  He was trying so hard :)

Excuse me, but a little earlier y0u said something about swimming?  We can go now plz?

In honour of Mr. T’s special day, we will very soon be holding another Woo-Off, this time featuring the work of the extremely talented Jacquie Rolston, who has created something amazing and wonderful for our next installment.  You won’t be disappointed!!  Check out her work.  (I am particularly fond of the rabbit tree one, because I think if Wootie could have one wish granted, that would be it!)


  1. Not only is Tweed “Born to Run,” he is “Tougher than the Rest” and will soon relive his “Glory Days” on the agility course after lots of swimming in “The River.” Or so we have “Reason to Believe.” Remember, Tweed: no retreat, no surrender!

    Okay, I’ve beaten Springsteen to death. I’ll go to bed now.

    Love, love, love seeing Tweed’s happy face!

  2. OMG! She is just so freaking cute! Love that face!

    Twoo, in the first pic of him in the house, looks like he’s had just a teeny, tiny, little bit too much… CAFFEINE!


    Love the chicken hut!

  3. TWooie is looking (ever so slightly) slimmer than he was when you first got him! Add that to the fact that he didn’t kill Jess and you must be doing something right FL.

  4. yay tweed and twoo!

    sorry, at work, must be brief.

  5. Oh Tweed, how you steal my heart! Im so happy your up and moving around. Take it easy and youll be 100% yourself in no time at all.
    As for TWooie, you crack me up with those facial expressions.
    FL, 2 BIG paws up to you. Your awesome!

  6. Congrats Tweed! You made it! Now let’s hope the limp goes away…

    OMD I cannot resist Twooie’s face…..he’s beyond adorable.

  7. Tweed looks like a full brother of our Rolley, red shoulders and all. Did he possibly come from Happy Jack Farm in Maple Ridge, born Feb. 25, 2000? I’m curious because the Rolls has developed a limp and perhaps I should consider sesamoid bone disease. Is it a heritable condition?

  8. The Food Lady says:

    Nope, Tweed is a border collie X Australian Shepherd, born in rescue in George Washington in May 2000. And no, sesamoid issues are not inherited, they are generally caused by trauma.

  9. Connie Brannen says:

    This is all very nice, but WHERE is Dexter?

  10. Hope Tweed is back to normal soon. Jess is so dog-gone cute! Hope she grows out of that naughty puppy phase soon! TWooie let Jess live after jumping on him? Now that’s what I call progress! And he wagged his tail? I can’t wait to find out what’s in the woodpile! Be very careful FL.

  11. Oh boy! Look at those pics of my boyfriend Twooie. I just love Mr. Barkyfatpants!

  12. It really does look like Twoo is almost down to Mr. Woo size. Maybe the WooTWo just run large.

    Love that puppy face! If I didn’t know better I’d think she should come home with me. Gee, glad I know better. ;-)

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