Country Life

So I was driving down a country road today when I spied something out of the driver’s side window.

I had exactly 11 seconds to stop and take a couple of photos before I had to continue on since traffic was coming up behind me, and there were no shoulders on road, and I was pretty far away so these are heavily cropped. So I apologize for the quality. Even if I could have stopped, it’s pretty hard to sneak up on a coyote in an open field.

He’s probably hunting something that would make Mr. Woo EXTREMELY jealous.

And Mr. Woo deserves to suffer a little, believe me.

I suffer. Oh how I suffer. Hey, is that a rabbit?

He deserves to suffer because he is R.O.T.T.E.N. to the CORE!!! Yesterday we were taking a nice walk in the fields around our home when Wootie just vanished. One second he was standing beside me, the next he was nowhere to be seen.

At first I was all “Wootie, where are you? Get over here, right now.” And after about 10 minutes of nary a sighting, I was like “Wootie? Sweetie? Where are you, pumpkin?” and then 10 more minutes passed and I was all “WOOTIE! WOOTIE! WOO-HOO! COME YOU BASTARD!!

Still no Wootie.

I bushwhacked through fields and thorny things for about 45 minutes, getting progressively more frantic, until my heart basically just stopped beating altogether. What if he got run over by a car? What if someone found him and just, you know, kept him? What if he followed his nose all the way to Abbotsford? I ran home.

Where I found Wootie. Sitting on the porch.


Looking for something?

*shakes fist at Wootie*

I know it’s hard to believe, but he is a really bad dog. I was so angry that I hugged him and kissed him and sobbed and was all “oh I was so scared! Where’d you go?!” instead of giving him the beating he deserves.

Next time: more beatings, less love.

Today we were bored with our usual routine, so we tried out a new (to us) dog park in Langley. It’s just a big round field, with a path circling it so people don’t have to get their feet wet. It’s not very exciting, but it IS fenced, so I didn’t have to worry about losing Woo two days in a row.

*shakes fist at Wootie. Again.*

Tweed felt it was kind of meh.


But he got a lot more excited when I pulled out the Chuck-It.

I tried to get a family portrait, but Wootie refused to join us, as he was busy eating dirt. Unusual, I know.

Mmmmm dirt. Wonderful, tasty dirt. Mmmm.

As for the other dogs … well, I just don’t think it’s natural for two dogs to have these kinds of thoughts about their sister’s shapely rear end, for crying out loud. She’s their SISTER!!!!

What? We weren’t doing anything!

We had to have a little chat about the birds and the bees, and how some feelings are just not appropriate to have. I guess I embarrassed them, because none of the boys would even look at me after that.

I know they’re looking at my butt. I don’t care. Throw the ball plz.

Tweed was quick to agree with his sister.

And Dexter was all “Wait, aren’t we looking at her butt anymore??”

We played some Dumb Ball

Until Wootie tore up enough of the turf that I thought someone might notice.

So we packed up our hockey ball and our (ridiculously) long tongues, and headed back home.

Now we are snuggled up together ready to ring in the New Year.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2010!

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