All Life Has Value

Recently the Vancouver Foundation produced a multi-media presentation to generate donations for their many philanthropic endeavors; the presentation focused on the senior animal sanctuary you all have heard me talk about so much – SAINTS.

The Vancouver Foundation gives grants to SAINTS to help with the immense task of keeping their sanctuary afloat.  I was at SAINTS earlier this week and Carol tells me they are $25,000.00 in the red at the moment.  Times are hard, and money is in short supply.  They do amazing amounts of fundraising, but of course it’s never enough.

When the Vancouver Foundation approached SAINTS about putting together this presentation for their donors and the media, they said they’d hire a photographer to get the photographs they needed. Carol kindly told them no need – I’d been out numerous times to take photos and they could purchase mine if they liked them.

They did!  The Vancouver Foundation purchased several of my photos for their multimedia presentation (there are some other photos in there that are not mine but the bulk of them are), and also for an article in their annual magazine that will be distributed to 80,000 homes this Fall along with the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, and a couple more photographs for advertising purposes as well.  Their business helps keep the wolf from my door for a little while longer, but more importantly, we all really hope their efforts help SAINTS move into the black some time soon.

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Let’s get SAINTS out of debt and back to the so very important business of giving value to the lives of senior animals that other people forgot about.


  1. Well done video on SAINTS and beautiful photos! A great message. Have sent the video on to friends. :)

  2. Congratulations on the wonderful job with SAINTS. The video is very touching and awesome photos. Best Wishes and Prayers to SAINTS that they are able to “get out of the red.”

  3. Thank you. I needed this just exactly today. Actually, I visited earlier before you put this up and suddenly felt the compulsion to come back just now.

    Our little goat died today after a long, hard battle with a horrendous wound and White Muscle Disease. You see, she came to us that way 4 months ago when we rescued her.

    This post resonates with me and helps ease my pain of her crossing because her life had value, even if it didn’t to her previous owner. Not only that, but I truly hope we eased her last days and her last moments.

    More importantly, I hope that others who read your blog will see this post and do what they can to ease the last days of another unwanted or abandoned animal.

  4. Jenn Hine says:

    Great video, great photos and an amazing cause … can I have some klennex now please.

  5. What a touching video. Such amazing photos.

  6. Such a wonderful organization, sniff…

  7. Beautiful!

  8. Congrats on the sale of your great photos! and a donation has been sent to SAINTS

  9. *sniff*

    I have lots of old dogs right now so this really hits home.

  10. Congrats!

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