Woo Off #1!

You know her as the creator of magical, whimsical, custom dog portraits of your favourite four-legged friend.

Now Laughing Dingo Studios has teamed up with 3WAAW to bring you an original portrait of the world’s most flamboyant mystery dog, the Fabulous Mr. Woo!!

“Woo are NOT the boss of me” embodies the very essence of the dog that loves to disregard.  He’d lead your canines astray, probably far into the wilderness to hunt ‘wabbits.’  He’ll give you stink-eye for daring to issue a suggestion of a command.  Mr. Woo is the world’s most disobedient dog, and he wants to be framed on your wall to remind that you whenever your dog tries your patience … well, he’s just not as bad as Mr. Woo.  This print will give you HOPE, people!  You will be able to look at it any time you want, and think to yourself “Well hell, at least I’m not The Food Lady and I don’t have to live with that.

How can you put a price on that kind of peace of mind?  For $50.00*, you can own a one-of-a-kind 8 X 10 Laughing Dingo Studios work of art.  Only 9 other people will have one like it, for there are just 10 prints available.  Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, and will come with a Certificate of “Pawthenticity” to hold against your chest and know that the artwork is Woo Approved.

A Woo of your very own, and a Laughing Dingo Studios original – a bargain you won’t see again in your lifetime.  Gets yours today!

BUY YOUR PRINT NOW so Woo can be the boss of you too!

Sorry!  All the prints are sold!!

* $10.00 flat rate shipping.  $10.00 for matting.  All prices CAD


  1. Aaaaaaaaawwwww, I really like this picture, wish I had some extra dollars in my pocket….it is well worth the money. Would have liked it on a
    t-shirt as well….I love Woo.
    Great first showing!

  2. Oh man – I agree with JoAnne – how about a t-shirt version? Srsly – CafePress will do shirts (long or short) or even better, sweatshirts!!!

  3. I agree with the t-shirt and sweatshirt idea – great picture!

  4. Hi, I’ll love to – but shipping will be ridiculous for me – so instead I popp’ed over to CafePress and got a Tweed Wearable. Well, Tweed IS lighter than Woo. And Wearables IS lighter than Portrait. It makes more sense that way I reckon, since I’m trying to feed the Woofs and not the Tankers. Great job with the Woo Off and hope all the Woo Portraits go to deserving homes! It is bee-yo-tee-ful. :)

  5. Placed my order. I originally thought it would be easy to say no…but this one is one the kids will enjoy as well~

  6. Betsy Cranmer says:

    I would like a print please! :-)
    1 print unmatted….i can pay via paypal too…..

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