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That’s a-one spicy meat-a ball!


Get it?  Meatball? Cuz he’s round? heh heh heh.

Poor TWooie.  We should call him Tubby instead.  He’s soooo fat.  He is easily as wide as he is long, and being a Wootie sibling, genetics alone aren’t going to help him slim down either.  But next to TWooie, Wootie looks darn-near svelte.

The trick is to coyly curve your body so the camera can’t see your fat.  Like this.

If genetics are unkind to TWooie, perhaps exercise would be a little friendlier to his physique.  Except that TWooie does not believe in exercise.  On the very rare occasion when he is not tagging along at my heels only as fast as he needs to in order to maintain nose-contact with my pants, he may run after another dog to bite them in the bum…

Stop running!  You make me look bad!  CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!

… for which he gets in trouble (from me), and immediately stops running.  I’m starting to think it’s a clever ploy to blame ME for the reason he can’t run off some of that lard.

Clever ploy? Me? *bats eyelashes*

^^stinkin’ cute little meatball.

And it’s a good thing he’s cute too.  The more he settles in, the more of his personality we are starting to see.  He is super wiggly and lazy and cuddly and shy.  But he also has an assertive streak.

I don’t like that dog running past meCHOMP.

I don’t like you rough housing with me. CHOMP.

I don’t like you brushing my tangly pantaloons. CHOMP. CHOMP. SNARL. CHOMP.

Once he CHOMPS, he squints and cringes.  Poor wee little fella. OTOH, he could just stop chomping.  For the most part, he is amazingly agreeable to just about anything I do to him, and he’s been bathed and nail clipped and manhandled by me quite a lot without protest.  And he never chomps very hard when he does, although Piper says that’s not entirely true.

Shut-UP!  Don’t talk to me.  If you talk to me, he’ll know I’m here and then he’ll CHOMP me.

Poor Woofs.  Their only recourse was to flee to the water, where TWooies dare not tread.



He hasn’t tried chomping Woo yet, but Wootie doesn’t like to be left out of fun stuff, so he threw himself in the water too.

I would never CHOMP Woo.  But why don’t you come a little closer?

Wootie and TWooie continue to get along famously.  This morning I caught them making out, and we had to have a little conversation about what is and is not appropriate behaviour among siblings.  I have no photos of this conversation, but I can summarize it for you in two sentences:  Wootie licked my eyelid mid lecture and wandered off with on one of my slippers before I was done.  TWooie got wiggly-bum syndrome, leaned his forehead into my stomach and fell over on his side, which is his common response to being spoken to directly.  In other words – not a very productive information session.

I think if anything Wootie is just a little disappointed that his brother won’t play with him.  For years, Wootie has been playing with his “imaginary” brother.

Look at me!  I have a Wootie Toy™!  Don’t you want to come and get it from me?  Try it!  Come and get it!  Look at me taunt you!

Ha ha!  Pych!  You can’t get it NONONO!  I said no you can’t get it before I do!

The sad thing about those photos is that TWooie was nowhere near him … and neither was anyone else.  Wootie makes up these games of “chase me” with himself. I am pretty sure he’d be ecstatic if TWooie would get off his ass and run after him.

ha ha!  Nope.

As for keeping him permanently?  Well, I dunno … Tweed’s nose is still a little outta  joint.

Did you just make a picture pun?  Really?

There were 4 in the bed

There were 4 in the bed

And the little one said “move over.”

You can tell TWooie didn’t grow up in this house, because he’s no fan of the camera.

Stop it.  Stop it right now.

But through the miracle of liver cookies, I had him posing in no time.  Up on a stool and everything!

More Wootie-TWOoie Connection evidence:

Yesterday we stopped at the dog park on the way home from Dexter’s foundation class and both brothers went a-huntin’.  It was like seeing double … wherever went Wootie, right behind him went TWooie, little dainty paws prancing a thousand miles a minute as they dashed after wabbits….pause…stand really straight with one paw up … scan area with big eyes … dash away again.  It was eerie.  They even walk the same.


Two Woos.

Two collies.

Poor lonely red Tweed.  He’s feeling so left out he wouldn’t even pose for the camera.

I snub thee.

