Let my people go!

Tweed would like to demonstrate to you all how unimpressed he is with crate rest/on leash walkies during his recovery period.

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We gave up on the Traumeel … I feel like I was giving him fairy water from a tiny little jar.  I started him on Deramaxx again and already he’s way less limpy.

But he’s not quite feeling well enough to play the Random Milk Jug Toss game.
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Neither does TWooie wish to play this terrifying game.
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Instead, TWooie would rather hide behind me and, when he gets *really* excited about the other dogs playing, bite me in the pants.

For which I was forced to kill him.  RIP TWooie.  You were fat – err – fun while you lasted.
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Okay okay. I’m only joshin’.  I did not kill TWooie (although he has bitten me in the pants).  In that photo, TWooie is merely trying to demonstrate his healthy progression along the Becoming A Real Dog scale.  He’s come quite far.  Today he learned how to roll-in-stinky-stuff.

Mr. Woo says it’s a really cool thing to do.
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Yes TWooie, listen to Mr. Woo (*insert eyeroll here*)

TWooie continues to become ever-more Woo-like in his mannerisms.  They can nearly always be found together, mostly whilst hunting.
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Mr. Woo has taught him how to be a very dirty dog.  Through demonstration.
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As you can see, Wootie demonstrates that his back is feeling just fine again.
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The Random Milk Jug Toss game is only popular in in 33% of Aussies, but popular in 100% of border collies.
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It’s particularly exciting for the younger set.
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Apparently, it improves mouth elasticity.
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TWooie met Nickel’s Mum last weekend at the trial and predictably, he decided not to act out even one time, so as far as everyone was concerned, he’s improved greatly.  Even I fell for it and took him to the beach the following afternoon. Big ole mistake!  He almost ripped my arm off trying to CHOMP all the other dogs there.

Stop talking shit about me, or I’ll bite you in the pants!
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Hmmm … bite Food Lady in the pants?
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Splendid idea!  Don’t mind if I do.
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Does your dog do this or is it JUST Tweed?  He walks along in a heel with his nose and mouth pressed to the back of my knee.  If I walk too fast and sever the nose/pants connection, he grabs my pants with his teeth.  Why??  WHY??

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our very first WOO-OFF!!  It’s exciting, I promise ;-)


  1. Is it just me or is TWooie looking slimmer? Not slim. SlimmER.

    I have ever heard of a dog with a nose-mouth heel. Must be Tweed. Weird. I hope you wear loose-fitting pants! But from the picture, you don’t. So I’m guessing you either really pay attention to how you are walking. Or you have a very bruised leg. Probably both. :-)

  2. I love how Woo has a buddy in TWooie. They look like they are having such fun together! No, no nose to pants problems with my Aussies. They are always running too far ahead of me or waiting for me to throw the daggone frisbee!

  3. Sadie doesn’t bite my pants, but when she heels she’ll occasionally bop my knee with her nose, making the same face she does when we’re doing targeting exercises.

  4. Wow! Check out the wild eye on Dexter going for the milk jug! Poor TWooie and Tweed — they look just like my dogs looked when I tried to play frisbee (with a soft, floppy rubber one, no less!) with them. I spent the next 5 minutes apologizing.

    Mr. Bear doesn’t heel (some lazy moron hasn’t taught him) but he does think that he’s supposed to tag my knee with his nose when he sits! I assume I inadvertently reinforced it at some point, but I think it’s really funny so I’m leaving it alone.

    Love the photos! Thank you! I always do a little happy jump when I see a new 3WAAW post in my blog roll. :)

  5. Happy Dogs says:

    Muppet walks behind me with his nose in my knee. He used to do it a lot when he was younger but now its just when he’s been scolded for something.

  6. Buzz will put his nose in my knee-pit while in heel. But he doesn’t grap my pants if I sever the connection. Silly Tweird, pants are for Twooie!

