There were 4 in the bed

There were 4 in the bed

And the little one said “move over.”

You can tell TWooie didn’t grow up in this house, because he’s no fan of the camera.

Stop it.  Stop it right now.

But through the miracle of liver cookies, I had him posing in no time.  Up on a stool and everything!

More Wootie-TWOoie Connection evidence:

Yesterday we stopped at the dog park on the way home from Dexter’s foundation class and both brothers went a-huntin’.  It was like seeing double … wherever went Wootie, right behind him went TWooie, little dainty paws prancing a thousand miles a minute as they dashed after wabbits….pause…stand really straight with one paw up … scan area with big eyes … dash away again.  It was eerie.  They even walk the same.


Two Woos.

Two collies.

Poor lonely red Tweed.  He’s feeling so left out he wouldn’t even pose for the camera.

I snub thee.

For my Ontario peeps – tell me if you have ever seen a “dude” type veterinarian who shows up on a local Toronto area TV show spouting nonsense about dog behaviour.  I think he said his name is Auckland?  Ackland?  Something like that.  I’ve never met a vet before who looks like a surfer, and I couldn’t find him on the internetz, so I’m just curious if he actually exists.  He tried to show me some “dominance” moves to put TWooie in a “calm passive state” (please insert eyeroll here) and when I would not hand TWooie over to this *coughcharlatancough* stranger, he grabbed his head, roughed up his ears and stuck his nose right on TWooie’s forehead and went “aghablaghaooohhblah.”  Seems like a wise move for ‘behaviourist’ to do to a strange rescue dog who just got off an airplane, no? (please insert more eye rolling here).

As a reward, I give you … The Flamboyance™

in all its Spring shedding glory!


  1. saucysal says:

    oh dear… I can see where this might be going… Does Tweed Need a Twi[ee]n?

    Do I hear six? Six dogs for the food lady?

  2. SweetCeana says:

    I don’t know about the television appearances of the described surfer “behavioralist,” but that so called “behavioralist” sounds like he may have been putting the moves on The Food Lady.

  3. Hey! My Clarabelle Tailfeathers has an embellishment, too! AKA as her Flamboyance! Quite a magnificent accessory!

  4. Oh dear. That loopy chain martingale on Twooie is begging for an accident.

    I saw a couple of dogs do a friendly meet ‘n’ greet once, they sniffed, playbowed, did a little bouncey bounce, and one got its leg through the other’s collar and panicked and twisted it. The dog wearing the collar took offense at being jerked around by a dog now up in his face and started to pound the one who was stuck, who then panicked, as he couldn’t get away.

    It ended with freaked humans, traumatized dogs, and a broken foreleg.


  5. The Food Lady says:

    “I don’t know about the television appearances of the described surfer “behavioralist,” but that so called “behavioralist” sounds like he may have been putting the moves on The Food Lady.”

    This is unlikely, as TFL was wearing farm boots and also called him a putz :)

    “That loopy chain martingale on Twooie is begging for an accident.”

    Not really. TWooie doesn’t ‘bounce’ or ‘play’ for starters, but also, he wears it for walkies just in case. He has his very own buckle collar for every day wear.

  6. Tweed needs a red twin, too!

  7. Poor Tweed! It sucks to be the outsider…
    I think I luvs me some TWooie. He is ever so handsome. I think he’d like to be an Oregonian. Wink.

  8. This ‘matched pair’ thing is starting to freak me out a little..but it’s still way cool!

  9. poor tweed is lonely! but 6 dogs is way too much! 5. ok. 6. crazy! hehe
    Twooie has some very big eyes! I feel like Im being watched!

  10. Is Piper crouching in that picture with Dexter, or is Dexter *really* that big?

  11. I think you need to borrow Lars for a three-pair photo shoot. Did you give the dude a scruff shake? TWooie’s one electric blue eye is slightly freaking me out.

  12. The only thing better than one Woo, is TWO Woos!! Yea WOOOOO HOOOOO!

    It’s adorable, times two!

  13. You have to keep him, they just look too good together. It’s the eyes that do it! And Tweed definitely needs a twin – just think of the smug sense of symmetry to your pack!

  14. nickelsmum says:

    I totally believe you that Twooie is Woo’s actual litter brother. My god, they have identical FEET even. Two is a little more Aussie, not just because of his coloring, but because of his head shape and expression. But they are, indeed, eerily similar.

    Poor Tweed. Cedi sends her sympathies… she is the only red dog in her house, too.

  15. OMG, how can you possibly hold up with two Woo’s in your household? ;)

  16. Woo and Twoo together = too adorable. Any chance of a video of the pair? :-)

  17. Twooie is melting my heart!
    Does this make Tweed the red-headed step-child?

  18. For the life of me, I cannot decide whether I think a Woo-Duo would be hell on earth, or whether it would be the exactly right thing for your household!