For my Ontario peeps – tell me if you have ever seen a “dude” type veterinarian who shows up on a local Toronto area TV show spouting nonsense about dog behaviour.  I think he said his name is Auckland?  Ackland?  Something like that.  I’ve never met a vet before who looks like a surfer, and I couldn’t find him on the internetz, so I’m just curious if he actually exists.  He tried to show me some “dominance” moves to put TWooie in a “calm passive state” (please insert eyeroll here) and when I would not hand TWooie over to this *coughcharlatancough* stranger, he grabbed his head, roughed up his ears and stuck his nose right on TWooie’s forehead and went “aghablaghaooohhblah.”  Seems like a wise move for ‘behaviourist’ to do to a strange rescue dog who just got off an airplane, no? (please insert more eye rolling here).

As a reward, I give you … The Flamboyance™

in all its Spring shedding glory!

I’m so lonesome, I could die

Well, not *ME*.  I’m not lonesome, but you might be!  And if you are, consider helping out a friend, who is trying to complete her Masters Thesis, by completing this online study here.  She needs English speaking people who are over the age of 25 and reside in North America, and spend a significant amount of time by themselves, to participate.  That link again is

But we’re not lonely at 3WAAW.  In fact, we are a veritable whirlwind of sociability.  Why just last night we went to a Poodle Party at the House O’Poo.

Jack Sparrow(he sports a very nifty mustache but I forgot my flash so I couldn’t get a good photo of it) turned one year old.

And Abies, who is little more than a mop of curly hair (but was the winner of the 10″ vet class at last year’s AAC Regionals) turned 8 years old.

And since their mum and dad like their poodles better than I like my border collies, they threw them a party.  17 dogs came to celebrate (and most of them seemed to be mine).

It was Dexter’s first experience with a Poodle Party.  He was very well behaved in that he did not fight with anyone, not even intact male puppies, which would include both Jack Sparrow Birthday Poo and Wallace The Red.

(PS- I can haz Wallace plz??)

But he was ILL behaved in that he jumped on every single human party guest, be they standing or sitting or eating or drinking, and he also made himself at home on the coffee table … MORE THAN ONCE!  It was a bit embarrassing … he was like a little kid on a sugar high.

Oh hai!  HI! HAI HAI HAI!  I’mhavingasupergoodtimeareyouhavingfuntoo?Wannaplayorsomething?Let’sgopartylikeapoodle!

A veteran of house parties, at the ripe old age of 4 years, Mr. Tricky Woo was nonplussed.

Kids these days.

Umm … Food Lady?  That’s not Woo.  THIS is Woo.

Don’t be fooled.  I’m the Woo.

Right you are, observant reader!  That was not Woo at all.  That was WOOTWO, or as he is known in this house, TWooie.

TWooie is Wootie’s brother!

Can you see the resemblance??

TWooie ended up in a shelter in the same area from whence Wootie sprang forth.  He is the exact same age as Woo.  He is the same alleged breed mix as Woo (Aussie X Sheltie).  And like Mr. Woo, he is F.A.T.

So when my friend Shannon posted his photo on Facebook, the hamster wheel in my brain started turning frantically. And when I found out my friend Melanie happened to be flying down to the Lower Mainland yesterday and could tack TWooie onto her flight for a nominal sum, all the pieces fell into place just like that.  And yesterday morning we headed off to YVR and brought home Wootie’s present.


You smell familiar.

No, YOU smell familiar.

TWooie is the same size as Wootie and shares some remarkable characteristics.  First of all, TWooie both moans and barkscreams.  Secondly, he’s the only other dog I’ve met who can move his nose independently of the rest of his face.  Third, he has daintly little feet under a chubby barrel-chest body.  He sits even sits like a bunny!

TWooie is much more Aussie looking than Wootie is, with a broader head and shorter nose.  And he didn’t quite get The Flamboyance™ … he only got half a dose, which we have been calling The Flambe™



And the funniest thing about TWooie is that he hates all my dogs … except for Woo.  He rather likes Woo.

So is he really Wootie’s brother?  Who knows.  I like to think he is, he reminds me SO MUCH of Tricky Woo.  And there must be a reason the universe pointed him out to me, don’t you think?

Tweed is most unhappy with the new addition.  He says the very last thing this household needs is a second Woo.


Are we about to become Three Woofs And A Woo Two?

I dunno.  It would very stupid of me to add another dog to the household, given I can’t even really afford the ones I’ve already got, and Dexter is that age where he feels like 4 dogs all by himself.

But … you know … look at him.

He’s asleep right now with his chin on my toes.  I ♥ TWooie!