I’m so lonesome, I could die

Well, not *ME*.  I’m not lonesome, but you might be!  And if you are, consider helping out a friend, who is trying to complete her Masters Thesis, by completing this online study here.  She needs English speaking people who are over the age of 25 and reside in North America, and spend a significant amount of time by themselves, to participate.  That link again is timealoneresearch.com

But we’re not lonely at 3WAAW.  In fact, we are a veritable whirlwind of sociability.  Why just last night we went to a Poodle Party at the House O’Poo.

Jack Sparrow(he sports a very nifty mustache but I forgot my flash so I couldn’t get a good photo of it) turned one year old.

And Abies, who is little more than a mop of curly hair (but was the winner of the 10″ vet class at last year’s AAC Regionals) turned 8 years old.

And since their mum and dad like their poodles better than I like my border collies, they threw them a party.  17 dogs came to celebrate (and most of them seemed to be mine).

It was Dexter’s first experience with a Poodle Party.  He was very well behaved in that he did not fight with anyone, not even intact male puppies, which would include both Jack Sparrow Birthday Poo and Wallace The Red.

(PS- I can haz Wallace plz??)

But he was ILL behaved in that he jumped on every single human party guest, be they standing or sitting or eating or drinking, and he also made himself at home on the coffee table … MORE THAN ONCE!  It was a bit embarrassing … he was like a little kid on a sugar high.

Oh hai!  HI! HAI HAI HAI!  I’mhavingasupergoodtimeareyouhavingfuntoo?Wannaplayorsomething?Let’sgopartylikeapoodle!

A veteran of house parties, at the ripe old age of 4 years, Mr. Tricky Woo was nonplussed.

Kids these days.

Umm … Food Lady?  That’s not Woo.  THIS is Woo.

Don’t be fooled.  I’m the Woo.

Right you are, observant reader!  That was not Woo at all.  That was WOOTWO, or as he is known in this house, TWooie.

TWooie is Wootie’s brother!

Can you see the resemblance??

TWooie ended up in a shelter in the same area from whence Wootie sprang forth.  He is the exact same age as Woo.  He is the same alleged breed mix as Woo (Aussie X Sheltie).  And like Mr. Woo, he is F.A.T.

So when my friend Shannon posted his photo on Facebook, the hamster wheel in my brain started turning frantically. And when I found out my friend Melanie happened to be flying down to the Lower Mainland yesterday and could tack TWooie onto her flight for a nominal sum, all the pieces fell into place just like that.  And yesterday morning we headed off to YVR and brought home Wootie’s present.


You smell familiar.

No, YOU smell familiar.

TWooie is the same size as Wootie and shares some remarkable characteristics.  First of all, TWooie both moans and barkscreams.  Secondly, he’s the only other dog I’ve met who can move his nose independently of the rest of his face.  Third, he has daintly little feet under a chubby barrel-chest body.  He sits even sits like a bunny!

TWooie is much more Aussie looking than Wootie is, with a broader head and shorter nose.  And he didn’t quite get The Flamboyance™ … he only got half a dose, which we have been calling The Flambe™



And the funniest thing about TWooie is that he hates all my dogs … except for Woo.  He rather likes Woo.

So is he really Wootie’s brother?  Who knows.  I like to think he is, he reminds me SO MUCH of Tricky Woo.  And there must be a reason the universe pointed him out to me, don’t you think?

Tweed is most unhappy with the new addition.  He says the very last thing this household needs is a second Woo.


Are we about to become Three Woofs And A Woo Two?

I dunno.  It would very stupid of me to add another dog to the household, given I can’t even really afford the ones I’ve already got, and Dexter is that age where he feels like 4 dogs all by himself.

But … you know … look at him.

He’s asleep right now with his chin on my toes.  I ♥ TWooie!


  1. It’s official! You have LOST.YOUR.MIND. Quick, everyone, it’s like an easter egg hunt, but instead of little colored ovate thingees, we are looking for gray matter. As in the shards of the FL’s brain. We need to put in back in that bed of shredded green plastic known as the FL’s skull.

