Camera gear for sale

Dear Readers,

I find myself in financial straits and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wootube and 365puppy have been great fun for me, and hopefully for you. But all good things must come to an end.

Maybe one of you wants to take up the gauntlet of providing fun posts and decent photos to the world. If so, I have a camera package for you!

Please email me for a complete list of the items I have available. I prefer to sell it as a package. The Food Lady needs to pay the rent :(

I will miss you all.


  1. Dear Food Lady
    We 'member the day you all came to visit us at the 'farm' and took our pictures, and pictures of the piggies too. We will donate some of our treat money to keep you posting pics of our buddies Woo and Piper and Tweed. We like the way you make our mama laugh whenever she reads your blog.

    Love, Charley, Sadie and Belle (and Oliver too but he didn't live wiv us when you came to visit).

  2. :( Please consider the tip jar idea. Consider it payment for a service. I can't BEGIN to tell you how much 3W brightens my days, being a lover of Border collies, photography, and your sense of humour. It really makes me wish I had the funds to buy your camera stuff and then give it right back!

    At the very least – could you give us verbal updates? I love your writing style as much as your photos, Food Lady, you really know how to tell a tale and do it justice, and I just loved your recent post about Briggs and Tweed. Something to consider?

    Best of luck, whatever happens. <3 All the best. Kiss Woo on the head for me. …And Dexter on the ear.

  3. Please don't go! Make a calendar, sell Woo-licked/Piper-fetched sticks on etsy ala Daily Coyote! Love your blog always entertaining

  4. Please don't give up on the blogs and your cameras Sheena-I got to walk with you a couple times at Bridgeman when Briggs had the doggles:) Since that time I have lost access to my heart dog of 9 years and your blogs help fill the hole in my heart a little, until I can have a dog of my own again. I am ready to help in any way…

  5. I'm a bit tight on money myself these days, but I'd be willing to do a paypal donation, no hesitation.

    Really – you have 50-some people commenting here saying they'll donate. Even if we each donated only 2 bucks that's over 100 dollars right there, and I'm sure many people would give more, and I'm sure there's more than just 50 some people out there who would.

  6. Sheena,
    Do not go. Your pictures and words can go into the makings of a book. Others far less talented have done it, so I have full faith you could do it. Some of the funniest stuff I have ever red has come off of this site as has some of the most touching and heartfelt. There are countless ways we all can help you make this venue work for you. Believe me…if I were more talented and my dogs better behaved, I would be looking to do it. But I'm not and you are, so I'll do what I can to help you. If we need to start with a domain name, we'll start there…let's just get this party started people.

    Jill @ which still doesn't work right sorry I suck.

  7. Don't go!

    Too bad I don't live in the area around your Vancouver, otherwise I'd have you take photos of my BC.

  8. sakemartyr says:

    your dogs & blog have touched all of us & we're all willing to support the woo fund… :)

  9. Geez I meant to buy a few TDBCR calendars before the year began but it slipped my mind. I just bought three.

  10. Say it ain't so!!!! Honestly, 3 Woofs & a Woo is something I look forward to every single day (I'll admit I'm addicted to the site)! Mr. Woo is one of my favourite dogs and I haven't even met him in person :-) The 365 Dexter blog is a bonus. I love your sense of humour and your photography is amazing. I think what you need is some shameless advertising – let us know how to hire you to take pics of our beloved beasts and I bet many of us would and could also pass on the information to others. I also like the idea of a subscription – I would definitely pay to make sure you continue making me laugh out loud every time I read your posts! Advertising revenue too – why not! Please please don't quit.

  11. Sheena,
    Do not go. With your wit, words and photos, you could do books. Some of the funniest and most heartfelt words I have read right here. Others far less talented have done it and I am confident you most certainly could. There are plenty of ways to have this venue that we all enjoy and in which you exceed make an income for you. If I were more talented with my photography and my dogs better behaved I would be doing. But since I am not and they aren't I'll do what I can to help you. We need a domain name. Let's get this party started people.

    Jill @ which still doesn't work I suck.

  12. Life in vet school says:

    Seriously. I get way more enjoyment out of Wootube than I do out of many, many things that I happily pay for. I would gladly subscribe to the blog, I would love to buy prints, there has got to be a solution besides shutting this down.

  13. RaisingRiver says:

    I click on both your sites EVERY single day – sometimes more then once. I only have like 20 bookmarks. You are 2 of them. <3

  14. Don't dump the camera equip. I would PAY you for photography instruction. What about offering sessions to people in your area to meet you at a dog/local park and give them lessons and tips on how to take better shots of their dogs? For that I would renew my passport and come to Canada. Srsly!

  15. Tristan and Braun says:

    Hey gal,

    Please say you are kidding. Like… Really!

    I don't know what else to say anymore than all that has already been said and I'm sure you know your situation better than any of us out here.

    So I really don't know what to say. I'm sure you won't make such a heavy announcement unless the absolute need calls for it – coz' I know you love us your FANS – so maybe things are that dire that we need to go there, BUT I hope too with all my heart that this is just an early April Fool's joke or if not, then do seriously give all your fans' comments out here a real think.

    Maybe it will not solve the "problem" in the long term, but likewise, selling your cameral equipment can only cover you that far as well. So maybe, really maybe, we can all work something out.

