A Message to all Dumpster Divers

You may as well stop looking, because you won’t find Piper in one tonight!

ZOMG – someone swapped my crappy, saucers-for-eyeballs faux agility dog for a seasoned, level-headed, FAST and accurate supah-stah!

I had to pull Limpy Tweed from the trial because he’s just in no shape to run, and we’re trying to keep him healthy for Regionals in June.  So I took his 3 runs and gave them to Piper instead.  Tweed is a Masters Dog, and Piper is Advanced, but luckily there were 4 Advanced classes and a Steeplechase to enter her in.

And do you know what she did today?

  • Q and 1st place in Advanced Standard 1
  • Q and 1st place in Advanced Standard 2
  • Q and 1st place in Advanced Jumpers 1

She did not get the Advanced Gamble (distance is still our nemesis) but neither did any other Advanced dog, and she did rake in a whopping 41 points in the opening, way more than any other dog.

She also ran the Steeplechase in 38 seconds.  We left before the placement results were posted, but I think she placed fairly high up there, because she was running fast and she ran it clean! And, if I do say so myself, I have proofed some BEE-YOO-TI-FUL contacts on the little vixen.

Less bragging, more soccer ball.  Kthx.

It was a pretty amazing day – at our last trial, Piper was 0 for 3 and this time, she was 4 for 5!  I don’t know what changed so dramatically in, like, a month but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth or anything!

The only sad thing about today’s wonderful performance was that Piper achieved her Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title (that part is not sad) and is now in Masters (that part is more scary than sad) but the club who put on the trial doesn’t give out rosettes for AADC titles :(

So I do not have a photo here of Piper with her Titling Ribbon.  Instead, I will post a photo of TDBCR alumni Tempus the Borderjack who got his Bronze Award of Merit today (25 Masters Games Qs, 10 Masters Titling Qs)!

That’s a big ribbon for a little dog.  Way to go, Tempus!!  I would hug him, but he’d just bite me, because he’s the devil.

I am so happy and impressed with Piper today that I’m thinking about entering her in Regionals too.  But first, we retrain the weave poles with 2X2s

I think I’ll keep her :)


I stopped by the trial site today to check yesterday’s Steeplechase results.  Piper got a 1st place Q in that too!!  So she got 4 1st place Q runs yesterday.  Wowie – she beat some fast, experienced dogs.

Many (many!) extra thanks to Bev of Leaps N Bounds Agility club who very kindly brought us a coveted AADC ribbon from her collection so that Piper has a rosette to celebrate her new title :)

Can I eat these?


In other news – thank you for all your feedback regarding the sales of limited edition art pieces.  It seems the majority of you would like some kind of advanced notice, so here it is:


This Wednesday I will posting the first in a series of collaborative art pieces for sale!  This particular item will be a signed and numbered piece … there will be 10 available only and then it will never be available again.  So get your wallets ready for the WOO-OFF on Wednesday, April 14th!!


  1. Bev Johnson says:

    I’ll give you a ribbon Sheena… I’ll bring it tomorrow

  2. The Food Lady says:

    No way really? That would be SO awesome!! Thanks!!! :) xoxo!

  3. Mistysmum says:

    I have been known to manufacture rosettes in the past, should that become necessary.

  4. Way to go Piper girl!!! You rock!
    (I just had to buy a rosette for an award we were giving at the Home and Flower show and can you believe it was $55!! It cost more then the wooden plaque with the engraved metal plate! We’re in the wrong business)

  5. Bev Johnson says:

    you are most welcome..

  6. Congrats to you Sheena and Piper! It feels great doesn’t it?
    And that’s really nice of you Bev.

  7. Good girl, Piper! Way to go! Could it be that your mum had all her attention focused on you (as it should be, of course) and since you were given your due you decided to grace her with 4 excellent runs? Just a guess ;)

    I will be ready on the 14th!

  8. Congrats to the two of you!

  9. Cathy, Che and Jeepers says:

    way to go Piper

  10. Congrats to Piper for the win, and to TFL for the rosette :)
    Now, I have a dumb question. We shop often at Amazon. Sometimes dog stuff, sometimes not. Anyway, the question is – if I link to Amazon through your site and then make an unrealted purchase will you get some credit because I came from 3WAAW? Just tryin’ to do my part :)

    the Duchess

  11. Good question Emma Rose and the Duchess! I wondered about that too.

    I was all set for a road trip to visit dumpsters.


  12. Congrats miss Piper!

  13. Congrats on such a great agility weekend! My weekend was the O for Three kind, so I know how you felt last time!

  14. Piper is crazy good! Too bad you didn’t dump her in the dumpster last time you threatened to. I could have taken home the masterpiece that someone junked. Well congrats!

    And the rosette is awesome! I mean really, it’s all about how cool the ribbons are, right? ;-)

  15. Congratulations, Piper and Food Lady! I’m delighted but not surprised that you did so well. Did the Sadist take video of the trial?

  16. Show ’em how it’s done, Piper! Nice job!

  17. Congratulations to you and Piper! From the picture with the red bench, it looks like you might have been in Cloverdale for the agility show? If so, that’s quite amusing because I was next door at the flyball tournament. :)

  18. congratulations piper!! now tell tfl to get that booger outta your eye…

  19. Congrats to Ms. Piper. Sorry Tweed is still not up to par. And, can’t wait to see the art on Wednesday!

  20. Congratulations to both you and Piper! Is it possible you are feeling better these days and that Piper is picking up on it? Whatever the reason, enjoy the wonderful feeling of being in sync with your dog – because there were two of you running those courses.

    Looking forward to your first WOO-OFF though I am probably too poor to participate – at least I can look!

  21. Congratulations Piper! You’re a legend. :-)

  22. Great job Piper!
    but, hmmm, that’s a basketball ;op

  23. Can I eat these. ROFL!

  24. nickelsmum says:

    Piper rocked! She was by far the fastest dog I saw running in her classes. Congrats on the title!

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