    But I will poll my dogs on the question “is five dogs too many for one person to have?”

    Rudy: What? It’s time for breakfast. Can you help me get up please?
    Ike: Only if one of them is Rowley. What a pest.
    Pip: I am managing four boy dogs right now, Piper can do it with no problem!
    Sunny: I can’t even count that high.
    Shiri: Will there be enough food for the littlest dog? I always worry about that, being the littlest dog.
    Rowley: Five is a party! Six is a party! Seven is a party! Of course I can count, I’m a Border Collie!

    That is an unscientific poll, with a margin of error of plus/minus four dogs.

  19. Whoah…I’m getting a scary twin little girl ghosts vibe from that second shot of WooTwooie. I’d be careful, FoodLady. Don’t go riding your big wheels down any long hallways.

  20. Looking at Twooie and Woo sitting side by side, the resemblance is uncanny. Considering where they both came from and all, I would not be surprised at all to find out they are related! They’re both beautiful. Hope Twooie doesn’t get jealous of Woo’s flamboyance!

  21. The Food Lady says:

    “Is Piper crouching in that picture with Dexter, or is Dexter *really* that big?”
    She is crouching a wee bit but yes, Dexter is really *that* big. The puppy who would not stop growing!!
    “Did you give the dude a scruff shake? TWooie’s one electric blue eye is slightly freaking me out.:
    But your tongue! I’d never shake TWOoie – he’s very soft and nervous. Should ever I feel the need to shake anyone, I’d take it out on Dexter, who is tough as nails and probably did something bad to deserve it anyway ;-)
    “I totally believe you that Twooie is Woo’s actual litter brother. My god, they have identical FEET even. ”

  22. The vet/claimed behaviorist sounds like a veterinarian who got chased out of town from here. I am trying to remember his name. He left here a looooong time ago and had a surfer dude meets weightlifter look. My primary reason for remembering him from two vet visits was I had my first puppy and this guy did everything he could to convince me I was incompetent. And the pup was bossing me around.

  23. I think the scruff shake was meant for the creepy vet dude.

    Please tell Tweed, that if he feels too snubbed now, there’s room for a red dog here in the states! : )

  24. In the picture of Twooie on the bed, his Flambe comes very close to Woo’s Flamboyance. I agree with the others, this is getting very spooky. A hex on anyone who sends you news of a red dog needing a home. I am amused, though, that you are so enamored of Woo and Twooie given your disdain for Aussies, the world’s best dogs.

    You certainly know how to keep us entertained and coming back.

  25. I want to come stay at your place — if I had all those cute puppies, I’d never get any work done ;)

  26. Love the crazy blue eyes…they do indeed look like they’re plotting mayhem together. He certainly seems to have made himself at home in no time…*grin*

    My little evil girl thinks that Piper is more than up for the job of bossing around all those boys. If Inara can do it, Piper certainly can handle it!

    Greta…I was gonna mention the matching feet too…!

  27. OMG…I just had a total inspiration. For Halloween you can color Wootie and Twooie’s hair so that they can go dressed as each other! A little bleach on Twooie, a little semi-permanent black on Wootie, and Voila! No one will know the difference!

    OK, I’ve clearly lost my mind. I’m gonna go sit over here in the corner now.

  28. Twooie is adorable! How is he with his recall?

    I got my Wootie Catcher today, thank you <3

  29. MalaysianFan says:

    Oh, my word. TWOOie is gorgeous! Most superb blog fodder.

    I notice a lot of your fans asking if he’s got the Woo Recall. Why do I have an image of you slogging through marshes in your gum boots, bellowing “WOOTIETWOOIEWOOTIETWOOIE!” at the top of your lungs? :-)

  30. Woo^2 is amazing! May you win the lottery so that not only can Twoie stay, but Tweed can have a twin, too.

    Thank you as well for the Wootie Catcher – I stared at the letter today going, Who do I know in Canada? *brainwave* The best Food Lady and her 3WW&W^2 :-D

  31. I also love, love, love the Wootie Catcher! The best Canadian export since Timbits, IMO.

  32. WHAT is a Wootie catcher and HOW did I miss it from somewhere in the blog?

    The Twoos are gorgeous and I wholeheartedly agree they look related. Twooie certainly does give a *look* doesn’t he? Wooties eyes are a bit more sleepy-lidded. Or is Twooie still a bit on edge?

  33. Happy Dogs says:

    if you keep TWooie then I’m keeping Harry the chi x.
    Dammit – I shouldn’t even write stuff like that!
    did you really change his name to TWooie? Strangely enough I knew a cat named Twooie once, spelled that way too. Weird.

  34. Every time I visit this site I love it more. Love the new addition! Hope to see him lots more.

  35. Wow. Gotta be Wootie’s brother. Gots to be!

  36. whoa, two woos…

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