  7. I’m not surprised that Twooie didn’t act up for Nickel’s Mum. When my dogs are naughty I threaten to send them to her and they immediately step back into line. LOL

  8. Aww. Twooie looks so happy!

    My cockapoo isn’t trained to heel (I barely train my dogs to do anything, it’s a sin), but he heels anyway off lead and on, and does the nose-knee thing. Except he alternates it with mouthing my ankles, feet, and hands and leashes if they’re anywhere near…

  9. When I first started using Traumeel, I felt the same way about it. And I was using it for similar reasons to why you tried it. And experienced the same results. Then I tried it for myself. And decided that if it did half for a dog what it did for me, they at least would appreciate how it relieves soreness and aches.
    I don’t think it replaces NSAID’s for already inflamed/swollen injuries. I do feel it can minimize potential swelling and soreness during rehab when administered prior to exercise. But after several bad experiences with NSAIDS other than Rimadyl, I will consider Rimadyl as a last resort. Deramaxx – poor Whippet experiencing bad ulcers in a hotel room the night before a flyball tournament (No wasn’t going to be running doped up.) was the second time I have seen it tear a dog up.
    Twooie is gonna end up being a dog in spite of himself, keep it up!

  10. ktbug ladydid says:

    human herding-my sheltie does the whole, back-o-the-leg-teeth-attack thing. It’s when she wants me to be under HER control. :) Do your dogs try to kill you and others down staircases by cutting you off at the last moment?

  11. my little girl acd grabs my wrist with my hand on the knob to pull the door closed as i go through a door on my way outside without her. She times it perfectly, after my body is through, but just before the door closes to the point she can’t reach.

  12. Tweed is herding you!! Gale (Aussie) does it ALL the time and so does her daughter Sizzle. Of course, I let both these monsters do it when young (“look how cute!” – I’ll never make THAT particular mistake again) so now…I just tell Gale if she trips me, she will die.

    I hate Deramaxx – known two dogs personally that it tore up so bad (on the insides) that they had to be put down. I like Ectogesic (coated please.)

  13. The Food Lady says:

    I have never had a bad experience with Tweed and Deramaxx! He seems to tolerate it the best of all the anti-inflammatories I have tried. I had really bad experiences with Briggs and Metacam (puking blood) and absolutely no change with Adaquen, so we always default to Deramaxx when Mr. Tweed injures himself. I have heard I can still give the Traumeel with it – is this true? Because if it is, I will keep him on both and maybe we’ll see even extra improvement.

  14. nickelsmum says:

    Nickel, my eponymous dog (a mini Aussie — all Aussie, and almost 18″), doesn’t quite stick his nose to my knee like Tweed. But he does walk in that spot (where I can’t see him at all) and occasionally bumps the back of my knee with his nose, gently. When he was younger he might nip a tiny bit of cloth, very gently. He’s not usually out front — he’s a confirmed couch potato and once he’s had an initial frolic, he sticks to his “blind spot position.” Maybe they are part Entlebucher?

  15. I thought Marley was weird, she walks with her nose pressed against my calf. I’m sure if she was taller she might reach my knee. Not sure how she does it, especially when I alter my pace.

    I have to say I lurv TWooie!

  16. @ktbug ladydid

    When I got my Sheltie cross I figured I better teach her early to stay outta my way. The lesson I wanted her to learn was that she needed to scoot if she didn’t want to get booted as I passed through. I spend too much time with stuff in my arms to want to worry about being tripped, or breaking a leg (hers or mine) or squashing my dog.

    So I just made a habit of walking right on *through*. If she was in the way I would swing my leg but reduce the force. (No I did *not* kick her but she did get bumped!) Pretty soon I didn’t have to look anymore. She has the most amazing ability to dodge feet. I’ve seen her do it at trials in tight waiting areas. Some handler would be backing right into her and *boop!* she’s not there!

    I did the same thing with my IG cross. She’s not as quick about it but she stays out of my way too.

    All this to say — if one of my dogs dashed in front of me on the stairs they would get pretty solidly booted! (But they don’t so it’s all good.)

  17. I have, in the past, used Traumeel concurrently with Rimadyl. And a correction for my part – Metacam, not Derramax – caused the ulcers in a friends dog. Rimadyl is the only one I would trust for anything more than occasional doses. Metacam, never; Deramaxx, a few days, watching carefully.

    Have you tried the Traumeel on yourself, yet? Ya aught to, after one of those “Again, faster!” sessions. Just sayin’.

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