    Give a shout out that this is all but just a joke! PLEASE! We will forgive you! *hugz*

  16. I, too, would happily contribute; I look at 3 Woofs & a Woo and 365 Days of Dex in Pix daily.

  17. I too would happily contribute to a tip jar, paypal contribution.
    Hang in there Food Lady xoxo

  18. Sheena – Food Lady, please do not sell your camera, your creative outlet. You allow people to hire you to take pictures of their dogs, why not let us, pay you, to take pictures of your dogs and tell us about their mis/adventures. A small subscription or a tip jar may just give you enough to keep you going and enable you to continue to do what you obviously love doing.
    You help so many people and I dont think you actually realise that, so please let those people help you….

  19. Not the camera-tip jar, sell calendars-T-shirts on Cafe Press, woo poo on etsy-I'd buy some Woo Poo and Dexter Do~I seriously would.

  20. I may be pretty tight on money, and until today I have always refused to do (go/be/pay/work with?) PayPal, but I would immediately sign up for paying to be able to read your blog and watch your wonderful photographs if that would help you pay your rent!
    But I also know quite a lot about pride and refusing help as long as you believe you can manage on your own, so I can understand if you don't like the tip jar ideas…

    I still think you should find a way to sell your pictures, I know for sure that can't be hard because they are truly unique!
    The same with your posts and captions. I may have discovered 3WAAW only half a year ago, but I'm terribly addicted. I even spent many nights reading back in time towards your first post and pics ever, laughing out loud only every minute or so. So I believe the book is a good, and definitely successful, idea!

    I'm holding all my thumbs up and sending good vibes for a wonderful, rent-paying job! (And hoping/waiting for the tip-jar.)

  21. BanditsBuddies says:

    I vote PayPal – too much talent to toss out the door.

  22. Cathy, Che and Jeepers says:

    You have the best dog blog on the net, bar none. You should be able to make it pay for your rent. I, for one, would happily pay for the privilege of continuing to follow the adventures of the three woofs and a woo.

  23. nickelsmum,

    I think a tip jar thrown up immediately, as in today, would provide a pretty substantial cash infusion for the moment. I know that I would be willing to put down a fairly substantial sum (substantial for me, anyway) up front as patronage and then pay for a subscription to the site on top of that. So, I think that would be my solution – tip jar for the right now, and then subscription and ads once the ship has been more or less righted.

  24. Dear Food Lady,

    I haven't posted before but I have been a long time admirer of both you, your dogs, and you photos. I'd gladly pay a subscription fee, etc. and I hope that there isn't something more serious happening than a temporary financial hurdle.

    Have you considered trying to sell some of your photos to Getty images? They then get the copyright and use the photos for stock photography, etc. Not ideal, I know (you would like to keep control of your images, I'm sure), but it might help you out in a pinch. I have friends who have made ~$500 per month selling photos and they aren't even great photographers! Its worth a shot…


  25. I'm not even a regular reader, but I would add to your virtual Tip Jar to help you keep your equipment and your head above water. You are talented and inspired – you should not have to sacrifice the tools you use to express that.

  26. What they said!

  27. I am in favor of the tip jar or subscription.I read your blogs daily at lunch at work. They brighten my day.

    Best of luck to you and your pack.

    Vicki,Daisy, & Devon

  28. I am really concerned that there is more going on than paying the rent and I really want to help in some way. If you have to go, I am really going to miss the best entertainment on the INTERNETZ.

  29. I have money in my paypal account for you. Please don't stop blogging. :(

  30. Noo! Don't do this! I only just discovered 3Woofs a few months ago! I didn't even know about 365!

    Please please put up a tipjar! Or a PayPal link! Or a calendar! Or sell prints! Or all of the above!

    Your photos and stories are wonderful — don't be cruel and make us all miss them! Listen to your fans and let us tip you!

  31. Another vote here for a 'tip' jar. Your blog has been one of the most entertaining, insightful, hilarious and heartwarming ones I've ever read. It would be a pleasure to give a little back for what you share so freely!

  32. No, just no! Everyone here wants to help you get through the current financial slump, please let us. Selling your stuff will only get you temporary cash anyway, let us Paypal you through this. You will recover, you always have!

  33. I hope that things turn around and that you continue to do what you love — because people certainly love what you do.

  34. I am a daily reader (I check multiple times a day to see if there is a new post, even if you just did one!) and would definitely support a subscription or paypal to support your blog (and you, and the pupsters!). I would miss terribly Woo, Piper, Tweed and Dexter if 3WAAW and 365 puppy were to go away. Please, please, let us help and I agree with a prior poster who said that putting up this blog is WORK so you should be paid for it. It is also your talent and like athletes and other people with talent (that I don't have!) they get paid for entertaining us with their talent. Please don't go away! I, too, would hire you to photograph my BC, but live in Colorado, and I remember how the nasty border guards are…

  35. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am a tightwad, but would definitely pony up money via a tip jar. There has to be a way to monetize this blog and the photography. Let us help.

  36. Sheena — GET THAT TIP JAR OUT!

    If you don't post a paypal up, I'm half tempted to start one for you…

  37. I'd buy some prints from you. I'd love to have a few shots of Tweed in my house.

  38. Oh, no! I'm just now seeing this. I hope things work out!! ((hugs))

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