This is great

The view this afternoon from my patio door

They all touched down in the big pines surrounding my yard, and sang for about half an hour. The noise was deafening, but amazing. I think they were red winged blackbirds.

This is NOT so great:

That’s after ONE potty trip, and right after those mats were freshly washed. The mud out here is so frustrating – no amount of dog paw wiping or floor mats seems to help :( I am a fairly fastidious housekeeper (at least for the visible bits) and I’ve nearly worn out the mop. The bedroom carpet is already a lost cause and it was pretty well brand new two weeks ago.


It does not help when Wootie decides to surreptitiously bury his knuckle bone in the mud during a potty trip.

I’m so ashamed. Sort of. Can I go get my bone?

I wish The Food Lady was not so grumpy

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