Whut whut?

TWooie Butt!
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We love us some TWooie butt!  Because when we see it, it means the TWoo is having a Superfantastichappyday time!

In a cavalier disregard for desensitization protocols that would make Nickelsmum blow her stack, I decided it was too nice a day to stay home, so we all went to the doggie beach.  I am pretty sure, being he is from Northern BC, this is the first time TWooie has ever been in the ocean.  He reacted with a lot less alarm than the first time Dexter – my coastal baby –  went into a body of water.

That’s it.  We are no longer friends.  Food Lady who?
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TWooie sounds like a horse when he clop-clops through the tide pools. When he *runs* through them, he sounds like a water balloon exploding.  He’s losing weight, but he’s still reallllly fat.

*sings* I’m TWooie and I’m fat, and I don’t care!
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The great thing about East Beach is its vast expanse, so we could easily avoid other dogs.  Except for the ball-stealing Belgian Shepherd, who traveled a looong way to come over and nick one of my tennis balls.  I managed to convince TWoo he didn’t need to kill the thief, and he was very pleased with his own self restraint.

Shut up, stop talking about Meatball.
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It was such an uneventful beach trip I don’t even have anything really interesting to say about it.

Hurray!  She’s going to shut up for once!
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For real?
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Piper’s 2X2s are coming along very nicely.  She still gets all squirrelly in the brain when I try to introduce a secondary obstacle before the weaves, like a jump, but we’re now getting about 90% correct entries, even off side.  This is promising stuff!  I may even train Wootie on the 2X2s.

*waits for you all to stop laughing*

*continues to wait, taps foot*

Or I could just stick to what he’s already good at, like Wootie Toy™
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OR you could just keep throwing this ball.  Kthx.
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So our first Woo-Off was a smashing success, and all the prints are now sold!  I hope if you like what you saw, you’ll consider hiring Laughing Dingo Studios to do a customized piece of your four legged friend.  Don’t forget to tell her the Food Lady sent you.

It’s time for another round of 2X2s with Piper, but before I go, I wanted to tell all you red dog fans about this stellar creature we have in rescue right now.

This is Cooper:

Isn’t he just so good looking?  He’s just a year old, athletic as all get out, very keen on the ball and good with other dogs.  We think he’s be an outstanding agility dog, and so flashy it’ll make your stomach hurt.  He’s located in North Vancouver and he’s waiting for YOU to adopt him today!  Check out his profile on our website, and when you can no longer sit on your hands to keep yourself from firing off an email about him, contact us about making him your next best friend!


  1. I’ll have Cooper! Do you deliver to Scotland?

  2. FABULOUS pictures! I didn’t know your dogs could also walk on water…

  3. Wootie & weave poles??? The flamboyance would slow him down!
    Love all your photos!!!!!!!!

  4. Pat Anderson says:

    Nothing more fun than looking at dogs having fun.
    Love the pix.

  5. nickelsmum says:

    I deeply adore Cooper. I fear, however, that Nano would not. By the way, my stack didn’t blow. Beach is fine. Beach packed full of friendly dogs is not fine, but you didn’t do that, now, did you!

  6. Congrats on the first Woo Off!!! That is fantastic news!

  7. What a rollicking good time. I’m drooling over Cooper. I think Joe should take him. What’s one more, eh? You tell him Food Lady.

    PS – Nickelsmum – I can’t imagine anyone else having that nickname, so do I know you from the Gardenweb rose forum? (I was jackie_o zone 5 Ohio)

  8. “Hurray! She’s going to shut up for once!”

    Woo ‘tude! (not to be confused with Woo Tube.)

  9. nickelsmum says:

    Hi Jackie, yep, it’s me. I’m too ashamed to come back to the rose forums after I killed, KILLED, my own-root Rosette Delizy from ARE AND all the little own-root teas from Vintage, over the winter. FAIL! Nice to see you here. I’m much better with dogs than roses. :)

  10. i simply canNOT believe Dexter’s LEGS! He would appear to be built like a short stallion! Much higher and he will be running against great danes!

  11. ZOMG, so in love with Cooper! And I’m sure my two girls would be too.
    Too bad I live in Belgium. :(
    Nice pics! And you made me reconsider to retrain the weave poles with Hasse. :)

  12. Awwww Twoo looks so happy :-)

  13. Cooper is stunning.

  14. R.I.P. Wootie Toy™

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