Meddlin’ Joe

O to the C to the D.

He’s at it again ;-)  Joe’s like a drunk uncle at a wedding … he just can’t keep his hands to himself.  He’s effin’ around with Wootube some more, so don’t be surprised if there are some changes in the days to come.  Things will disappear and reappear but we’re trying, among other things, to make room for those of you who have asked to advertise on Wootube (I have not forgotten you, so if you contacted me never fear – we will be in touch once we have gotten the advertising delivery mechanisms under control).

In other news, your Food Lady got to do something *awesome* this week.  I managed to talk my way into a studio session to photograph most of the Paws 2 Dance team.  This is a group who compete in and do demos of Musical Freestyle.  Their dogs are uber talented and make Wootie’s “sit like a bunny” trick look really lame.

“Sit like a bunny?”  What’s that?

They hired me to do their publicity shots, because Paws 2 Dance is putting on a FULL LENGTH musical freestyle gala in November, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their club.  It’s the first production of its kind in … in … anywhere!  If you’ll be in Vancouver in November, you must attend the gala!

Anyway, I also managed to sweet talk Jenn of Mambo Mutts Photography into being my assistant (money talks very sweetly, apparently!) and we had a great time photographing the dancers and their 4 footed fancy dancy friends.  I don’t have permission to post pics of the owners and their dogs performing at the time of this blog post, but I wanted to share with you some of the compelling canines who make up 1/2 of every duo.

First of all, Tess

and Sonic

are TDBCR rescues.  Aren’t they lovely?

And a kelpie, which is *almost* as good as a border collie ;-)

And this is Bandit, the Pomeranian, one of 4 documented dogs in the world that Tweed will play with.  Bandit is awesome, but you have to kick him to get him to do anything (har har.  That’s a classic TFL joke people.  Don’t call the SPCA!!)

These two Eskimo Dogs (I think?) perform the Staring Intently At Jenn’s Cookies portion of the program.

And then there’s, um AWESOME.  Awesome with a parasol.

This dog hid Wootie in her ears for a little while.

No gala performance is complete without a poodle.

The shoot was SO.MUCH.FUN.  Jenn is really bossy and kept everyone in line and I took so many photos I woke up the next morning with a hand cramp.

Shooting in a studio has spoiled me for everything else.  Oh boy, was it great – the lighting is always correct and you (Jenn) can make the dogs pose exactly where you (Jenn) need them to.  I haz studio envy.

‘Specially when I come home to this:

And speaking of crazy Dexter … after weeks of being Very Good, yesterday he was Very Bad and without any kind of preamble, beat the stuffing out of a former friend, a 7 month old Lab he has played with before.  We came across them at the park and he just let fly on the poor guy.  DAMMIT!  He is such a jerk!  Why?  Where did I go wrong?  Etc.  He doesn’t even like escalate – he just goes straight for the attack.  AND he ate a hole in my favourite flannel sheets.  Anyone want a border collie puppy, cheap?  Free?  Anyone?  Hello?

Get out of my way.  You’re blocking my launch path straight to that puppy I’m going to beat to death.

At least he is still nice to his girlfriend Nyxie.

But I have not introduced him to Jenn’s 13 year old, blind, perma-foster Malamute Zara, AKA The LandShark.

We rented the studio from a really great guy who called the experience “a nice change from all the models and stuff” he usually gets.  He gave us the green light to book again, so here’s a question for you … if you were booking a shoot for your dogs, would you pay a little extra for studio time so you could get some pretty shots like these?  I like the results so much I’d like to be able to offer it to clients too.

Ummm hi.  We’re waiting for you to photograph US.

^^ hooligans.  All of them.

They lack the innocent enthusiasm of their princess of a sister.  And yes, that IS a long string of drool hanging from her chin.

Tomorrow I am bringing home a present for Wootie that YOU will find shocking.  Stay tuned for photos and info!


  1. Nyxie sure looks like she’s at home in a studio. The little vyxen! She has supermodel written all over her!!!

  2. The answer is YES! If you were to photograph my dogs, I would DEFINITELY book some studio time! But before we jump any gun here, that would also mean I’ll have to put my dogs on an airplane for 22hours , so yeah, maybe my vote isn’t THAT relevant here, you know. Just saying :)

    Bad BAD Dexter! Don’t make TFL sell you! *Sigh* Yeah, I hate those “non warning” fights. It’s annoying! One moment they are sitting there in their zen like trance, no growling, no stink’in eye, no mad teeth and the next thing they are on to the poor guy like he’s just stepped on his paws. (metaphorically speaking of course)

    On a happier note, the gala sounds really awesome! Thanks for the headsup! If I will be heading anywhere near Canada, I’ll want to see if I can fit it in during that time :)

  3. Sheesh. You think Joe’s OCD about the look up front. You should see what he’s doing to the back-end code.

  4. nickelsmum says:

    Seven-month-old Labs, especially BOY Labs, pretty much spend every waking minute begging to have the shit beaten out of them by anything more mature than them… which is pretty much everyone. Seriously, although Dexter may have been out of line, I doubt he was totally unprovoked. The good thing is that most Labs, by virtue of their very Labness, are nearly oblivious to it. (Which is why they get in such trouble to begin with.)

