Blackie Spit Off Leash Park

The dogs give it Two Tongues Up.

The “dry” off leash area was all sandy, so no mud!! (Big improvement over, say, my own property) And it had dogs for Wootie to play with.

He was so excited he used his magical powers to transform his Flamboyance ™ into the back end of a cattle dog.

It even kindly provided a puppy for Dexter to play with (when Wootie would let him). And by “play with” I am of course referring to “bite on the nose.”

He got a little pouty when the bitee retaliated by squashing him.

The off leash area also had these cute little jungle paths for exploring

Thank you for letting me run again!!
(Piper is on a program of gradually reintroduced exercise. No limping at all so far, so I think we’re doing okay! *fingers crossed*)

But do you wanna know what the best thing about Blackie Spit is? Do you?

What is it?

It’s this:

ZOMG!! Ocean-induced Mad Teeth ™!!!

Oh ocean! How I have missed you so! Moving out to the sticks meant leaving the ocean far behind, and I thought we’d never see it again.

There was much rejoicing.


Although some members of the family were less than impressed with this large body of water, because some members of the family don’t “do” water.

I feel pretty ‘meh’ about this whole ocean thing.

Mr. Woo tried to show him how it was done.

If you stick your face underwater, you can pick up cool stuff!

But Dex wasn’t falling for it.

Stick my face where? Nuh uh, brutha, youz on the crack!

But Dexter wasn’t going to ruin Wootie’s fun! He was so happy he even fetched the ball. Oh yes he did!

Americans have Thanksgiving; I have Wootie Fetched A Ball Day.

Mr. Woo was exceptionally pleased with Blackie Spit because in no time at all he figured out that if he wanted to, he could just … leave (reoccurring theme with him, or what?)

Oh hai! I snuck out of the fenced area.

Tee hee! Catch me if you can!

What a little porker. Oops, I mean, what a little STINKER.

Nooooo, I definitely mean what a little PORKER.

I mean, look at him:

I don’t understand how Wootie gets so fat! I feed him next to nothing – seriously, he eats less than a 1/3rd of what my other (skinny) dogs eat, and his morning meal looks so pathetic I add beans, canned pumpkin and warm water to it so that it appears more like a meal and less like a POW ration system.

Why is he so fat? I mean, I guess it could be because most of the time on our outings, he can be found like this:

… which is Wootie with his face in a hole. And I am not exaggerating – he can spend HOURS with his face in a hole. Turns out what he’s doing is sucking on dirt clumps. Is it because he’s hungry? He’s hungry because I don’t feed him enough, but I don’t feed him enough because all he does is lie around eating dirt!!! He’s like the chicken-and-egg riddle!!!!

Oh well. I guess the Mystery of Wootie Fat will never be solved.

Hai! Talk about me for a minute! Woo is boring. And fat.

Okay, Tweed, let’s brag on you for a second.

Although I had to scratch Piper from the trial last weekend, I did run His Silliness, Mr. T. And he went 3 for 3 – 3 Qs, two 1st places and one 2nd place. That’s my boy!!!

I will leave you with this one thought, dear readers … if you want to see something very, very amusing, give your dog a salt and vinegar potato chip. A big one. In fact, photodocument it if you can. The face-making is HILARIOUS!

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