Nothing to see here folks

This is not a very exciting post.

With a couple brief exceptions, I’ve lived almost exclusively in condos and apartments since I moved out of my mother’s house 20 years ago, and some of my dogs have never in their lives had a yard.  So it’s still a novelty for me to step outside my front door, sit down in the grass and relax on a nice sunny day without going anywhere.

A little privacy for a guy who’s gotta go here please?

The collies are still getting used to it as well.  They’re still trying to master just *being* outside instead of rushing outside to *do* something.

How about this?  Do you want to throw this?  Or kick it?  How about kicking it?

But they are starting to get the hang of it.  And by golly, I think they like it.

Even Dexter has been seen relaxing from time to time.

As long as nobody moves, I’m as relaxed as can be.

You have to keep an eye on TWooie though – he takes his Guard Dog duties very seriously, and sometimes he’ll run up on the road and let people know they’ve got some nerve walking by “his” yard.  Kind of bossy for a dog who just got here.

The whole world is Wootie’s yard.

This ain’t half bad, but not enough rabbits.

And in Wootie’s yard, the beavers build him bridges to cross to the other side of the river, where the Food Lady’s screams to come-back-here-right-now are much less irritating.  Not that he was listening to her anyway.

Donut would like to come out and enjoy the yard too, but like most coyote food, she is too stupid for that.  Poor Donut.

See?  Not too exciting a post.  Just a little shout out to the sticks where we’ve made our home!  We are all starting to really like this “yard” thing.  One of these days I will actually fence it, and then I can enjoy it without keeping one eye on Runaway Woo and the other on Bossy TWoo.

Boring posts make Temmy angry.

(he and Rogue and Auntie Fiona joined us for a ramble along our acreage today.  Rogue and TWooie generally Do Not Get Along Well but today they did not fight, which I think is progress!)

Yes, but one day you will turn your back and then, then I will destroy him.


  1. Why do you make my sweeties look evil?!?!

  2. What is Tweed doing out of his box???? Bad Food Lady, put him back RIGHT NOW!

  3. Donut sighting! I luv Nutz!

    Fiona, Rogue is the most beautiful dog. I remember when Rogue was listed on TDBCR… I had a bad case of WANT! Even FL’s sepia toning can’t make Rogue look mean!

  4. The Food Lady says:

    Fiona – your sweeties ARE evil.

    Tweed’s gotta get out and pee, and stretch his legs. He didn’t have knee surgery, he just strained his leg, for pete’s sake! He’s doing just fine, almost limp-free once again.

  5. Glad that spring and decent weather in the pacific northwest are bringing new perspectives to the sticks. I too love seeing an appearance of Donut. She’s evil but good lookin. ;-) You almost lulled me into your bucolic setting… almost… heh, heh, heh.

  6. Welcome to the burbs!

  7. Aw, so lovely to be able to enjoy all that space. There’s no going back now. Thanks so much for your photo-tip post the other week by the way -I’ve ventured into using “A” and “S” and have yet to ace a dog shot, but I did do some nice daffodils and a cracker of my splashy baby in the bath!! :)

  8. I love herding-dog versions of “relaxed”. Looks very similar to my yard…:) I often have labs and goldens staying with me, and they make my gang of herders look keyed-up at all times.

  9. I love your new home with land to romp on and explore. When I was a little girl we lived on a mini farm and I so wish I could go back.
    Glad Tweed is feeling better…gotta answer the call to go and not in the crate.
    My Miss Cali isn’t allowed out either, so she watches “bird and bunny TV” by way of the bedroom and kitchen window, but doesn’t seem to mind the daily reruns.
    Once again, your pics and comments have given me my morning smile.

  10. One piece of unsolicited advice from one who moved from ‘burbs to sticks. I love the sticks, in part because there always seems to be something that needs to be done that doesn’t involve sitting on my fat butt behind a desk/computer…a garden to weed, a fence to put up, a fence to mend, something to build/repair, etc. No matter how much needs to be done, don’t forget to take a few minutes to be still, lay about in the grass with a dog (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5!), let the sun warm your face, and listen to the sounds of living in the sticks. Pure heaven.
    Sparky, Opie, Nicky & Jet

  11. I love relaxing in the yard with the dogs. There’s nothing quite as magical as seeing my dog laying in the yard, his nose pointed into the wind, breeze ruffling his fur, on a sunny afternoon. Problem is since we moved out to the country and got used to having three acres, I can’t imagine moving to anything smaller. Maybe one or two acres would suffice. Maybe.

    Here’s a tip – pound in T-posts and put up a wire fence. With friends we fenced our entire three acres in a weekend.

  12. I’m also loving the “relaxed” BCs! It’s a sight I’m starting to get used to after 8 months of Collie Madness!

  13. they sell kitty outdoor “playpen”- type things which are fully enclosed but you can put them out on the deck/grass/whatever and kitty can enjoy the nice day without becoming lunch for some passing predator.
    i was interested in your comments about Twooie defending “his” yard… was he there for the great coyote caper and, if not, what do you think HE would do in a situation like that?

  14. you tell that evil bad twooie dog to not mess with the princess of the universe – OR ELSE!

    (like the borderjacks need the back up but I feel the need to throw my lot in with a former foster monster)

  15. You tell him Kim!! The princess of the universe is entitled to boss everyone around – who does Twooie think he is???

  16. Fantastic series, loved to see them enjoying their acrege and fresh grass.

    I wish one day I’ll get to experience the whole relaxing with the BC in the grass instead of him wanting to “do” something. Yup, another victim of apartment living and conditioning the dog that outside means doing stuff ;)

  17. This blog makes me smile. :) Poor Donut! Lol! ;) Topaz is a pro being outside and doing nothing er. ;) Watch out- they’ll get lazy! Until they see the ball… Or the leash… Or the frisbee… Or the treat… Never mind. Herding dogs will NEVER become lazy.

  18. This was my first Donut sighting! She is cute, even if she is coyote food.

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