1. And Dexter has most of them!!

  2. I love how you can spot Dexter in an instant by his ears!

  3. Life in vet school says:

    There is an extra dog in that picture!

    I [heart] Sean's heart.

  4. I also {heart} Sean's heart, and I can't wait to meet him on Friday :)

    Please swap Dexter's ears for Sean's. I have a thing for prick ears :)

  5. Katharine Swan says:

    Lovely composition. :o) How you get 5 dogs to stay still and all look (more or less) at the camera at the same time is beyond me.

  6. What you've got there is an awesome dog-eared dictionary :>]]

  7. Anonymous says:

    aha I wondered if that was Sean. so how did he get adopted if he was 'not yet available for adoption'…

  8. The Border Collies says:

    so how did he get adopted if he was 'not yet available for adoption'…

    Magic, a dash of unicorns and some mustard, of course. *eyeroll*

    Use your imagination "Anonymous" – I'm sure you'll come up with several plausible possibilities!

  9. Tristan and Braun says:

    Dexter is the one who always STARE at the facebox!

  10. Benny and Lily says:

    Some buddy has got to listen with all those ears..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  11. Life With Dogs says:

    I hear you!

  12. I think Dexter's ears are set off magnificently by those piercing eyes!
    And the Woo lords it over them all…

  13. I has ears on my mind these days too-both down again today.

  14. Alex93andme says:

    Love the picture!!

  15. Love it!!!

    Licks from Olive :)

  16. Crazy Dog Blog says:

    So what are Tweed's ears "called"? That's what Kota's seem to be ending up like – sticking out sideways and flopped over.

  17. They are beautiful!

  18. Gotta love diversity! I am impressed that they're all relatively photogenic. If I try to photograph more than one dog at a time, it usually ends up with several dogs facing the wrong direction!

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