    Was the other boy intact as well? Because there are also hormones in the picture, and it acts like rocket fuel on the fire.

    Gorgeous pictures. Is that Tess, as in Tess Mother of Dex?

  5. I’d vote YES too, but my vote’s also useless as I’d need to cross a continent to get to you…loving your photos though, as always. I have a lab who has a history of enticing other dogs to beat the crap out of him, so I’d agree with the poster above!

  6. Rowley, who is maybe a year old now and so still a puppy, being as he’s a male BC, would like to give a big chest-bump to Dexter and congratulate him on opening up a can of whup-ass on the Lab. Rowley would like to take on a Lab someday. So far he’s only got several beat-downs of a Miniature Schnauzer to his credit. “Why? Why, Rowley, for the love of dog, WHY?” I asked him; and his reply was succinct: “That dog’s name is Happy. ‘Nuff said.”

    However, last week the tiny little female Keeshond up the street went bitey-face on Rowley, out of nowhere, and for a few minutes the teeth were on the other nose, as it were. He was flabbergasted and hid behind me. My dog is a candy-ass.

    The new site is fab, by the way.

  7. Wow – Nyxie is extremely photogenic! Dexter has good taste, at least. :)

    My pits’ favorite hobby is chewing on our bedding. Anytime they’re not tearing around the house like maniacs and I think, “Ah, finally some peace and quiet”, it turns out they’re just laying on the bed eating our sheets and blankets. They now look like Swiss cheese. The shelter where I used to work would throw away bedding that looked better than ours!

    So, I sympathize!

  8. Wow, FL, you are really cooking these days! Love the studio shots and would definitely sign up for one if I were anywhere near you – I’m in CA. Will you also offer shots of people with their dogs, portraits if you will?

    I agree that some Labs invite attacks for some reason. A friend has the world’s sweetest Lab and that poor dog gets attacked all the time. It is a mystery. Still not to be tolerated in the attacking dog, aka Dexter. Did you wip his ass?

  9. Yeah, I hate the attack out of nowhere that my dog does, too. One time it created a nasty stink in obedience class even though my dog never touched the other dog (both on leash) because the other people freaked out about how vicious my dog is. She can be perfectly fine for long periods of time, then wham! I love my dogs but sometimes I want to drop them in the dumpster.

    If I hired you I’d definitely want studio shots like those! In addition to the action shots of course.

    BTW, love the cootie catcher!!!

  10. If I lived anywhere closer I’d definitely pay for studio time with you! However coming from the UK to Canada for a photoshoot would be slightly excessive.

  11. Where are all your Canadian fans? Busy signing up for their photo shoots? Just struck by everyone who would LOVE to do a photo shoot with you being everywhere but in Canada. If everyone is like me, they are sincere in their desire just restricted by where they live. You COULD come to us once you are solvent again as you planned to do some time ago. Yes?

  12. Hee, Riosmom! Wootube, the summer tour! Barkapalooza! 3WAAW tour tees! Booking an off leash are(n)a near you! Commemorative tour guide with photos available for an additional fee…

  13. What is Woo’s present!!?? Is it alive?!?!

  14. HA HA HA! Yeah, Carol that sounds JUST like what it should be! ;)

  15. Those portrait shots are BEAUTIFUL! I love them! The lighting is wonderful and all the dogs look so happy to be there :)

  16. Love the photos. You are really able to get such magical expressions from each dog. If I wasn’t in Missouri, which might make the trip a little expensive…LOL, I would love to have photos of my three, of course you would have to find a way to get Abby’s face out of her butt, because she doesn’t like cameras.
    “Wootube, Barkapalooza! 3WAAW tour tees” Hey….we NEED these…even if there isn’t a tour. :o)

  17. I don’t really consider Joe to be meddlin’ at all. I think he’s doing a great job and should be commended for his efforts. Thanks Joe!

  18. Waaalll, I seem to be in the minority here. The studio shots are fabulous. Great lighting, great dogs, great shots. But they are STUDIO shots. I love the pictures you do because they are OUTSIDE, in the SUN. And you catch all the best candid “dogness” of your crew.

    See now, if I were paying to have shots done I would drag you down to the bluffs by the river, in the woods and fields and say, “Have at it!” The very doggy things that my dogs do is what fascinates me about them. Having shots of THAT would be worth lots and lots to me.

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