    (The resemblance is striking, and he’s totally cute. BUT… and we’re talking 350 lb. lady in lycra pants but(t)!!!!)

  2. It is the expression that is so like Woo’s, especially the first and last pictures of TWooie. If they are not brothers they are soul mates. So he is just a foster at this point, not a present for Woo or an anti-present for the rest of the crew? You are living dangerously, Food Lady.

    BTW, the only dogs Gracie, my Aussie, likes are other Aussies so the rapport between TWooie and Woo may be more of a breed thing than a family thing. Which doesn’t make it any less sweet – love the picture of them laying side by side.

    Keep us posted. I guess we will know when the site name changes to Three Woofs and a Woo Two – your guys, Joe and Dave, will kill you.

    Speaking of which, I posted earlier and was trying to edit something when POOF my comment disappeared and I was back at the original post. I know I didn’t hit previous page. Just FYI.

  3. Hard for me to tell you what to do, since I was just considering adding a fifth dog, but he IS awfully handsome. And photogenic. Did I mention handsome?

  4. There is an amazing resemblance. He is very striking/handsome. I agree you are playing with fire! Enjoy :)

  5. That picture of Dexter cracked me up. I know that expression. I call it “this is so awesome that I’ve become a total idiot” expression. Guard your coffee tables, peeps!

  6. Forgot to ask – is TWooie’s recall something else he has in common with Woo? Something to think about. Agree with Rossie about Dexter’s picture.


    And Twoo? You can’t HANDLE the Twoo!


    Twoo is super cute and I’m definitely seeing the resemblance in expression. Very striking dog. If you don’t keep him, I vote for finding a nearby Woo fan who will bring Twoo over regularly for visits!

  8. He sure looks like he could be Woo’s brother. As someone who has a house full of dogs though, going from 4 to 5 is a doable thing….but.

    And thank you so much for the Wootie Catcher. We got ours Friday.

  9. Um, yep, you’re certifiable. But I think we all knew that already. ;-)

  10. This is the kind of post which makes your blog so much fun to read. So, as I see it, keep this up and get more readers, or keep your sanity.

  11. kimberly says:

    I think he is incredibly similar to Woo. And I know that 5 dogs is a lot, but I just wanted to tell you that I passed up the chance to rescue my rescues brother and its haunted me ever since. Just something to think about.

  12. Hey, I’m an Aussie girl (now I only have 2 and a Brit), but save yourself the time of pulling daisy pedals….I will…I won’t, and just let him stay with Mr. Woo. After 4 you can deal with 5 easy….right? Just don’t tell Greta, she will want to analyze the whole thing. LOL
    Dexter looked sooooooo full of himself…..party on!

  13. Food Lady, you’re keeping WooTwo? For serious? Neato :)

    And he IS awfully handsome.

  14. OH.MY.dOG. You weren’t kidding about Wootie’s living and breathing present from the last post. Were you!?!?!

    I HEART WooTWO! He is one handsome DUdE! And… he looks like he BELONGS to 3Wa2W! Hey! Even that sounds right!

    GEezzz. I’m evil ;)

  15. I knew it! I knew it was alive. You totally must keep him, of course! He is absolutely Woo’s bro.

  16. Sometimes the insane thing is the right thing to do. I’m not saying more than that since it your decision! ;)

  17. Twooie is so handsome! I can see how he could creep into your heart and take up a room there!

  18. Like there’s really a question of “too many dogs” when you had him FLOWN UP to your place? hahahahahahahaha!

    Don’t worry, I’ll join you in your insanity. I’m SERIOUSLY considering getting an Aussie puppy to add to my two dogs and a cat. In the city. In 528sq feet of house (plus a non-finished but lived in basement). Thank dog the backyard is fenced!

  19. OMG, this is the greatest thing ever! I’m in love with TWoo!

  20. BeepandMax says:

    I seriously thought you photo shopped black ears and nose on a Woo photo. Very cool:) As my daughter Meg, stalker of the Border Collie rescue website and finder of the Boss, would say… what’s one more:)

  21. Arwen Lune says:

    I wonder if worldwide simulaneous use of the Wootie Catcher led to the materialisation of Twoo?

