Swamp Things

(cue ominous music)

When it rains heavily, the back of the property turns into a wet, grassy swamp. This makes all of my dogs (except Dexter) ridiculously happy. They get to swim, splash and bounce around like morons. They also get to hunt.

Although really, I don’t know what they are hunting for.

Maybe for the origins of the Magical Flamboyance ™?

I think it comes from a mysterious portal just beyond those trees.

And if you find it, you can fly! See?

Food Lady, Tweed is being ridiculous.

Everyone knows the magic lays just beneath the surface of hog fuel.

It’s quite funny – when it gets wet, the hog fuel of the horse paddock and around the barn makes these really strange, creaking, groaning and whistling noises. Piper is *convinced* something is alive under there.

There! There it is! Did you hear it?

Didn’t you hear that? It’s under there! Right there!

Dexter! Come here and help me dig this up the magic!

And Dexter is happy to oblige, because the Swamp Things make him very nervous and he’d much rather be here than there.

Ack! They’re coming! Run Food Lady, run!!

Oh foolish youth.

Oh oh – looks like Dexter found the magic portal!


One day this kindgom will be mine. All mine.

Poor Wootie. Even though he likes playing Swamp Things, he really wishes there real and alive things for him to hunt.

It won’t be long before he gets his wish. I’m told this property is overrun with bunnies and pheasants in the Spring and Summer months.

If I think he’s fat now, imagine how portly he’ll be when he’s eating all the little wild critters in his kingdom? Or maybe the frantic chasing will balance it all out ….

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