Tick tock, tick tock

Where does the time go?

Can you believe this strapping young lad:

Was once this little guy?

Zomg, Ryan, you got huge!


Waaaah!! My lost youth! Woe is me.

I guess I’ve got puppy growth on the bean today, as I ponder what this little feller is going to look like one day.

Since this photo was taken, I’m told his white bits are getting all freckly!

I know you are all VERY excited to watch Spike-o-saurus grow up, but I gotta tell you, I’m afraid!! It has been a really looong time since I raised a puppy (and that puppy was Tweed, which doesn’t give me a lot of confidence!) and I’ve forgotten everything.

But you have been craving a puppy forever, Food Lady! No I haven’t – I mean, I have, but I crave puppies in the abstract. Cutiepie wiggly fluffy butts. Not peeing, pooping, chewing no-training machines. Eep.

So you swapped Maeve for a little puppy. You suck. Maybe I do suck, but I assure you, there was no Maeve swapping going on here. I love my Miss Maeven, and she is pretty much exactly the age I would *prefer* to adopt … because I’d much rather have an idea of a dog’s structure, temperament and drive than the unknown of a wee puppyblob. I prefer a little training, an attention span, the Oscar-winning bonus of being HOUSEBROKEN and sleeping through the night. Maeve is SO MUCH WIN. Young adults are a million times better than puppies. You just remember I said that the next time you go looking for a dog to adopt.

Liar. You were going to adopt Spike all along. Nope, I really wasn’t. I *heart* the whole litter of pups – again, in the abstract. I loved going to Hilary’s house, smergling puppy bellies, and then going home to my well trained* adults. I was not in love with any one puppy. And Spike really was the litter leftover – we received over 100 applications for this litter and exactly zero of them were for Spike. I’m not sure why, but I hope I can raise him right and make all 100 of those people feel like they made a big mistake! (actually, I only want to make 93 of them feel like they made a mistake – the other 7 adopted his siblings, so by default I automatically love those people. They’re family now.)

*Woo excepted.

Do you know what the temperament tester said about Spike?


Oh boy. What have I done?

I should’ve just kept Maeve! Although after today’s mud splattered outing, perhaps not too.


Miss Graceful did a faceplant into 6 inches of mudpuddle. And you wonder why she wouldn’t make a great agility dog?!

Ridiculous. It was just a little mud. Stupid, fussy, fastidious Food Lady.

It’s the worst time to get a puppy too – smack in the middle of my move, no money, no job, right on the heels of Miss Maeve, who leaves 24 hours before Spike arrives … ugh.

I just hope it doesn’t stress the Big Dawgs out too much. They’re already going to be sad that we are leaving behind some of our favourite places, like Bridgeman Park in the Fall.

Auntie Jody, did she just say ‘no more Bridgeman?’

I just hope that bringing home a tiny humpable will distract Mr. T!

mmmm … humpable puppy …..

Oh and have I mentioned that Mr. Woo HATES puppies?

Like this puppy, seconds before Mr. Woo informed him he was about to get his butt kicked clear across the Lower Mainland.

There are only 3 things in the world Mr. Woo does not like:
1) lettuce
2) being left behind and
3) puppies.


Anyway … got any idea for a name for Spike? I’ve not come up with anything good for him yet.

And who wants to puppysit for me on Sunday evening, November 1st? My wonderful mum got us tickets to see David Sedaris in Vancouver for my birthday gift.

He’s really cute! (Spike I mean, not David)

Do you notice how in EVERY photo of Spike, he is looking straight at the camera lens? Yeah, that might have had a little something to do with my decision … :)

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