Happy Birthday to my Big Red Dog

If my Briggs had lived, he’d be 13 today.

This is a photo a friend of mine took at Briggs’ first agility trial. He was about 2 years old here. The photo is framed and sits in my office.

Briggs Agility

He was such a fine specimen of a dog. Dexter has big shoes to fill.

Happy Birthday Briggs. We miss you every day.


  1. Food lady, it's usually tears of laughter you bring to my eyes,today was different. What a nice photo of him.

  2. Life in vet school says:

    Happy birthday, handsome.

  3. Happy Birthday Red Dog! You have big shoes to fill Dexter!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Red Dog! I came to this blog after you, but after scrolling through the archives, I feel honored to have seen some of your story and shed some tears in your memory. Those once-in-a-lifetime dogs are something special.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Briggs!

  6. Woof! Happy Pawday Big Red Dog!!! Sure great photo full of great memories … Dexter sure have a big shoe to fill in. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Happy Birthday Red Dog. Dexter … Just be Dexter and Food Lady will love ya.

  8. StefRobrts says:

    A friend told me the price of a good dog is a broken heart. So true. It's still worth it.

  9. Happy Birthday, Briggs. We miss you.

    And Dexter, listen to the reader who said to be yourself and the food lady will love you!

  10. Sweet~Ceana says:

    Happy Birthday Briggs. I peak at your Scottish hat picture on The Food Lady's flickr page every now and again and it always makes me smile.

  11. Happy Birthday, Red Dog.

  12. He is lovely in this photograph but there was so much more character and nobleness in his face in his later years. No one will fill his shoes but Dexter may grow into shoes equal to his. I think Red Dog would approve of Dexter.

  13. Alex93andme says:

    Happy Birthday Briggs. You sure were a beauty!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Happy B-day big boy. Your adoring fans miss you.

  15. Happy birthday, old boy. You left a very big hole.

  16. Benny and Lily says:

    Happy Birthday Big Red Doggy
    Benny & Lily

  17. ktbug ladydid says:

    Food lady, I am so happy that you were able to make so many memories with such a wonderful pooch, and shared some of them with us. May the others comfort you and make you laugh today, and every day. I'll give my pup an extra cookie for Red Dog.

  18. What a photogenic fellow! Wishing you all the comfort that the woofs and Woo can offer you today, Food Lady.

  19. Barra's 13th birthday was January 24, believe it or not. I cherish every single moment I have with her, both for myself and in memory of the Good Dogs That Went Too Soon. Happy birthday Briggs, you reddest of Red Dogs.

  20. Happy belated birthday, Red Dog. Good dogs positively affect a few people's lives. Great dogs positively impact the whole Internetz.

  21. Happy Birthday, Red Dog.

  22. Happy birthday big sweetie. All your fans miss you :(

  23. Tristan and Braun says:

    Happy Birthday RD! Wherever you are, bark free and we all miss you here.

  24. Aww, what a handsome boy he was. I don't think I'd ever seen a pic of him as a young'un.

    Happy birthday, Briggs.

  25. 3aussiemom says:


  26. 3aussiemom says:


  27. =(

    So sad, I came along after Red Dog and haven't yet caught his story. His photo is beautiful and those eyes…. Happy Birthday boy!

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