3 Tails From Today

ha ha.

“Tail” #1

Let’s sing a song.

Little Fatty WooWoo

Was digging in the swamp grass

Killing all the field mice

And looking sad when I took them away

I know, I know … one day I won’t be able to catch him and then he WILL eat them. But by golly, I will not let him do that while I’m watching!!! I can’t stand seeing their little feet sticking out of the corners of his smug little mouth. Reminds me of MC Hamster too much.

“Tail” #2

Today, Tweed got the zoomies.

Random, unprompted, totally goofy butt-tucking zoomies! I love it when he does this, because I love that my almost-10-year-old dog can go from somber adult…

… to insane puppy in under 2 seconds

He was so full of joie de vivre that he even played with Dexter!

It looked like actual fun, not even a mercy play.

Dexter was having the time of his life, because he has been trying to convince Tweed to play with him for weeks and weeks. And he has been completely unsuccessful. It took the zoomies to break down that wall.

Dex was overjoyed, until Piper decided to play. Piper is very good at gentle indoor wrestling, but outside, she’s a Toothy Sniper and she always ends up hurting someone – or someone ends up making this face:

MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM! Help!!!! Piper’s trying to play again!!

“Tail” #3

Dexter fell in the water. He tried to jump a ditch, under-estimated, and fell in.

This is what he looks like when’s wet:

Holy crap, what was that? A watery abyss??

Screw that. I’m outta here.

Here are some stick faces

This is Wootie’s stick face. I know it looks like he is flirting with the camera, but really he’s keeping a beady eye on me, because he HATES it when I advance on him with waggling fingers, threatening to steal his stick. Which, of course, is exactly what I was doing. Heh.

This is Tweed’s stick face. It’s not very dignified.

I are serious dog. This are serious stick face.

Dexter has no stick face, because nobody would let him have the stick.

He has pouty/envious-of-stick face instead.

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