  22. As the mom of six, on a budget for one…I can’t help you make the choice. ;)

    But I can tell you that we got a HUGE laugh out of the doppleganger Wootie here at our house…I had to lug the laptop over to my boyfriend so he too could see the Twoo. Since I tune in mostly to read about the Woo…(he’s so dear as he reminds me of a certain little fat bastard here at my house)…I’d of course completely be on board with Woo squared.


  23. ktbug ladydid says:

    Definitely got some sheltie butt fringes going on that there TWooie! Question on pronunciation though: is it Twoo-ee (like “twue love” from The Princess Bride), or Tee Woo-ee?

    And if your pups ever need a second home because you’re poor and they eat all your food, and fail to listen and need to be kicked into the next lifetime, you could ship them to MD! :D I also accept Flambe.

  24. I love Twooie, two, too! I’m a firm believer in “leap and the net will appear”, so I vote for Twoo living with Woo – and you, of course! Whee!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Oh, wow, what a handsome Twooie! His face screams Aussie, but the expression in the first shot is totally Wootie! Congrats on another stunning household member!

    Loved Dexter’s party face!!!

  26. Hmmm. I bet it was the simultaneous use of all those Wootie Catchers that had something to do with Twoo.

  27. And thank you for the Wootie Cootie Catcher! I love it!!!

  28. ….maybe if we do it again we can summon Throo?

  29. Girl, you done lost your mind livin out in da sticks! I’ll make you a deal. When you can get Woo and Conner to come when called, you can adopt Twooie… bhaw, ha, ha, ha…

  30. If you DON’T become Three Woofs and Two Woos, I will be very sad.

  31. oslosmum says:

    JoAnne, you crack me up.

    4 dogs, 5 dogs, whatever. But then again, I cannot be trusted when it comes to “how many dogs is a good number”.

    You might have to find another name for Twootie. SOOO cute.

    Oswald, PINING his little heart out for a countryman (why won’t these dogs play with me???), says keephimkeephimkeephim.

  32. WOW lol!!!
    Whats one more right!:)

  33. Now that you’ve added Twoo, you’ll have enough dogs to do this! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-542050/It-White-Easter-dogs-know-make-sheep-say-spring.html

  34. Ruthy in Portland says:

    Have you done any research into English Shepherds/Farm Collies? I have a not-100%-like-a-Border Collie (from PNWBCrescue) w/a magnificent flamboyance too. He is kind of a cross between Tweed and Woo, actually, but bigger. As I’ve been learning recently, the ES/FC dogs all have the same genetic beginnings as bc’s, aussies, and more breeds, hence the similarities, and hence a wider array of traits. These traits can include a “plume” tail, slightly different or longer ears, or other shape varieties. I’ve done some Googling. While some breeders focus on certain colors (mostly black or tricolor) that aren’t Wootie-like, or some dogs that look completely different, I HAVE SEEN plume-tailed orange dogs. Something to think about. (Plus, I like the term “Farm Collie.”)

  35. The poodle lady says:

    Hey after that party I am willing to own 17 dogs. Really it was no trouble at all. Other than Acer occasionally attempting to eat one or two of the guests, oh and the humping of the beagle by Jack Sparrow…….but what is a party without a little sex and violence?

    I noticed Acer and Piper missed out on the party photos…….they must have been in the back yard comparing their scary teeth.
    Oh and by the way – I vote for keeping Twooie

  36. Dear FL,
    Dogs are kind of like kids. After the first one you can think of a million reasons why you should maybe stop there but then when the next one comes somehow it’s OK. FYI I stopped at two human children but we are at 12 four footers. The oldest is 12.5 the youngest 6 mo. It isn’t always easy but it’s never dull.

  37. BWHAHAHAHA flambe!

    wow, that survey was MADE for me. can’t wait to see the results. and good luck to your friend, hope i helped!

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